Android Q root could be a problem

Android Q dark mode

Prior to the official release of Android Q beta, it was increasingly looking likely that rooting is here to stay, as it has always been part of the Android community.

Magisk developer John Wu recently revealed that he had successfully rooted the unreleased Q beta, a move that sent sheer excitement among rooting enthusiasts. But in a turn of events, Wu now says that getting root access on Android Q would take months.

Wu disclosed this sad news on his Twitter account via a series of tweets. In his explanation, Wu says Google has apparently switched logical partitions for system block in Android Q, thus leaving no easy way for mounting the block because how the system works with root access has been “completely changed.”

Check out Wu’s tweets on this matter:

On the brighter side, it seems the only problem here will be the wait time, with fans being forced to wait longer than expected.


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