No developer preview yet, but Android Q is already rooted!

Android Q Root

Although Google has not mentioned its next version of Android as ‘Android Q‘ publicly yet, the update is successfully rooted by John Wu, the Magisk developer. The notable fact is that Android Q still doesn’t have a developer preview available for the public, or developers, for that matter.

We have known this for a while that a leaked Android Q build is available on the web, as this has been a source of various rumors about new features in Android Q like screen recording, advanced Face recognition, etc. It has been steadily in circulation on the web for several weeks recently but even the imperfect version of Q is still overtly impressive.

John Wu posted the news of rooting Q successfully on Twitter with a split Android Q screenshot that has a version number on the left while the Magisk app on the right proves that the device has been really rooted.

He further disclosed that he rooted the platform in real, rather than using a build.prop edit trick to create the screenshot. Even if he hadn’t clarified, we would have believed him without a shred of doubt, such is his rapport in the Android blogosphere.

He also made it clear that Google wouldn’t be able to break this root method before Android Q is developer previewed. Wu has mentioned that the changes required for Magisk are available in the repository.

Meanwhile, the Kernel version of rooted Android Q has got lots of retweets, and it hopefully indicates the new-found charm of a new Android version among the Android enthusiasts’ community.