How to play Jeopardy on Zoom

Play Jeopardy On Zoom

We all dreamed of going on the show and playing the Jeopardy game but now you actually can, sitting comfortably at home using Jeopardy Labs! You can finally play Jeopardy on Zoom with your friends and find out how you would fare if you were on the game.

What is Jeopardy Labs and how to use it

Jeopardy Labs is created by Jeopardy to allow players all over the world to enjoy this fun game. The Labs have a lifetime membership for just $20. This unlocks the ability to add images to your game, embed videos, manage your templates, and more.

However, you do not need a membership to use Jeopardy Labs. The game offers users the option to create their own game, questions and all, or simply use a game template from their archive, all for free.

To select a Jeopardy game template, click ‘Find a Jeopardy Game’, and use the search bar to narrow your search by topics.

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How to share screen in Zoom

Once you have decided on a topic in Jeopardy Labs, you need a way to show everyone on the Zoom meeting the questions being asked. For that, we will be using Zoom’s Share screen feature. Only the host is required to share their screen.

To share your screen during a Zoom meeting, first hover over the video feed, then click the ‘Share screen’ button that appears on the bottom panel.

Here, choose the browser in which the Jeopardy Labs game has been launched. Make sure you tick the ‘Share computer sound’ box at the bottom, to enable other players to hear the game noises.

That’s it! Now everyone on the call can view the game through your screen!

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How to play Jeopardy on a Zoom meeting

What do you need

Follow this guide to play a fun game of Jeopardy over a Zoom meeting. Here is what you need to play the game:

  • Host: A PC to share the screen over a Zoom meeting and manage the game
  • Participants: A PC or a mobile device to join the Zoom meeting and play the game

Prepare the game

Assuming you are the host, first start your Zoom meeting and invite all the players. The players must form equally distributed teams and appoint one person as the team leader in each team.

Go to the Jeopardy Labs website and select the subject you would like to play. Input the number of teams that will be playing the game and hit the ‘Start’ button.

Share your screen

On your Zoom application, use the above guide to share your screen with the players. Before you start the game, you must choose any category and amount as the ‘Daily double’. Do not let any of the players know which one is chosen. We will explain what the Daily double is, later on in the game.

Play the game

As the host, ask Team 1 to choose a category and a prize amount. For example, ‘Children’ for ‘300’. Click on the respective category to pull up the question.

Once the question has been read, the team leaders may call out if they think they know the answer. The remainder of the team must privately message the team leader, what they think the answer is.

The first team to ring in must answer the question in the form of a question. For example, if the question on the board is ‘a baby’s favorite drink?’, the answer given can be ‘What is milk?’

If Team 1 answers the question correctly they get the corresponding points (in this case 300). To view the correct answer, press the space bar on your keyboard (only host). To award points, click the + next to the team’s name.

The game will automatically award the points corresponding to the question. The team that answers currently gets to choose the next question and amount value.

If Team 1 answers incorrectly, they will be deducted the corresponding points from their total. The question now passes to Team 2. Team 2 can either choose to answer it or pass it on to Team 3. No points are deducted for passing the question. However, if they answer wrong, the corresponding points will be deducted.

The round ends when the question has been answered or passed to each team once. If the round ends and no one has answered the question, the team that answered the question correctly last gets to start the next round.

Now, if a team chooses the ‘Daily double’ question, only that team can answer the question. i.e. the question cannot be passed. Additionally, the team can decide how much they would like to wager on that question (the amount must be less than their total and multiples of the question value).

For example, if the Daily Double question is ‘Sweet’ for ‘200’, the team that chose the question, can wager 200 or multiples of 200 (400, 600, 800, etc.), but only within the number of points they have.

So, if they have 500 points, they can only wager up to 400. If they answer the question correctly, they win the 400; if not, 400 gets deducted from their points.

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Alternative websites

While Jeopardy Labs is the official game website, there are a number of other sites that host similar gameplay. Listed below are some of our favorites.

Factile allows users to create their own Jeopardy-style quizzes. You can add categories, assign values, and much more. They also offer four different styles of playing the game.

Sporcle is a quiz website with hundreds of quizzes to choose from. They also have a dedicated section for Jeopardy questions.

Of course, you could always play the official mobile game. You could play against your friends by adding them to your contacts from within the game.

Jeopardy is the fun trivia game show that dates back to the 1960s! The game involves six categories having five questions each. Each question has a value attached to it. The higher the value, the more difficult is the question, but also higher is the reward. The final twist, is that all answers must be given in the form of questions!

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For those from whom, playing games isn’t the most fun way to kill the time, you can opt to watch HBO movies together or Netflix on Zoom itself.

Let us know how do you plan to spend with the power of apps like Zoom at your disposal.