13 Drinking Games for Zoom

Zoom is used for a lot of things these days, from Webinars to daily classrooms; but sometimes you just need to lay back and have some fun. If you’re missing your bar nights with your friends, these drinking games that can be played over zoom are the next best thing.

You know what the best part is, you don’t have to wait for the weekend anymore! So keep those drinks coming! Here is our list of drinking games that you can play with your friends over a Zoom meeting.

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The Best Zoom Drinking Games

This list originally had 9 top drinking games to play over Zoom. Since then, we have added four more games to make it a total of 13 games. Check them out and let us know what do you think of this list. We hope you have a great Zoom game night!

Most likely to

Who among your friends do you think is most likely to get lost in the woods? This is a good game to find out what your friends really think of you!

How to play:

  • Create a list of questions for there game. You can search online for a list BTW but it’s better if you decide the questions based on the participants and common activities, hobbies, and interests.
  • One player acts as the host and asks the questions to the group, “who is most likely to ….” The players then vote on who they think is the right candidate for the question.
  • The player with the most votes must drink.

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Around the world

This is a guessing game. Test out your luck and see if you can come out on top!

What you need: One pack of regular playing cards

How to play:

  • The points the webcam to their tabletop, and proceeds to lay out 4 cards from the deck.
  • The rest of the players have to guess the identity of the cards in this order.
    • 1st card: Colour (red/black)
    • 2nd card: Higher or lower than the first
    • 3rd card: Is it in between the first two numbers
    • 4th card: Suit (diamond/club/heart/spade)
  • The player/players who guess wrong have to drink.


Let’s relive our old childhood days with an adult spin on it! Uno is a classic card game that requires players to get rid of their cards as soon as possible. There are two ways you could play Uno over zoom. Either by using an actual set of Uno cards or by downloading the Uno app.

What you need: Pack of Uno cards or Uno app

How to play using Physical cards:

  • Each player draws seven cards from their stack.
  • One player draws the starting card from their deck and shows it to everyone on the call.
  • The next player must play a card that either matches the previous card in number or color.
  • Each player, in turn, shows the card they are playing to everyone in the group. This way the next player knows which card is in play.
  • Each time a power card is played (skip, reverse, draw 4) the player affected by it must drink. Also, the loser of the round has to finish have their glass.
  • And don’t forget to shout ‘UNO’ when you play your second last card.

How to play using Online:

  • Have each player download the Uno app on their phone.
  • Launch the app and send your friends your game ID to help them find you.
  • Once you have added everyone, you can create a game and let the fun begin!


Try and guess where your opponent has anchored their battleships and bomb them one at a time. Sink them all before your opponent can sink yours.

How to play:

  • Head over to the Battleship website and create a game.
  • Copy the game link generated and send it to your friends. Once everyone has joined you can start the game.
  • Click on the squares to try and guess where their battleship is. You can see the spots that your opponents have bombed you.
  • Every time a players’ ship gets hit, they have to take a sip. If the player loses a ship, they take a big gulp. And the loser, of course, has to chug their drink.

Never have I ever

Get ready to share your secrets with the group, and also get some good gossip.

How to play:

  • The game aims to make everyone else drink.
  • Players take turns saying acts that they have never done.
  • The players who have never done the mentioned act do not need to drink, but the players who have, must drink.

Two truths and one lie

Can you guess the false statement from among the true ones? Play this game to see how well you actually know your friends.

How to play:

  • Each player has to make up 3 sentences about themselves.
  • Two of those sentences need to be true, and one should be a lie.
  • Players have to lock in their answers as to which sentence is false.
  • At the end of the round, the denner reveals which sentence was a lie, and all those who guessed wrong must drink.

Drunk pirate

This is a super fun one, and the more players you have the better it gets. Do a bunch of ridiculous dares like only using your left hand for 10 mins, or start a Mexican wave to your left and keep drinking till it comes back to you.

How to play:

  • Only one player needs to share their screen with the group.
  • Head over to the Drunk Pirate website and select add players.
  • Type out the names of the players playing the game, and click start.
  • The game generates things to do that involve all the players playing.

Example:  All players touch a wall. The last player to touch the wall has to drink.


Picolo is basically this or that. You choose between two options, and if you are on the losing side of the group, you drink. But it’s tougher than you think. How do you choose between getting $500 to drink all the alcohol in your house right now, or $10 every time someone says ‘what?’

How to play:

  • Head to the Picolo website and add the number of players playing. Select the category to play and hit
  • One player shares their screen with the group. This way everyone can read the question on the screen.
  • Once all the players have decided which side of the question they are on, the choice with the lesser number of players has to drink

Note: Players can try and convince others to join their side of the question.

Netflix Party

Netflix now allows users to host a viewing party from their Chrome browser. It is just like sitting together and watching a movie! Have you tried watching Game of Thrones and drinking every time Tyrion insults someone? Because you really should.

How to play:

  • Have everyone download the Netflix Party chrome extension.
  • Select the show/movie you want to watch on Netflix. Once selected, click on the little NP icon on the address bar in chrome and select Start party. This will give you a URL to share with your friends.
  • Your friends simply need to paste the URL in a chrome browser and they will be able to join the party. Note: They need their own Netflix account.
  • Have your Zoom call going to share that extra commentary and feel like you are all sitting together.
  • While you can definitely make up your own drinking rules, like, every player has to drink when the activity of a repetitive nature assigned to the player happens.

2 New additions [April 25th]

April 25, 2020: We added two new games to this on April 25th in Evil Apples and The Memory Trains (Words Chain). Both of them should give you and your friends some incredible fun time. We hope you have a great Zoom movie night!

Evil Apples: You Against Humanity!

Everyone’s favorite nihilist game can now be played online through Zoom. The best part is that this game will reward the most hilarious of the lot with a drink, while their colleagues cheer them on. Can you outwit the rest with what fate deals with you?

How to Play

  • Get everyone to download the Evil Apples: You Against Humanity! game. [iOS | Android]
  • The host will then send a code to all members so that they can join the game.
  • When the game begins, play the most inhuman and hilarious card in your hand to answer the dealer’s question.
  • There will be a rotating judge for each round who will then choose the best answer.
  • If you win the best answer, drink up, and make sure your colleagues are cheering you on.

The Memory Train

Is your Zoom team a bunch of nerds with sharp memories? This game gets all your friends to be quick on their minds and fast with their mouths. Sounds fun, right?

How to Play

  • The host will select a topic and disclose it to the team. It can range from Marvel characters to your favorite food type. The fun lies in selecting a topic that the group will enjoy.
  • The host will then assign numbers to all the members of the team.
  • The member who is No. 1 will begin the game by naming one item from the chosen category.
  • No. 2 will quickly follow by repeating No.1’s item first and then adding another item.
  • The game will continue so forth as the team creates a train of items as each player repeats the previous items and adds one on his own.
  • The person who is unable to remember the items that have boarded memory train loses the game and must drink up.

2 New additions [May 1st]

May 01, 2020: We are adding two more games to the list. Hope you like them. But if you know a game we should cover on this page, do give us a shout in the comments box below.

Drunk Pictionary

Pictionary is one of the most fun party games that has been around for ages. And what is a fun way to turn into a drinking game? Simply add shots to the stakes. If you are unable to get the other party to guess what you are drawing you have to take a shot.

What you need: A drawing pad and something to draw with (pen or pencil).

How to play:

  • Set an order in which all the players will take their turns and start with the first person in the order.
  • The first person will start drawing and try his best to get everyone to guess what it is.
  • Everybody starts guessing the object/theme in question.
  • If somebody is able to guess what you were drawing then you and the person who guessed do not take shots. The rest of the group does.
  • If you are unable to get the group to guess what you were drawing, then you have to take a shot.

Tip: If you do not have access to shots but have sippable drinks, then you can raise the stakes by making everyone take a sip for every wrong guess while you draw.


Ever played battleship? Ever played it with shots? Battleship is one of the most popular games that even have a board game version of it. You can easily play it over Zoom with your friends and family.

What you need: A print-out of the grid (8×8), shot glasses and liquor.

How to play:

Print out a grid of 8×8.

  • Once printed out, proceed to place your shots as you would place ships in Battleship normally on the grid.
  • The game begins by each of you calling out cells for your friends over Zoom.
  • If it is a hit, then you take the shot that is in that cell.
  • The game finishes when all of the shots have been sunk in your grid. But you won’t be the loser now, would you? You’d be drunk before everyone else.

Tip: This game can also be played with sipping drinks, simply use household items to place your imaginary ships and take a large sip every time you take a hit.

How to play drinking games on Zoom

Follow this simple guide to start a drinking game in a Zoom meeting:

Step 1: Choose your game. Discuss the games with your friends and decide on the game you and your pals want to play.

Step 2: Plan your game well. Who are your participants, who will host the game (if required), and other such stuff.

Step 3: Get the required accessories, like a pen, paper, a pack of cards, etc.

Step 4: Create a meeting on Zoom (or any other group video calling app). Remember, if your game lasts for more than 40 minutes, which is the maximum duration for Free Zoom users, you will need to start a new meeting. So, do check out how to bypass the 40-minute limit and continue the same meeting uninterrupted. Good planning on this will help. You can also schedule your Zoom meeting.

Step 5: Let all the participants join your meeting. When everyone’s ready, you can explain the drinking game and begin.

Step 6: Click the ‘Share screen’ option at the bottom of your Zoom meeting’s screen. This will shoot out a pop-up asking you which window you would like to share. Select the browser on which the game is currently running. If you need a drawing board for keeping scores or drawing something, you can choose whiteboard after clicking the ‘Share Screen’ button.

Step 7: Click the little ‘Share Computer Sound’ tick box at the bottom right of the screen and then click ‘Share’.

We hope you have a ton of fun playing these drinking games with your friends. Don’t forget to stay safe and always make sure everyone is alright. But most importantly don’t forget to pour your drink at the start of the game! Drop us a comment and tell us some of the drinking games you like playing.