Best Games to Play Online with Friends during Quarantine

Is there a best time to play games with your friends? Yes! With everyone forced to stay indoors, this is the best time to gather your clan for some online gaming. Check out this list of multiplayer online games for your next group hang.


Monopoly is a multiplayer (board) game that has players paying fake money to buy different locations on the board. Luckily has a pretty good online version of the game that allows you to play with your friends.

All players must have a Pogo account to play with each other. Once signed in, copy the link to ‘Invite someone to play’ at the bottom of the screen, and send it to your friends. Your friends simply have to paste the link in their browser and will be redirected to join your game.


How many friendships have ended because of this game? Try and get rid of your cards before your opponents do, and don’t forget to shout UNO when you slam down your second last card! The official Uno game by Mattel is now on the Play Store.

Have all the players download the game on to their phones from here. Search for your friends using their game ID and once you have added everyone, you can start playing the game.


In this game, players must try and surround their opponent on all 4 sides with coins of their color to kill them. Killed coins are converted to the color of the killer. The aim of the game is to cover as much of the board as possible with your coins.

Create an account on Playok and create a New game table.  Click the Users tab on the left and then select Invite. Scroll down to find your friend’s user names, and add them to your board.

Oregon Trail

This old DOS game is one of our favorite text-based games. The game follows a storyline that the players get to decide. As the game asks you questions, you make choices that affect yourself, other characters, and the plot of the game itself.

This game requires you to have a video call going with Zoom or any other video calling apps. Only the host needs to open the game in their browser and share their screen with everyone on the call. Users make choices for their characters and the host inputs those answers into the game.

Cards Against Humanity

A funny and witty game, Cards Against Humanity finally has an online version of the game. Choose answers to the questions posed by the dealer. The funniest or wittiest answer that is chosen by the dealer wins the round!

All bad cards has designed a beautiful interface for the game. Simply copy the Invite link and send it to your friends. Once pasted in their browser, they will show up in your game.


Test your vocabulary in this word-building game. Players must form a word using 1 or more letters from any other word already played on the board. Each letter is allotted a number of points. A word is worth the sum of points of all the letters.

The Scrabble app needs to be downloaded by all players from the Play Store. Once in the app, you can search for players through the game ID. Simply click the player’s name to start a game with them.

Game of Life

Did you ever want to see how your life would turn out if you had made some choices differently? Game of Life is a life simulator that takes you through all the stages of life from birth to death, and lets you make all the choices along the way.

Each choice changes the outcome of the game, so choose wisely. Players must download the Game of Life app on their phones and select the multiplayer option. Sear for your friend’s game ID and set off together.


Create weapons, build bridges, and kill monsters in this sandbox game. Minecraft encourages players to use their imagination to create a virtually endless list of items. Minecraft is available both on the Play Store and windows store. Head over to their webpage and select your console of choice.

Launch the game and click on the multiplayer tab. Minecraft allows you to create your own servers to play with your friends, which you can download from here. Once set up, send your server address to your friends. To join your server, they must select Multiplayer > Direct connect and enter the server IP. Now Start the game and you should see your friends in the same realm.


This medieval-themed card game has players attacking each other, scouring for resources, and all the while trying to expand your empire. The online version of this game allows players to search for their friends and play against them.

Have all the players sign into the game and create their own unique user name. From the Friends list tab, enter your friend’s username and click Add. Start up a new table and invite your friend to join you on your quest!


Loteria is a game of chance in which players have to mark off the respective images on their game cards with what is being called out. Each player has a card in front of them and each card is filled with images.

The caller shouts out a word and the players must place a token on the corresponding images in their cards. Google doodle covered this game and allows users to play Loteria on their website. Select Play with friends, and copy the link provided at the top. Send the link to your friends and have them join in the fun.


How well can you draw with your mouse? Try and make your friends guess your drawing and see who has the steadiest hand. For this game, all you need is a random word generator and an app like Zoom that provides a whiteboard function. Create a zoom call and click Share screen > Whiteboard.

Generate a random word and try and draw it as accurately as possible. Whoever guesses right, wins the round! Note: Zoom only allows one user at a time to share their screen, so only the player drawing will share their screen.

Cookie Clicker

This is a super addicting idle clicker game. The objective is to bake as many cookies as possible. The more cookies you bake the more upgrades you unlock, like buying a Grandma. Grandmas bake 1 cookie per second.

As you get further into the game, you can unlock factories, and more. While this isn’t an actual multiplayer game, you and your friends can play it simultaneously and boast about who bakes the most cookies!


Codenames is a guessing and word association game. The game requires you to break into 2 teams. A board is laid out filled with different words. Each team must guess the word associated with the give clue before the other team does. But beware, there is an assassin hidden in the cards. If your team reveals the assassin by mistake, you instantly lose.

The first team to reveal all their cards wins. Horsepaste has created a nice board with multiplayer functionality. Simply send the link at the top of the game to your friends and have them join in.


Poker is a great way to hang out with your friends online. Poker heat allows you to play poker with your friends online, without losing a ton of cash. The games are free to play, however, if you would like to purchase more coins you can do so from their store. Have your friends download the app and sign in. Once in the app, click the symbol of 2 people on the top right corner, and select the Friends tab. Find your friends username and invite them to the game!

Family Feud

Challenge your friends to see who can guess the most popular responses to surveys. Find out how similar your choices are to your friends. The game gives you a sentence that you must guess the answers to. If you can guess more correct answers than your friends, you win the round!

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Become the host of TV’s most famous trivia game. Answer questions and rise up the ladder. The higher you go, the more money the questions are worth. Use helplines like Phone a friend, audience poll, and 50-50. This game requires the players to be on a video call with an app like Zoom that allows users to share their screen.

One player needs to be the host and ask the questions from the Wwbm website. The host must share their screen with the group so that all the players can read the questions. For a little extra flair, share your computer sound as well. You’ll feel like you’re sitting right on set!


Kahoot is a little more advanced in that it allows users to custom make their own quizzes. You can add as many questions as you want, and make the quiz as difficult or easy. Tailor the quiz to your audience and enjoy being the hostmaster.

To create a quiz, head over to the Kahoot webpage and sign up. All participants must also create accounts to play on the web browser. Once the quiz is created, you will be given a pin that needs to be entered to join the room. Your friends need to insert the pin and they can now be a part of your quiz.

Wheel of Fortune

Guess the missing alphabets the sentence before your opponent and win big! Spin the wheel to get bonuses and the best part is, you sit in your comfy chair because Wheel of Fortune is now on the Play Store.

Have your friends download the game and head to the Social tab at the bottom of the screen. Click on Friends to locate and add your friends to your game.


You need a little bit of perception, some fast reflexes and a little bit of luck to beat everyone else at Bingo. Cross off numbers as they are called out, and look out for lines that fill up. don’t forget to shout BINGO when you complete your ticket.

Have your friends create an account with Plinga, and launch the game. Click the Friends tab on the left to locate your friends by their usernames and add them to your game.

Settlers of Catan online

Your favorite board game is now online. Collect resources and build cities in this strategy game. Act swiftly and smartly to colonize the board before your opponents do! Settlers of Catan is available for download on Windows, Browser, and mobile devices.

Once in the game, select the Friends tab in the left panel right at the top. Search for your friends’ usernames and have them join your game.

Online Trivia

Quizzes are a fun way to spend an evening. Sporcle has a huge database of quizzes, with some truly interesting ones, like “Can you name the correct order in which these Lion king events happened?” Start a video call on any app that allows screen sharing.

Once all your friends have joined, the host shares their screen with the group and begins the quiz.

Online Hearts

Enjoy playing some of your old favorite classic card games like Hearts with your friends on Trickstercards. They have a windows app, but you could also play them right in the browser itself. Once you choose your game, select the Join option.

Here you can create a game and allocate empty seats. Click Create and enter the game. Now click the Invite friends and send them the Invite code at the top of the screen. Note: You can only invite players once you create the game. However, once they accept, they will stay in your friend’s list.

We hope you enjoy playing these online multiplayer games with your friends. Let us know if we missed any good ones. Drop us a comment and tell us which your favorite online games are to play with your clan.


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