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51 Lightweight, Easy, Fun Games to kill the time while you are stuck at home

Have you been stuck at home looking for games to play? Then have a look at our quick list of 50 unique Android titles that offer a great gaming experience without costing you too much storage space. Let’s get started.

Stick shadow: war fight

Download (47MB)

Stick shadow: war fight is a Dragonball Z inspired fighting that features great in-game mechanics and a great roster of fighters. Although not official, the game has characters similar to a Goku, Vegeta, piccolo and more.

Volley beans

Download (33MB)

Play fast-paced volleyball with beans in this intuitive reflex-based arcade simulator. You can change themes while challenging multiple different levels of opponents as you progress towards eternal glory.

Daddy was a thief

Download (37MB)

Play as a modern-day thief that performs his cons by breaking through roofs and stealing everything in sight to exchange for coins. Travel multiple floors, fight formidable grannies while trying to pick up the ultimate power, hulk dad!

Hopeless 2: Cave escape

Download (37MB)

Hopeless 2 is an award-winning horror adventure that is based on jump scares. Travel through a dark mine while keeping an eye out for monsters and saving as many people as possible. Upgrade your guns, increase your speed and test your might in this amazing test of reflexes and fast decision making.


Download (22MB)

Reaper is an open-world role-playing platformer style action game that allows you to choose your quests and fight a variety of different monsters. You get to choose from hundreds of different accessories and upgrade your character with multiple skills for a fast-paced in-game experience.

Missile dude RPG

Download (48MB)

Missile dude RPG is a no-nonsense action game where you have to kill everything demonic in your path with amazing weapons and missiles of course. Upgrade your missiles, destroy bosses and close portals to stop the enemy from coming in order to save your land.

One gun battle cat

Download (27MB)

Take the role of our hero cat who is in a bid to rid his land from evil by exploring the dungeons, unlocking insane weapons and shooting monsters. One gun battle cat is a fun time killer that packs tons of cuteness alongside a lot of madness.

Football strike

Download (48MB)

Swipe, slide and strike in this easy to play a rendition of your traditional free kick simulator. Score goals hit the bullseye and compete with players from all around the world. What’s more, you can even upgrade your player, change your kit and look on a regular basis for new funky styles.

Mini militia Size: doodle army 2

Download (35MB)

Step into the shoes of 2D little army men that can fly around on a jet pack, dual wield weapons and cry out in funny voices. Compete against players around the world or decide to create your own server and play against your friends.

4 pics 1 word

Download (10MB)

Try to guess the word by finding similarities between 4 totally random photos. This game is a fun pastime that can help you train your brain in the process.

Cut the rope

Download (49MB)

Meet Om Nom, the fun and cute green creature that you are supposed to feed in this intricate puzzle game. Solve puzzles, evade spikes and help Om Nom get to his favorite candies.

Motor hero

Download (24MB)

Take control of your bike, overcome extreme obstacles, jump over huge cliffs and reach the finish line in style. Motor hero offers the fun and excitement of motocross biking in a small lightweight package.

Stupid Zombies 3

Download (40MB)

Kill zombies, upgrade your guns and use the least possible amount of bullets to win at stupid zombies. The zombies are stupid and you have to be smart to solve complicated puzzles with over 200+ unique levels.

Lara croft relic run

Download (30MB)

Jump into the shoes of famous explorer Lara croft. Explore mythological tombs, discover hidden secrets, shoot, jump and roll your way to victory in this great adaptation by Square Enix.

Lifeline 1 & 2

Download Lifeline 1 (16MB )

Download Lifeline 2 (46MB)

The lifeline series offers unique gameplay by simulating real-time texting. You start talking to someone stranded on a distant land in a bid to help them escape their dire circumstances. Lifeline offers exquisite stories with amazing twists and turns that are sure to keep you at the edge of your seats.

Duel classic ragdoll shooter

Download (34MB)

Remember the wild wild west? Now imagine that with ragdolls. Duel is all about your reaction time, the first one to react will win the game. You can even play it with a friend on the same device.

Anger of stick 5: zombie

Download (24MB)

Somebody has been turning the people of your city into zombies slowly. Grab your gun, assemble your team and head out to kill all the zombies and your enemies.

Crowd city

Download (52MB)

Excellent graphics, and compelling gameplay are what sets crowd city apart from all other .io games. You have to create the biggest crowd in the city, traverse the urban terrain, find groups smaller than you and take over until you can challenge the biggest kid on the block.

Dr. driving 2

Download (11MB)

Dr driving 2 is the much-awaited sequel to your classic drive simulator. The game has stunning graphics, true to life control schemes and a gameplay with multiple replayable levels. You can also play online in the expansive multiplayer mode.

A way to slay

Download (51MB)

Do you like puzzles? Try this bloody action-packed take on your traditional turn-based puzzles. The game features unique 3D graphics and excellent in-game mechanics that will keep you busy for days. You get access to various different weapons, multiple characters and a roster of diverse enemies.

Ketchapp winter sports

Download (24MB)

Ketchapp winter sports is a collection of fun mini-arcade games that include the likes of snowboard flip, ski jump and more. You can do tricks, earn more points and buy better equipment for your athlete in order to progress further in the game.

Stick hero

Download (19MB)

Help your hero reach his goal by building bridges across caverns. Stick hero is based on the ability to guess and correctly estimate the length of the bridge that would be required to cross every cavern.

Mr gun

Download (38MB)

Do you have a good aim? Try your might at Mr. Gun. This arcade-style shooter game only gives you one shot to kill your opponent. With every kill, you get a step closer to your goal but if you fail, you have to start all over again.

Dead city cyoa

Download (25MB)

Dead city is another choice-based game that features innovative graphics, audio effects, and a chat-based interface. You are in touch with Sam, who is outside inside the infected area, and you are his only contact. Help him survive in this thrilling text-based adventure where every choice you make decides Sam’s fate.


Download (3.9MB)

Homeless is a simple and lightweight simulator where you can help your character go from rags to riches. You start as a homeless man who lives out of a cardboard box. As you progress in the game, you will be able to buy better accommodation, personal transport, and clothes.

AR toys Size: playground sandbox

Download (35MB)

This is a lightweight AR game where you can build your own tracks and race your toys right in the middle of your living room. If you have an AR core supported device then you can build ramps, setup stunts, create car chases and much more.

Town of tides

Download (16MB)

Town of tides is an interactive visual novel that takes you on a peaceful journey. You follow our protagonist who is fed up with urban life and decides to take recluse in a coastal town.

Choice of the cat

Download (6.5MB)

Choice of the cat puts you in the shoes of a cat where you can make choices that lead to multiple endings. You can enslave humanity, knock over lamps, trouble your human or even try to become the most powerful cat in the world. If you like cats, then this might just be the perfect choice for you.

Paper plane planet

Download (50MB)

Paper plane planet is a calming flight simulator where you are in control of a magical paper plane and the goal is to cover as much distance as possible. You can increase the stats of your plane over time, change its look and improve your score while discovering new lands all around your planet.

Super cat tales

Download (42MB)

Join Alex and his friends to save cat land from mysterious invaders. The game features quirky graphics that are a throwback to the 90s era alongside a fun casual storyline.

On my own

Download (50MB)

On my own is a beautiful survival simulator. It combines exquisite artistic take of the outdoors with the harsh reality of survival tactics. Crafting, food, and shelter are your best friends while crocodiles and bears should be avoided at all costs.

Grand academy for future villains

Download (4.2MB)

Enroll in the grand academy of future villains. Compete against aspiring colleagues, make decisive choices and try to become the best villain the world had ever seen. Grand academy for future villains features a complex and compelling storyline that is sure to keep you reading for hours at a stretch.

Ambar’s fate

Download (52MB)

Ambar’s fate lets you create your own character and set out on a quest to save the city of Ambar. Every choice you make changes the storyline while you try to find the cause and cure for an unknown disease plaguing your town.


Download (10MB)

This award-winning game turns your phone into the lost phone of our protagonist, Anna. She has been missing for a few days and it is your job to figure out what happened to her. And just when you think you are close to solving the mystery, you will realize that something supernatural is at play here. Simulacra is a compelling one of a kind experience for people that like solving mysteries.


Download (42MB)

Hardtime is a prison simulator where you can either create your character or choose a random one. You can either escape the prison and run away or complete your jobs and finish your sentence, the choice is completely up to you. But keep in mind, every choice has consequences.

Push sushi

Download (45MB)

Push sushi is a cute and fun puzzle game where you have to complete orders by sending sushi out as fast as possible. If you like to try indie new puzzle games, then you should definitely give push sushi a try.

Random space survival simulator

Download (47MB)

With random space survival simulator, you get to experience the life of a stranded astronaut who has to manage his resources while fixing his space ship in a bid to leave the planet as soon as possible. The game has great graphics and tons of replayable value which makes it a great game to pass the time.

Hang line: mountain climber

Download (40MB)

Hang line mountain climber gives you the mission to rescue stranded skiers and hikers. You get to use your grapple hook and swing towards your goal but watch out, goats don’t like rescuers.


Download (33MB)

Take control of dadish, a dad and a radish who has to find his missing kids. This classic platformer style modern game has a fun and light-hearted storyline alongside a cute game design.

Rogue grinders: roguelike dungeon RPG

Download (9.2MB)

This is a replayable RPG game similar to your classic dungeons and dragons. Get together a team of your valiant heroes and use consumables and upgrade your weapons to fight monsters including the likes of rats, demons, three-headed dogs and more.

Doodle jump

Download (Size varies with device)

The classic mobile game, Doodle jump is still available for your smartphone. Jump your way towards the top while avoiding and shooting different obstacles. You can either use motion or on-screen controls and even choose from a wide variety of different themes.

Zombie age 2 premium

Download (28MB)

Zombie age 2 is a fun action shooter where you have to shoot your way through zombies to safety. The game has a fun cartoon animation style alongside 17 different characters and 7 different game modes to choose from.

Grand prix story 1 & 2

Download part 1 (Size varies with device, max 58MB)

Download part 2 (Size varies with device, max 58MB)

The grand prix series is a pixel-based racing franchise simulator. The goal is simple, to manage your auto racing team. Take care of resources and ensure that you are able to win as many races as possible.

Fiz: Brewery management game

Download (11MB)

Wanted to own a brewery in your life? Try this digital pixel-based version! Fiz is completely ad-free and there are no in-app purchases as well. You have over 60+ recipes to discover and over 20+ employees to manage.

Game dev story

Download (10MB)

Another tycoon simulator, this time you get to manage your own game development company. Try to come up with new ideas in a bid to create the best selling game on the planet.


Download (22MB)

Infectonator is another game that comes with a new take on the zombie genre. Instead of killing zombies, this time the goal is to turn people into zombies!

Stickman downhill motocross

Download (52MB)

Stickman downhill motocross features fast-paced in-game mechanics with great physics and tons of different levels. You can change your bike, customize your looks and beat your own time in this fun lightweight bike racing game.

Faily tumbler

Download (36MB)

The faily series is back and this time you are a caveman on prehistoric earth. Tumble through dense jungles, navigate through fiery pits while using your glider to cover great distances. You can unlock various costumes and even get multiple kinds of different gliders.


Download (1.1MB)

This text-based simulator allows you to play as an AI that is carrying the last remaining piece of humanity away from earth, 1000 colonists in deep sleep. Your goal is to avoid any hurdles along the way and find the most suitable planet for the last of earth’s dwellers.

Movie director simulator

Download (11MB)

Create movies, write new ideas and draft new screenplays to produce multiple movies in a bid to become the best director in the world. Movie director simulator features fun graphics and a calming color scheme that is perfect to kill time every now and then.

Fallout shelter

Download (38MB)

The earth is suffering the aftershocks of a nuclear war. Your goal is to promote the formation of your colony in an anti-radiation bunker by building new facilities, upgrading existing quarters and thwarting off giant mutated insects.

Which game did you decide to try? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.



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