14 Best Brain Training Games on Android in 2019

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One of the major benefits of owning a Smartphone is that one has access to a plethora of games and apps that you can use to develop your mind and improve mental performance. Brain training games are a great way to do this.

Considering the very stressful times that we are living in, the fact that such cool and effective apps are available in the palm of our hands is truly major.


Elevate – Brain Training Games

Elevate is a personal brain training app that will help you develop your cognitive skills, attention span, memory and much more. The game is played in the form of sessions and you can choose to play a few sessions a week to start training your mind.

This particular app has a specific algorithm that will set up training as per your specific capabilities. Definitely try this game if you’re a student or a professional who deals with a lot of research.

Download: Elevate

Lumosity: Brain Games & Cognitive Training App

Lumosity is another great brain training app that offers fun and interactive puzzle games to keep your mind active. It’s particularly great if you want to improve your memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem-solving skills.

The app also has some great features which include daily brain exercises, workout modes, detailed training insights, and even mindfulness training. Keep in mind that there is a purchase involved to access the best of this app.

Download: Lumosity


Brain Dots

Brain Dots takes the premise connecting two dots and adds an array of challenges that will test your logical thinking as well as the flexibility of your mind.

This game also includes riddle problems and Escape-game themes that have been brilliantly incorporated along with the dot concept. If you’re someone who enjoys puzzles, cards and strategy games, Brain Dots will certainly impress you.

Download: Brain Dots

Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain?

As the name suggests, Tricky Test 2 comes with a series of tricky brain teasers that are deceptively difficult to solve. Be prepared to push your brain and open it up to the possibilities of absurd solutions that you couldn’t possibly expect. 

Tricky Test 2 has 111 trivia quizzes and the goal is to finish the whole thing successfully in 120 minutes. Improve your IQ and test your brain with this particular brain training app.

Download: Tricky Test 2

Cognitive Training For Kids

This app is specifically for children and will give them way more than just educational benefits. Cognitive Training addresses 5 areas of development which include attention and concentration training as well as visual intelligence and development of problem-solving skills among others.

Cognitive Training will deliver brain booster exercises, personalized daily workouts and a personalized development report to track your child’s progress.

Download: Cognitive Training

Clockwork Brain Training – Memory & Attention Game

Clockwork Brain is basically a series of fun & challenging puzzles that have been packaged in the form of bite-sized, fast-paced gameplay and adaptive difficulty.

Some key features of these games include 17 games that target language and reasoning, a daily boost feature for a personal workout, powerful petbots that act as guides through the game and an array of other offerings that will keep you hooked to this game.

Download: Clockwork Brain Training

Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles

Brain It On requires a certain level of resilience until you can actually enjoy the game. But it is most certainly worth the initial struggle because once you get a hang of the game you won’t stop.

The minimalistic theme and simple point system earns this game some major brownie points. Also, you don’t have to be proficient in the subject to conquer this game, eventually, it will come naturally and without any problem.

Download: Brain It On!

Brain Buzzer- Fun IQ, Brain Games and Logic puzzles

Brain Buzzer offers a great variety of mind training games to stimulate your brain. There is a variety of simple and tricky brainstorming puzzles to test your analytical and logical skills.

This app has 9 different brain puzzle games which are very easy to understand and also help with aspects such a vocabulary building as well as your brains processing skills.

Download: Brain Buzzer

Big Brain – Functional Brain Training

Big Brain come with 25 types of brain games that will improve your cognitive skills and train your brain effectively. A major perk is that this app ensures that both your left and right sides of your brain get a good workout.

The games are available as small and quick pieces of training that you can complete in 10 minutes or less. You can choose a program to meet specific objectives that can be achieved in even small beverage breaks.
Download: Big Brain

Smarter – Brain training & Mind games

Smarter is a great app to improve your dexterity and enable you to multitask better. From fun brain-training games that provide entertainment to mini logic games, this app is a great way to improve your brain memory.

Another great aspect of Smarter is that it comes with 9 categories which will hone aspects like accuracy and flexibility, giving you the option of working on areas that you want to specifically focus on.

Download: Smarter

Train your Brain – Memory Games

This particular game is available in 5 different languages and is both kid and adult-friendly. It majorly helps with memory retention and improving both long term and short term memory.

Train your Brain comes with a simple and very intuitive interface. The makers are also constantly updating the app to ensure that it delivers fresh and current games that will test your brain.

Download: Train your Brain

Left vs Right: Brain Games for Brain Training

Left vs Right is a great app to improve the coordination between the left and right side of your brain. In fact, it also comes with a colorblind mode that can be activated from the app’s settings.

If you’re someone dealing with a brain injury and need an app to recover proper brain functionality, this one is a great choice.

Download: Left vs Right

Brain Training

Brain Training is a mix of some very essential brain training exercises. It comes with 15 different types of brain training exercises that will improve your skills like multitasking, math, focus, and memory.

Besides this, it offers great balancing activities to help with right vs left brain training. Even a few minutes in a day can do great things for your mind.

Download: Brain Training

Memory Games: Brain Training

Memory Games comes with an added element of fun. It offers 21 comprehensive logic games that will help to improve the performance of your brain.

From games are beginner-friendly and get difficult gradually as you start getting a hang of it. You can also play online and challenge opponents to test your progress.

Download: Memory Games

Which ones are your fav brain exercise games that you depend on a daily basis to sharpen up your mind?


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