What cool games should I play while stuck at home?

Are you stuck at home due to the recent pandemic outbreak of COVID-19? Looking for games to help you pass time? Then we have the perfect selection for you. We have selected some of the best games in the most popular categories that are currently available on the market. From casual to heavy RPGs, we have it all. So if you have been on the hunt for a new mobile game to help you pass time, then this is the perfect list for you. Let’s get started!

Board games


Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in the world which can now be played on your smartphone as well. Trade possessions, pay taxes, collect bonuses and charge rent for your possessions. You can even play with other players from around the world or opt to play locally with your friends using the pass n play method. What sets monopoly mobile apart is the ability to choose from the different themes and decorate your board according to your liking.

Download: Monopoly

Ludo king

Ludo king is your traditional ludo game adapted for your smartphone. You get the ability to choose your color and play against players from all around the world. You can even play locally with your friends and family using the pass n play method. Additionally, you get to choose from different themes in order to enhance the look of your ludo board.

Download: Ludo King


Chess time

Chess time brings the strategy and nail-biting excitement of your traditional chess game right to your smartphone. You can play against players from around the world and communicate using the in-game chat as well. You can use the tutorial to teach yourself chess as well. Additionally, chess time uses an ELO rating system which ensures that you are pitted against players that have similar prowess over the game as you.

Download: Chess time

Chain Reaction

Chain reaction is an offline mathematical strategy based game that has a simple objective, to take over the whole board. You get to plant orbs in different areas of the board strategically and burst them by adding more. Once a group reaches critical mass, it will split and occupy nearby cells. If the nearby cells are also about to reach critical mass, you will trigger a chain reaction. You can play chain reaction against either the in-built AI or against your friends and family locally on the same device.

Download: Chain Reaction

Casual Games

Alto’s odyssey and alto’s adventure

Try alto, if you are looking for a calming game with great music and visuals. Alto has won numerous awards over the years and has been at the top of the editor’s choices. You play as ‘Alto’ as you traverse through scenic landscapes on your snowboard while rescuing llamas, chasing mythological birds and jumping over huge cliffs.

Download: Alto’s odyssey

Download: Alto’s adventure

Monument Valley 1 and 2

Do you like casual puzzles? Then try the monument valley series. The game features award-winning graphics, intriguing puzzles and an amazing storyline that surrounds itself around a lost prince that you have to help guide to her destination. What makes the monument valley series special is the amazing ability to use optical illusions to your advantage in order to solve your puzzles. Try the monument valley series if you like challenging new casual games with great background scores.

Download: Monument valley: forgotten shores

Download: Monument valley 2

Super mario run

Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s modern-day adaptation of your beloved classic. It features modern-day in-game mechanics and a unique one-handed control scheme that makes it both easy and fun to play. Super Mario run comes with various game modes to keep you engaged and the ability to unlock various iconic characters as you progress in the game. If you have been an avid Nintendo fan, then super Mario run is the perfect choice for you.

Download: Super mario run

Plants vs zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies is another award-winning classic that combines the best of casual and strategy games. You get to plant your own garden with hundreds of zombie fighting plants in order to keep the incoming zombies at bay. You can upgrade various elements in order to keep at par with the increasing difficulty of the game. You get access to 300 levels based in 11 different worlds which ensure that you will always have something to look forward to as you keep progressing in the game.

Download: Plants vs zombies 2

Stupid zombies 2/3

Stupid zombies is another fun casual game about the undead that combines the adventure of killing zombies with the mechanics of a ping pong match. You get to use ricocheting bullets to kill as many zombies as possible using a single bullet. This will determine your end score and your success at a particular level. You get over 600 levels with stupid zombies 2 and over 200 unique levels with the third installment.

Download: Stupid zombies 2

Download: Stupid zombies 3

FPS Games

PUBG mobile and PUBG lite

PUBG series is one of the most popular games available for the mobile platform in the current day and age. The game focuses on a battle royale style gameplay where you are pitted against either 100 players in the full version or 60 players in the lite version. The game has tons of guns, a comprehensive map with different terrains, different game modes and support for vehicles as well. If you like battle royale games, then you should definitely give PUBG a try.

Download: PUBG mobile

Download: PUBG lite (for smart phones with less than 4gb of RAM)

Call of duty: mobile

Call of duty mobile was one of the most anticipated games of 2019. It brought over the best of everything you loved from the original series over to the mobile platform. You get access to frontline matches, aerial capabilities, different characters, customizable load-outs and much more. The game even incorporates modern-day FPS game modes like deathmatch and battle royale while treating you to call of duty classics like the gun game, one shot one kill, zombie mode, and sniper challenge. If you are a call of duty fan then you should definitely give the mobile version a try.

Download: Call of duty

Cyber hunter and cyber hunter lite

Cyber hunter is another FPS shooter in this list that focuses on graphics and in-game mechanics. The game makes use of modern-day parkour skills and brings them right to your mobile screen. You can choose from a number of different characters with different abilities and survive in the arena to become the ultimate winner. If you are on the hunt for a more comprehensive and vitalistically appealing FPS shooter, then you should give cyber hunter a try.

Download: Cyber hunter

Download: Cyber hunter lite (For smartphones with less than 4GB of RAM)

Shadowgun legends

Want an FPS game with a sci-fi theme and a story mode? Then try shadowgun legends. This FPS shooter comes with high-end graphics, real-time PvP battles and a comprehensive story mode that will keep you engaged for hours. The game has over 700+ weapons to choose from and comes with 60+ unique armor sets.

Download: Shadowgun legends

Infinity ops: online FPS

Infinity ops is another sci-fi FPS shooter on our list that has refined multiplayer gameplay alongside tons of unique elements like jetpacks, low gravity, grenade launchers and more. You get access to fantastic 3D graphics alongside multiple game modes including the likes of deathmatch, hardcore and even the ability to create custom private matches.

Download: Infinity ops

Simulation Games


Bitlife lets you live out your life again straight from the scratch. You can decide to get born as a random person in the world or simply create a character yourself. You can then go through life and make different choices including the likes of education, profession, relationships, friends, parents and more. You can even opt for a life of crime or become an artist in the process. It is completely up to you.

Download: Bitlife

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

Organ trail is an award-winning zombie survival game that allows you to make various choices as you traverse through the comprehensive land. You get to name your gang of survivors after your friends, fend off over 9 different diseases, scavenge for supplies, apply upgrades to your cart and much more. If you are looking for a comprehensive choice based survival game where you get to decide your own fate, then organ trail is the perfect choice for you.

Download: Organ trail director’s cut

The Trail

The trail is a comprehensive 3D graphical game that puts you in the shoes of an avid traveler back in the 19th century. You will go through scenic trails, encounter fellow travelers and craft equipment to keep yourself going. You can also trade your items with fellow travelers and earn your money back. Once you have reached your destination, you get to build your home and contribute to the community.

Download: The trail

Survive: Wilderness Survival

Survive is a text based survival adventure that has calming graphics and asmr based sounds to provide an immersive gameplay experience. You can hunt for food, choose travel directions and make your decisions based on the weather and your resources. It has three different difficulties to get you started and more functionality can be unlocked through in-app purchases. Survive is a great time killing choice if you are an avid fan of text-based choice games.

Download: Survive


Seedship is another text-based survival game that puts you in the shoes of an AI that is tasked with the job of finding earth dwellers their next best home. Travel through asteroid fields, manage your resources and keep a track of your colonists until you encounter one of the randomly generated planets. Then weigh in the different factors before making your final destination in a bid to find the perfect home. If you like space travel and choice-based games, then seedship is the perfect fit for you.

Download: Seedship

Driving Games


#Drive is one of the most popular driving games currently available on the market. It has unique 3D graphics, excellent in-game mechanics and the ability to drive through various landscapes. The game does what it is named after, allows you to simply drive, drift and swerve your way through beautiful sceneries. You can choose from a number of different cars, refill your gas on gas stations and even repair it if needed. If you like driving without the constant pressure of winning, then give #drive a go, you will not be disappointed.

Download: #Drive

Pako Forever

Pako is a great car chase simulator where you are placed in the shoes of an escaping convict. The goal is simple, to escape and evade the police as long as possible. This endless driving simulator gives you the ability to choose from 100s of different cars, opt for various different maps, collect power-ups and perform amazing stunts. If you like endless games with unlimited replayable levels, then you will definitely like the pako forever.

Download: Pako forever

Hovercraft Takedown

Hovercraft takedown is a combat racing game that borrows its graphic style from the 80s. You get to build your own custom hovercraft and customize it with various weapons like lasers, Gatling guns, cannons and more. Once created, take your hovercraft on the road and battle against other hovercraft drivers. You can either play online against other players, opt for the endless survival simulator against the AI or invite your friends over a local wifi connection. If you like combat racing, then hovercraft takedown is an excellent lightweight choice with great replayable options.

Download: Hovercraft takedown

Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt 9

The asphalt series has been a long-running franchise that has more or less defined Gameloft. The game features numerous true to reality reproductions of modern-day cars that can be customized to the brim according to your liking. You can play different game modes and compete in online races against other players from around the world as well. The latest iteration, Asphalt 9 focuses on the online PvP aspect of the game while Asphalt 8 sports the ability to play against your friends using a local wifi connection. If you are looking for a comprehensive driving game that provides you the ability to play offline multiplayer as well, then the Asphalt series is currently the best available choice on the market.

Download: Asphalt 8

Download: Asphalt 9

Traffic Rider

Traffic rider is a simple endless driving simulator that allows you to traverse through dense traffic and perform close calls for an extra boost. You can choose from a number of vehicles including the likes of bikes and trucks. The game has multiple different control schemes to choose from and offers in-game controls like horns and indicators which are rarely found on mainstream games. If you miss weaving through traffic and overtaking vehicles, then traffic rider is the perfect game for you.

Download: Traffic Rider

Mario Kart Tour

Mario kart tour is the much-awaited adaptation of the Nintendo classic to your mobile platform. The game features all your favorite characters including the likes of Koopa, Bowser, Mario, Luigi and princess peach. You get to choose from different characters, play on classic Mario kart tracks and use different power-ups to change the fate of your race in a single sweep. If you have never played Mario kart previously, you should definitely give Mario kart tour a try. The best part is that you get to pit your skills against players from all around the world in Mario kart’s comprehensive online PvP mode.

Download: Mario kart tour

RPG games

Final fantasy XV pocket edition

Final fantasy xv pocket edition brings the thrill and excitement of an open world filled with giant monsters right to your smartphone screen. Play as Noctis, a valiant prince who is out on a quest to marry the love of his life, Lady Lunafreya. But the path is filled with perils. Help Noctis, talk, explore and fight formidable foes to complete his quest and get him married in this comprehensive open world with 3D graphics and excellent in-game mechanics.

Download: Final fantasy XV pocket edition

Final fantasy brave exvius

If you do not like the animation of the new pocket edition, then you will surely like the brave exvius. It is based on your classic final fantasy storyline and graphics which makes for a great nostalgic game. You get to experience a completely new storyline and experience exquisite in-game battle mechanics. Final fantasy brave exvius event brings over beloved characters from previous franchise titles that make the game a must for avid final fantasy fans.

Download: Final fantasy brave exius

Pokemon masters

Pokemon masters is a great pokemon game that does not include any AR gimmickry but rather your traditional pokemon gameplay. Choose your trainer, starting pokemon and set out to be the best on the island of pasio. Explore the island, capture new pokemon, build your roster and challenge different trainers from all around the world. The game even comes with a comprehensive storyline that is sure to keep you engaged for hours on a stretch. Moreover, you get to capture and evolve classic pokemon including the likes of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, charmander, and Squirtle.

Download: Pokemon Masters

Life after

Life after is a comprehensive open-world survival game where you are facing a post-apocalyptic scenario. Search and explore, gather resources, form allies and travel the world in search of a safe haven. Life after sports unmatched graphics and a comprehensive gameplay design which makes it one of the best survival RPG games currently available on the market. If you have been on the hunt for a great open-world survival simulator with top of the line graphics, then life after is the perfect choice for you.

Download: Life after

Strategy Games

The escapists 2: pocket breakout

The escapists 2: pocket breakout is a prison simulator that allows you to live the life of a prisoner who is in a bid to break out. Carefully plan your escape, complete jobs, maintain your respect and create allies. The game features fun 2D graphics and comprehensive choice-based gameplay with multiple endings.

Download: The escapists 2: pocket breakout

Hitman GO

Hitman GO brings the tense stealth gameplay of the hitman series right to your smartphone in this board game adaptation of the game. With over 100 different levels to choose from and multiple opponents with different weaknesses, Hitman GO is the perfect strategy based stealth action game for every hitman fan.

Download: Hitman GO


Hole down is a casual strategy shooting game that allows you to dig deeper towards earth’s core using your limited projectiles. Carefully strategize your way through the core while avoiding fixed blocks and saving as much ammo as possible. You get an endless play mode, an original background score to enjoy and over 6 different planets to dig through. Holedown is a lighthearted strategy based game that is sure to keep you occupied for hours at a stretch.

Download: Holedown

Star command

Ever wanted an open-world space travel simulator on your smartphone? Well, your wish has come true with Star Command. This comprehensive open-world simulator allows you to build your own ship, hire your own crew based on your liking and take up the jobs that fit your needs the most. The game has HD support and over 10 different alien civilizations that you can discover during your travels.

Download: Star command

Lara croft GO

Lara Croft GO is another turn-based strategy game that puts you in the shoes of the famous tomb explorer and archeologist Lara croft. You get to pick your moves, kill snakes, fight giant monsters all the while collecting famous relics in the bid to finish your game with a perfect score. The game sports next level 3D graphics alongside a beautiful background score and ASMR sounds to provide you with unique and enthralling gameplay.

Download: Lara croft GO

We hope this list helped you find a good game to help you spend your time in this time of quarantine. What did you think of our list? Which game did you decide to download? Feel free to share your views with us in the comments section below.

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