5 best Carrom games on Android

One must appreciate how far we’ve come with technological evolution. This is especially true when it comes to board games. Carrom is one such addictive and fun board game that originated in India. The simple premise of using a striker to put coins into holes may sound simple, but the level of strategy involved and getting the right angle can get you a game-winning Queen or leave you with barely anything.

Carrom is now available as a game on Android and no matter which part of the world you live in, the easy access makes this a must-try game.

That the game is offline multiplayer, family-oriented, a good 2-player game, makes it one of the best games to have on your phone all the time.

Best Carrom games

While there are tons of options available on the Play Store, we’ve handpicked the best ones for you. Here’s a list of the top 5 Carrom Game apps you can try:

Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool is rich with options like multi-player matches and online competition. The game also offers a great experience with easy navigation and a systematic coin reward system.

This is one of the most addictive games available and comes with different modes to keep you hooked. If you’re an avid carrom player, this one will keep you coming back for more.

Download: Carrom Pool

Carrom King™

Carrom King has two major playing options, freestyle mode, in which you can earn coins regardless of which coin you strike into a hole and Black and White mode, in which you need to strike the coin you’ve been assigned.

The uncomplicated design and minimalistic setting of this game make it a great option for first-timers and rookie players who want to polish their Carrom skills.

Download: Carrom King

Carrom 3D FREE

Carrom 3D is rich in different game modes. Not only do you get to choose whom you want to play against, you get options like Classic Carrom Mode, Time Trial, Challenge Mode, and Practice Mode.

The added plus of this game is that it offers very rich and realistic graphics to deliver a great Carrom experience.

Download: Carrom 3D FREE

Real Carrom – 3D Multiplayer Game

The most recent update has put a damper on the experience offered by this game. It is also plagued by ads at every point which can be a real buzzkill. So we hope the developers will rectify these issues soon.

But, Real Carrom is a treat otherwise, especially with some beautiful board options that you can get with coins or a purchase. This game is also as rich in features as Carrom Pool, which is really satisfying.

Download: Real Carrom

Real Carrom Club 3D

Simple gameplay, great graphics, smooth controls and a rich set of features that include both multi-player and online match options makes Real Carrom Club a total winner.

This Carrom game is also fairly realistic and immersive. Also, the developers have delivered an almost faultless experience with this one.

Download: Real Carrom Club 3D

Bonus: Great alternatives games to Carrom

There are some great alternatives to Carrom that are just as fun and awesome. Here’s a look at them:

Ludo All Star – Online Classic Board & Dice Game

Ludo All Star is available for FREE on App Store & Play Store!

Ludo All-Star is a classic Indian game that can be played by 2 or 4 players. You have to basically roll the dice and hope you make it to the finish before the rest.

This one offers a regular and Arabic theme and lets you place bets to raise the stakes. Even if you’re someone who has never played Ludo before, you will enjoy the experience for sure.

Download: Ludo All Star

Teen Patti by Octro

Teen Patti Promo || January 2018 || Octro TeenPatti || Indian Poker

If you love gambling and enjoy casino games, Teen Patti (Three Cards) will definitely tickle your fancy.

This premise of this game is fairly simple. You have to create your best Three card combinations on grid to earn points. Also, you can play with players globally and participate in tournaments to make some serious money.

Download Teen Patti


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