31 best Android Games you must play

best Android games

Android phones are upgrading at a tremendous pace and our gaming experience is entering the next level. Developers across the world are introducing a variety of games every year. Indeed it’s going to take more than just visiting Play Store and scrolling through the Editor’s Choice these days.

But what defines an exceptional game? Besides the fact that the game should test your skills and justify your phone’s features, it has to be a class apart in its category. More importantly, the game has to be popular with fans and not ambush you with all kinds of hidden costs and in-app purchases, right?

So we’ve curated a whole bunch of games in different categories to address these issues and challenge those twiddling thumbs. Here’s a list of the best android games on Play Store:


Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 - Official Release Trailer - out now

Few puzzle games could be described as being thoughtful and Monument Valley 2  makes the cut. Ustow games take the premise of a puzzle game and sprinkle it with mother’s love.  As a player, you will be part of the plot too. You will guide the mother-daughter duo to their predestined end. The intricacies of the puzzle will compel your mind to exercise itself as the plot simultaneously assuages it. The beautiful buildings with a hint of art deco and reflections of cubism make it a delight to navigate through the game. The makers of Monument Valley 2 have paid some serious attention to detail. From color to movement, gamers love the design that doesn’t just build scenes and guide the plot, but also invoke deep reactions and emotions. This particular journey is worth a download and a few hours.

Download: Monument Valley 2 ($4.99)


Official Badland Gameplay Trailer

Badland is reminiscent of Flappy Bird, except this bird is going through some serious stuff. The premise of the game is rather simple, you have to fly your bird through the Badland terrain and keep it alive. But know this, you will be on edge trying to keep the bird alive. The puzzles are not just difficult, the consequences of failing make it harder for your bird as well. Also, your bird’s friends die, a lot. So why should you play this game? For one thing, the dark terrain and music create a compelling setting. Users love the challenges and puzzles for their execution, but their setup as well. It’s also packed with over 80 levels in the single-player mode in case you’re in it for the long run. This game is a dystopian jungle and the bird is as good as a Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) or Tris Prior (Divergent series). Doesn’t that make you want to root for you bird more than anything?

Download: BADLAND

Life is Strange

Life is Strange - Google Play Preview - IA

Life is Strange will make you appreciate simpler times when one could just shoot the enemy in an RPG game. This game is may not be all blood and gore, but it deals with violent themes like suicide and drugs. The player’s function in this game is to help Max Caulfield make decisions that will drive the plot of the game. You are not pulling the trigger on anyone, but it will bode well for you to understand all the characters and pay attention to them. An episodic adventure game like Life is Strange is an easy play. You will have a unique power and this time, you will be trying your hardest to save lives.

Most users love that Life is Strange does not take a traditional approach. It taps into emotions that we’re not used to feeling and harnessing them to help the protagonist fulfill her goal. With a soundtrack that ranges from fun to outright haunting, this game is an emotional adventure that will keep you hooked and wanting more.

Download: Life is Strange

Crossy Road

Crossy Road - Google Play Gameplay Trailer

Refreshingly arcade, Crossy Road is a simple concept game with multiple characters who need to avoid getting struck by obstacles. Impulse control is the key to getting far in this game. Navigating your chicken requires patience and quick reflexes depending on the situation it gets stuck in. Yes, the chicken has a lot of trouble crossing the road. Contrary to the impression this game gives, Crossy Road is not that easy to play. Hipster Whale has put major thought into the obstacles. They’re unpredictable and crazy, just the way you’d want an arcade game. Also, the premise of guiding the chicken makes this game really popular with users.

Download: Crossy Road

Ninja Arashi

Ninja Arashi Trailer

Ninjas are an age-old concept for successful storylines. If you have an inclination for anime and manga, the premise of Ninja Arashi will not come as a surprise to you. You will be playing the ninja himself and navigating through different terrains to hunt for his son. The makers equip you well to defeat your enemies and progress into the game. But keep in mind that this game is pretty intense, not just because of its theme. In fact, fans play this one for its traditional approach and unique action. Ninja Arashi is a reminder of the Nintendo days when Contra used to provide us with similar action.

Download: Ninja Arashi

Pokémon GO


Admittedly, when Pokemon GO first came out, it did not live up to the hype. There were issues, the game was not smooth and catching pokemon was not a comfortable experience. But the concept of using AR was revolutionary, it’s what made us stick around and hope for better. The updates did arrive and change the game radically. The game is an entity of its own now. Users love it because they really feels like a pokemon trainer and the brilliant utilization of the real world makes this game a must-try.

Download: Pokémon GO


PUBG Mobile

PUBG - Vikendi Snow Map Gameplay Trailer

The world is ironically united by PUBG. Nothing gets a bunch of friends together online faster than PUBG. But PUBG can be played alone too. As long as you’re still willing to join a stranger squad. The concept of PUBG is as dystopian as it gets. 100 players have to kill each other till it’s the last squad standing. It’s not surprising that people truly relish this game, to the point of addiction even. Even if you don’t want to get on the PUBG bandwagon, give it a try once simply for the reaction of your squad. This particular game is pure entertainment for more reasons than one.

Download: PUBG Mobile



There is an inherent issue that one will find with any game that has been adapted from PC and Xbox to phones. It’s kind of the same as when a book is turned into a film.  Most users dislike the fact that the graphics are not truly up to the mark and the lag can become really annoying. So why play Fortnite on your phone? Well, it’s actually the first time you can play Fortnite on the go and this game is not completely ready for android in the first place. So a few more updates and we are actually looking at a game well done.

Download: Fortnite

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3: Gameplay Trailer

In a nutshell, Shadow Fight 3 is a mobile fighting game that is actually good. It has some brilliant graphics and the game holds its own. It’s fast and reliable. Variety is important in games with a linear plotline, especially fighting games. Fans lap up the variety of characters and weapons. This game has the ability to hold your attention and keep you hooked longer than you expect.

Download: Shadow Fight 3

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends - Global Launch Android Trailer - FPS Shooter

There is a lot going on in Shadowgun Legends for a mobile game. It’s futuristic and has a legit plot. With a variety of choices in weaponry and some serious upgrades, this game is fairly engaging. These kinds of games are usually designed for Xbox or PC, not so much for mobile. When users appreciated the mobile version, it became apparent that Madfinger games set a new precedent. It’s difficult to execute a graphically rich world with a lot of activity, especially in the limited screen size of a mobile. They tried anyway, so if you’re up for an immersive FPS gaming experience on mobile, give this one a sincere try.


Alto’s Odyssey


Alto’s Odyssey is has a very tranquil vibe. This is the kind of game you can play to unwind from a stressful day. It will take you to a lovely place. In fact, watching its gameplay will make you feel better too. But the real joy is in playing it in the endless running setting. There is no plot to follow, no missions to fulfill and no characters to upgrade, all the reasons why it’s a fan favorite. The theme of this game remains constant with some peaceful background music and the beautiful dessert.

Download: Alto’s Odyssey

Into the dead 2

Into the Dead 2 by PikPok Launching on Google Play on 13 October 2017

Who doesn’t love a good post-apocalyptic game? Now you can kill the dead on your phone. Into the dead 2  offers a lot for a zombie game. You get to choose a canine companion, there is a variety of weaponry that wasn’t available before and the graphics are solid. In fact, many users played it on mobile because it gives an immersive experience. Everything has been done right and the overall experience of this game was quite great.

Download: Into the dead 2

Dragon Ball Legends


Dragon Ball is one of the oldest and most popular fandoms, now packaged in a mobile game. If you cannot get enough of the Dragon Ball world, then try this one. The fighting game does not follow the usual template. It comes with action cards that allow you to execute complicated moves in one tap. The game is not just targeted to Dragon Ball fans, it seems to be reaching out to people who don’t know about the anime or manga as well. It has a universal appeal thanks to a different interface than usual fighting games. The game also provides an experience that is unique for the fighting genre.

Download: Dragon Ball Legends

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice Mobile Preview

One can wonder how much a game can capitalize off The DC heroes vs Villains concept and the answer will be not enough. Injustice: Gods Among Us is fast-paced and full of action, even for Android. A lot of the game is pretty mindless and fast-paced. But surprisingly, that is what makes users enjoy this game. A lot of bashing and kicking from a DC superhero never truly gets old, even in the form of a mobile game.

Download: Injustice: Gods Among Us



Village & Pillage: Official Trailer

A classic that has been around for a decade, Minecraft adventures will remain evergreen and fun. Of course, we get to play in different worlds and build it in our preferred choice of image and likeness.  Minecraft fans describe it as more than a game, they prefer to look at it as a learning tool and a unique experience. This game is easy to play, whether on a PC or mobile. One thing is for certain, if you download this game and decide to give it a go, you will not regret it.

Download: Minecraft ($6.99)

Clash Royale


If you enjoy a real-time multiplayer game on mobile, this one will be right up your alley. Remember Clash of Clans? It’s the same makers who have taken characters from CoC and created Clash Royale. The user base is also the same, which is why when they come back asking for more and appreciating the graphics and controls, you know this game has something going on. Even if you are unaware of CoC, Clash Royale is fairly simple. Once you’ve understood how the cards work, simply strategize and win battles. Unlike a lot of other games that have been adapted for mobile, Clash Royale was specifically made for it. So give it a go!

Download: Clash Royale

The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins on Android

A potent combination of a puzzler with a spooky story, this game is one great experience you must try. The Room: Old Sins is more than just about figuring out the puzzle boxes. You need to keep an eye on everything in case you miss a hint or a clue. The air of mystery that surrounds this game will not leave you until the end. Most fans fawn over the ending, the big reveal. This makes one thing sure, once you start it, you will finish the game. There is no way around that.

Download: The Room: Old Sins

Badland Brawl

Badland Brawl Trailer (iOS/Android)

Badland Brawl is not just another PvP game. The rich graphics and moves that are reminiscent of Angry Birds offer a wonderful mobile gaming experience. Users go gaga over the intense 2v2 battles. In fact, even the physics of this game is well thought out. You will find yourself attacking, strategizing, using cards and generally being in the offensive to get ahead. If you liked the previous Badland games, this one will not disappoint.

Download: Badland Brawl

MARVEL Future Fight

[MARVEL Future Fight] Avengers: Endgame theme Update

Not unlike the movie franchise, MARVEL Future Fight follows the same agenda that is expected of Avengers. As a character, you will collect as many heroes as you can and assemble your own version of the Avengers. The game promises some unique, never before seen stories along with some incredible in-game challenges. Fans love the PvP included in this game since it enables them to take on rivals in the arena. An action RPG featuring our favourite superheroes, Future Fight is a great tribute to Avengers: Endgame.

Download: MARVEL Future Fight

8 ball pool

The World’s #1 Pool Game

As the name suggests,  8 ball pool is a mobile version of the real-life game. It’s fun, competitive and precise, making sure that you stay around for some exciting PvP. In fact, many users believe it to be the best pool game app available. It might take you some time to get used to handling pool in the virtual world. Once you get the hang of this game, it will be difficult to stop.

Download: 8 ball pool

Clash of Clans

CoC AS001a AppStore EDIT EN 1200x900

If you enjoy establishing your own territory, strategizing attacks and planning defense, then consider Clash of Clans. One of the most popular mobile games for a very long time, it gives fans a sense of belonging and authority. Nevertheless, CoC is not about achieving victory with brawn, careful decisions will help you get the win and expand your territory. This game is all about choosing your battles and making decisions that could win you the right war.

Download: Clash of Clans

Ludo King

Ludo King - The best Ludo Game online on Google Play Store

Ludo King is an all-time classic. This game will never grow old and everyone you know has played it. If you don’t already have Ludo King on your phone, you should. This game is not about the graphics or power-ups. It’s simple, just a bunch of random algorithms to randomize the game and move the players across the board. The next time you are chilling with your friends, play a game of Ludo and have a good time.

Download: Ludo King


Riptide GP: Renegade

RGPR Trailer Google Play

Few game makers explore water sports, let alone offer a fairly decent game that comes with a career mode. Riptide Renegade takes Jet ski racing to the next level. Users love this game for its exceptional graphics and quick pace. The performance of the game is also commendable. There are no lags and the game remains solid through the race. The theme is similar to an NFS car racing game or Split Second. After all, you are chasing first place and trying to evade cops, sounds familiar?

Download: Riptide GP: Renegade ($2.99)

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 Trailer - Google Play

Combine a driver simulation game with amazing graphics and keep it real, that’s Real Racing 3 in a nutshell. Fans love this game for its effort to keep it real. It’s not just race, pace and hit the brakes, which is a running theme with most racing games on Android. The cars are from familiar manufacturers and they need to be maintained. The game actually makes you wait till your car gets fixed, which could be an hour or three. But give Real Racing 3 a try, it’s worth it for the graphics and cars alone.

Download: Real Racing 3

CSR racing 2

CSR racing 2 is less about racing and more about cars. From American muscle to British classic, the variety of cars this game has to offer is pretty amazing. Most fans enjoy this game because of the level of control it offers with its cars. It’s not just about restoring your car, it’s about modifying it as you please. There are two levels of engagement, one is the racing and the second is the work put into the cars. Give the ‘Live Race’ feature a try, it’s something the fans really recommend.

Download: CSR racing 2

Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing - Android Trailer

Nintendo switchaptly calls this game a mascot racer with cute characters and colorful tracks. The game will remind you of Mario Kart, a lot. Beach Buggy Racing is a fan favorite for one specific reason. It actually has little to do with the circuits and characters, which are really great too. The game is especially fun when you use a controller. A Bluetooth one will do the job well. You can decide to go solo or get your friends and family to join. Either way, do give this game a go.

Download: Beach Buggy Racing

Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9: Legends - Official Soft Launch Preview

Asphalt 9 is popularly described as one of the best hyper-realistic arcade racing games in the market. It is fair to say that this title has been earned. Gameloft has put a lot of work into this game and you can tell. Fans love the smooth gameplay and graphics, besides the races of course. But Asphalt 9 is not messing around with a big plot line. This one is all about completing seasons by winning one race after another. The game is great for a quick break or if you need to unwind after a long day.

Download: Asphalt 9

Hill Climb Racing 2

HCR 2019 Store Trailer 60s Feature Order Variation A2

What’s more hilarious than a toppling car? A whole bunch of them trying to win!. It seems that  Fingersoft has decided to take this game to the next level with multiplayer racing. Gone are the endless driving days, now you have control your car while trying to mess with others. Hill Climb Racing 2 is a great combination of a fun concept and racing. Users call this game addictive, which is possible thanks to the engaging gameplay and unique concept. Try this game and tell us what you think!

Download: Hill Climb Racing 2

Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider - Official Trailer

This game is extremely popular with users for the adrenaline rush it provides. Traffic Rider is all about riding your bike to maneuver past other cars and vehicles. Remember Road Rash and Road Redemption? You will once you try this game out. It is one big nostalgia trip and once you start playing, you’ll be hooked.

Download: Traffic Rider


PES 2019 Pro Evolution Soccer

PESAM2019 Google US

Highly intuitive and impeccable control make PES 2019 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER a worthy sports mobile game. But fans have been hooked to this one since 2012 and they are not kind about their reviews. Which is why it’s commendable that this game makes the cut. Just keep in mind that this whole game has been optimized for mobile. So yes, maybe the referees are inconsistent and the commentary can be over the top but you will have sharp control of your players and you will score. Winning matters the most right?


Real Cricket 19

Real Cricket™ 19 Trailer

Nautilus Mobile has termed Real Cricket 19 as one of the most preferred brands for cricket lovers. Most users compare this game to its predecessors and they rave about how it’s the best version so far. So even if you are not a cricket fan, the UI, graphics and multiplayer mode will ignite your interest. Real Cricket 19 is like fine wine, it gets better with age so be sure to download it and enjoy the experience at least once before you dismiss it.

Download: Real Cricket 19

So what are you waiting for? These games are just a few simple clicks away. Install them on your phone and get your thumbs tapping!