14 Trivia games to play on Zoom [May 2020]

Trivia games are a fun way to pass the time, while also learning some new information! One of the great things about Zoom is that it allows the user to share their screen with the rest of the group.

This comes especially in handy when games and challenges with friends online over a video call. We have already shared a big bunch of games to play over Zoom with you, but today, we are focusing on one BIG genre: trivia. Ah, those in the mood of a pure laugh, you can spend some time with these super fun Zoom games.

5 New Trivia Games [Add on May 01]

May 02, 2020: We are adding five more Trivia games here that you can play on Zoom. We hope this helps you kill the time during quarantine until the lockdown is lifted. However, beware of Zoom Fatigue, and in case you think you are suffering from it, check out some remedies at the link right below.

How to fight Zoom Fatigue


If you want to make a specialized quiz testing your friends’ knowledge about Star wars, Quizmaker.com has you covered. You can customize your quiz to the font with their web client. Choose from different themes and backgrounds, or upload your own background for a funny surprise!

Once you are ready with your quiz start the game, and share your screen with the group. Now everyone can see your quiz. Ask them to choose the right answer, and select it for them when they do. Visit quiz-maker to play the game.

Knockout trivia

Knockout Trivia is a simple trivia game wherein you guess the right answer to move forward, or get knocked out for a wrong answer. That being said, this game allows you to create your own league!

Once you create your league, you can send the link out to your friends to join in. You get your own website to host the league and everything. Once you have your league, you can compete against others for real money prizes. Visit this page to play the game.


This is the third installment of the ’94’ game. Ask your friends to try and name the common answers to questions, like ‘what do you eat at the movies?’ Their answers must add up to reach 94% of the right answers. The game gets drastically more difficult as you keep going.

To host this game, simply start a video call, and ask the questions. Input the answers in your device to check if they are right. Alternatively, you could download the Desktop version of the game, and share your screen. Visit 94% to play the game.


This trivia game has an interesting twist to it. It includes current affairs as some of the questions! So not only are you getting entertained, but you’re also learning about what is happening in the world.

Download the game on to your phone, and ask your mates questions while on the call. Don’t forget to assign points to the right answer! Visit Newsmeister to play the game.


Queendom is a huge archive of quizzes, polls, tests and more. If you head over to the Trivia section, you will see a vast number of categories and subcategories. You can choose specific quizzes to host, to better tailor to your audience.

In addition to trivia quizzes, Queendom also has personality quizzes and much more. Host a trivia contest, and share your screen. Select a category, and get going! Visit Queendom to play the game.

9 Trivia games to play over Zoom

We have compiled a list of trivia games that are must-plays on your next Zoom trivia night.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

No introduction is necessary. Ask your group a bunch of questions with answers in a multiple-choice format. Each question is allotted a money value and as the questions go up the ladder, they get tougher but are also worth a lot more!

One person is the host of the game and read out the questions, while the others try and guess the right answer. There are also fun helplines like phone a friend, 50-50 and audience poll. Visit WWBN to play the game.

Settlers of Catan online

Get ready to build roads and cities to colonize the board before your rivals do. You can now play the original board game completely online with multiplayer. And isn’t it just more fun to watch your rivals struggle and curse you as you build around them?

Head over to the Settlers of Catan website and either download the game or play it right in the browser!

Tabletop simulator

OK so we can’t all sit at the same table, but this is the next best thing. Tabletop simulator is just what it sounds like. It simulates the experience of sitting in front of a nice freshly set board game with your friends sitting around you. They have a decent number of games to scroll through, and some exciting room ambiance. Visit this webpage to play the game.

Heads up

This is a fun one. If you haven’t played this before, now is the time. One player holds their phone up to their forehead with the screen facing out. The rest of the players have to shout clues at the player to try and get them to guess the word on the screen.

Oh, and did we mention it is timed? The player who guesses the most words wins. All you need to do it have everyone download the Heads up game on their phone, and you’re good to go.


Similar to the Tabletop Simulator, Tabletopia is a sandbox digital online portal for playing set board games. They have quite a large selection of games to choose from and some pretty good graphics to go along with them.

From simple Chess to Clans of Caledonia, they have it all. Have your Zoom meeting going and you’ll feel like you’re back with your clan. Visit this webpage to play the Tabletopia game.

Jackbox party

Five games in one pack, the Jackbox party pack. Use your phone as a drawing tab in Drawful 2 or play Trivia murder party and send your friends to the killing floor if they answer wrong.

Just one person needs to host the Jackbox party game. The others can open their browsers either on their phones or computers and simply enter the room code generated to join the game. Visit JackBox games to play its games.

Quiz up

This award-winning game has taken the trivia world by storm. Choose from 1000+ categories and challenge your friends to see not only who knows more, but also who can answer the quickest.

Yes, you get more points the faster the answer! Each question has multiple answers to choose from and a 10-second timer. Download the game from the Play Store or Apple App Store.

Family feud online game

TV’s favorite Family feud is now playable on your mobile. Can you name the most popular responses to surveys taken from people you don’t even know? Find out how similar your choices are to random people around you. You can challenge your friends to 1-on-1 games or go big with the 3-on-1 option and earn gold coins. Visit this webpage to play the Family Feud game on Zoom.

Scattergories online

Similar to the classic Name, place, animal, thing, Scattergories allows you to choose the categories to include in the game; this could be anything from girl names, to types of soap, the world is your oyster. Once you create a game, you will be assigned a unique game code. Send that code to your friends and have them all scratching their heads to think of a type of tree that starts with X. Visit this webpage to play Scattergories online.

Online trivia games

Do you feel like learning something other than work? Yeah, we thought so. Even if you don’t feel like firing up Zoom, trivia games are still a super fun time killer, with learning embedded in the fun! We bring you the list of the best online trivia games to spend your time.

  1. QuizUp
  2. Fun Trivia Quizzes
  3. Triviaplaza
  4. The Ultimate Online Trivia Quiz
  5. Sporcle

Trivia mobile games

Nothing beats sitting quietly and playing on your phone. Add to that a good, competitive trivia game, and, trust us, time flies. Playing trivia games on your android phone has the added bonus of increasing your reaction time for those games that require you to jam on to the answer before someone else does.

Here is a list of fun Trivia games:

  1. Free Trivia Game
  2. Trivia Crack
  3. TRIVIA 360
  4. Quiz It
  5. 4 Pics 1 Word Quiz
  6. Play The Jesus Bible Trivia Challenge Quiz Game

How to play trivia games on Zoom

Follow this simple guide to start a trivia game in a Zoom meeting:

Step 1: Choose your game. Discuss the games with your friends and decide on the game you and your pals want to play. The list of trivia games above will help, we’re sure!

Step 2: Plan your game well. Who are your participants, who will host the game (if required), and other such stuff?

Step 3: Get the required accessories, like a pen, paper, the box of the game, etc. The material should be such placed that it’s easily visible, or at least figurable, over the video call.

Step 4: Create a meeting on Zoom (or any other group video calling app). Remember, if your game lasts for more than 40 minutes, which is the maximum duration for Free Zoom users, you will need to start a new meeting. So, do check out how to bypass the 40-minute limit and continue the same meeting uninterrupted. Good planning on this will help. You can also schedule your Zoom meeting.

Step 5: Let all the participants join your meeting. When everyone’s ready, you can explain the trivia game and begin it.

Step 6: Click the ‘Share screen’ option at the bottom of your Zoom meeting’s screen. This will shoot out a pop-up asking you which window you would like to share. Select the browser on which the game is currently running. Or, if you need a drawing board for keeping scores or drawing something or writing a trivia question, you can choose whiteboard after clicking the ‘Share Screen’ button.

Step 7: Click the little ‘Share Computer Sound’ tick box at the bottom right of the screen and then click ‘Share’.

Everyone in your meeting can now see your trivia game screen as well as listen to the sounds from the game!

We hope you enjoy these trivia games and learn something new too! Tell us about your favorite trivia games and why they should make the list!

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