How to Change Class in Cold War

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War has gone fully live, and gamers across the world are doing their best to master it before anyone else. Apart from a very cool single-player campaign, it has a neat multiplayer system, and even a Zombies mode — something its predecessor lacked.

It also breathes new life into the Create-A-Class program, which can now support up to 10 custom classes. These Classes, consisting of your primary weapon, secondary weapon, Field Upgrade, Perks, and more, can be changed on the fly in order to give an edge to the players who think ahead.

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What is a Class in CoD Black Ops Cold War?

A Class in CoD Black Ops Cold War is pretty much your custom arsenal, which could give you an edge in close combats. A class typically has a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, tactical equipment, lethal equipment, a Field Upgrade, Perks, and a Wildcard. The aforementioned weapons can be customized through the Gunsmith program.

When creating a Class, it’s advisable to use some imagination and mix things up. Take different equipment in different classes; make sure you’re never outflanked and outsmarted by your opponents.

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Can you change your Class in the Zombie mode?

The whole Create-A-Class system was primarily developed to make things interesting in the multiplayer mode. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot use it in the Zombie mode. Yes, the customization options are a bit limited, but you can still change your class in the game just the same.

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How to change your class in the game?

Changing your class is pretty easy in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. All you have to do is pause your current game to access the menu, and hit ‘Change Class.’ Once you do that, you’ll see a bunch of configuration that you’d created. Select the one that seems right for the job. Additionally, this menu also allows for a deeper level of customization with the Gunsmith program. So, you could make your gear look as swanky as you want.

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Will the Class change while you’re in a match?

As discussed in the previous section, you can change the Class any time you wish by pausing the game. However, doing so while you’re locked in a competitive deathmatch seems a bit misplaced.

So, to balance things out, CoD Black Ops Cold War only changes your class when you respawn. Each player gets to live out his life with one Class of their choice. For the changes to reflect, they’d have to be reborn.


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