How To Unlock Dark Aether Skin in Cold War

Weapon skins have been one of the most intuitive and exciting parts of many FPS games over the years. In Call of Duty, we’ve all seen our fair share of weapon camos that we’ve rocked while playing multiplayer modes. Although these weapon skins offer you no bonuses other than purely cosmetic gains, but they definitely add to the fun!

How to Unlock weapon skins in Black Ops Cold War

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In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, there are a wide variety of skins present for you to apply to your favorite guns.

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However, apart from the basic skins, you will need to work your way up to get to the next tier of skins. For that, you will have to complete weapon challenges, level up each gun until you reach the end of the tier list.

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The weapon challenges for you to complete are mentioned along with every weapon skin you view in the Camo list. For example, if you’re going to unlock the Policia weapon skin for the XM4 as shown above, then you’ll need to “Shoot and kill 50 enemies taking cover from you in Multiplayer”.

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As you can see here, there are two main categories to the weapon skins, Multiplayer and Zombies. The Multiplayer skins above are available for use in all Multiplayer modes you play whereas the skins in the Zombies category below are restricted to only Zombies with each having separate but progressive tiers.

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So how do you Unlock the Dark Aether Skin in Cold War?

ALL CAMOS in Black Ops Cold War (Gold, Diamond, Dark Matter, DM Ultra, Dark Aether skins)

The Dark Aether Skin in CoD Cold War is a mastery-tier skin available for use in the Zombie mode of the game. It’s much like Dark Matter Ultra which is the Multiplayer equivalent of the same tier. Here’s what the Dark Aether Skin will look like, once you unlock it for any of your respective weapons:

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Since the Dark Aether skin is Mastery-tier camo, this is one skin that you’ll have to grind for like a true completionist before you obtain it. We trust you’re not new to grinding in CoD for weapon challenges and so, this will not be any different from that.

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But before you unlock that sweet skin for your weapon, you’d need to get started unlocking the Golden Viper skin for your weapons. To unlock just one Golden Viper skin (shown above), you’d need to unlock 35 Zombies weapon camos from the other tiers.

Screengrab via: Wetzel

What comes next, is unlocking the Plague Diamond skin. To do that, you’ll need to unlock the Golden Viper camo for 5 assault rifles. Doing that, you’ll get your hands on your first Plague Diamond skin in the Zombies game mode.

Finally, to unlock the Dark Aether skin, you will need to unlock every Plague Diamond camo for all the available weapon classes in the Zombies game mode. Yes, you read that right. Unlock every diamond camo you can, for every gun you’ll ever use in the game while playing Zombies, and you’ll finally unlock the Dark Aether skin for your weapons.

So you see, we weren’t putting you on when we mentioned how you’ll need to grind like a True Completionist if you wanted to unlock the Dark Aether weapons skin in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Fortunately, the game simply has a lot to do in the Multiplayer modes for you to be worried about how soon you can complete all the challenges.

Already unlocked some good weapon skins in Cold War? Well drop us a picture in the comments and stick around if you want to read more on all things Black Ops Cold War.


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