How To Change Operator in Warzone

Operators in Call of Duty: Warzone are like the uber-skins of the in-game cosmetics world. They are, quite literally, skins that can be skinned — i.e. player models that do not effect gameplay but can be equipped with further cosmetics in the way of aesthetic-only outfits. They have their own backstories, finishing movies, and animations — making them a deep part of not only the lore but a flashier tier of CoD bling to show off.

Before we explain how to change operators in Warzone, you need to understand the game’s Faction system and how it affects your choice of operator. There are 18 unlockable Operators, aside from the default two, which are divided into two opposing factions, Coalition and Allegiance.

How to Change Operators in Warzone

How to Change Operators Warzone - COD Warzone Operators

Step 1: From the main menu, move over to the Operators tab up top.

Step 2: Set either Allegiance or Coalition as your Favorite Faction and then open the faction.

Step 3: This should show you a list of each Operator you have unlocked and their own group inside their respective factions and their Special Forces group. Select the specific operator you’re looking to play as.

For example, if you click on Allegiance, you will be presented with an array of Operators there. If you have, say, Minotaur unlocked, then you can select him as your bleached-blond badass. Then you can hop over into Coalition and choose, say, Wyatt as your operator in case you wanted to play as someone slightly less juiced-the-gills.

Step 5: Now, when the match begins, you will play as the Operator from your selected Favorite Faction.

This means that, following the aforementioned example, you will play as Minotaur, if your favorite faction is Allegiance, or Wyatt if you set it to Coalition.

And that’s about it. It’s as simple as that! Feel free to shoot any questions you have at us down below — we’d love to help!

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