Sony Updates DualSense Controller Audio and Screen Sharing With New PS5 Update

What to know

  • Sony is rolling out a new PS5 update that brings sound and mic enhancements and new Screen Share interactions. 
  • The update will enhance the volume output on DualSense controllers as well as improve noise cancellation for the mics.
  • Screen Share viewers can now move their pointers, and send pings and emoji reactions to interact with the host. 
  • Users can also adjust the brightness of the PS5’s power indicator. 

A new PS5 firmware update is being rolled out, bringing various enhancements to DualSense controllers and the Screen Share feature.

Once installed, the update markedly improves the speakers and microphone on the controllers. The DualSense controller speakers will output a higher volume, allowing for better voice chats and in-game sounds. If the sounds get too loud for your liking, you can adjust the controller speaker volume from the control center.

There’s also better noise cancellation for the mic inputs, achieved thanks to a new AI machine-learning model, which will prevent background noises like button presses and game audio from interfering with your voice and improve the overall quality of the voice chats. 

Image: Sony

The firmware update also brings new features to PS5’s Screen Share. Viewers can move their pointers around, send pings, or draw lines on the shared screen, allowing them to highlight objects and areas to guide the players. Viewers can also send emoji reactions to encourage players or celebrate victories. If it gets too annoying, the host can turn off the feature from Share Screen settings. 

The update also lets you adjust the brightness of the console’s power indicator, which can be adjusted from Settings > System > Beep and Light > Brightness. 

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