Is There a New Warzone Map in Black Ops Cold War?

November is shaping up to be a pretty decent month for FPS players all over the world. Wanna know why? Well, Black Ops Cold War’s hit the stores for starters, how’s that sound? Cold War, is Treyarch’s sixth installment of the game series ever since it all began with Mason back in 2010. But that’s not the only bit of trivia you’re gonna need to be aware of.

Activision’s CoD Warzone, the highly popular battle-royale offering of theirs is in on this whole thing too. We have it on good intel from the devs, that CoD Warzone will definitely share content across both Modern Warfare and Cold War. That’s right, CoD players spanning over all 3 titles will share various components of their games, modes, weaponry, leveling up, and customizations allowing them to interact across all three titles.

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Will Cold War have the Warzone Map at Launch?

Given the fact that Cold War’s bringing a sort of ‘integrated progression’ system to the CoD franchise, there were some rumors or leaks talking about how there might be a new warzone map at launch. If you bought into those rumors, then we’re gonna have to break it to you, but Cold War will not be having the Warzone Map at launch.

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When will Cold War get Warzone Map?

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Although not at launch, Cold War will definitely be bringing a new map as part of its integration with Warzone and such. In fact, some players who had access to Cold War’s beta got to spend some time on one section of that map. That map in its entirety will be released in Warzone. However, according to reliable resources in the gaming community, that won’t happen anytime before 2021.

Will Cold War get a new Warzone Map?

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There will be no dearth of new content in Cold War, which will bring its own pack of maps and also game modes to set the pace for gamers just starting out. Playing Cold War, you’ll also be able to play Warzone while remaining on the same engine the game’s originally running on.

However, initially, no new Warzone maps seem to be in store for Cold War. The only maps you will be able to play in Warzone while logging in from Cold War are those that were rolled in previously, over the last 6 seasons.

What can you expect in Warzone now that Cold War is here?

If you’re one of the fans who’re in it for the battle-royale whopper that is Warzone, then there are actually leaks as of now that suggests a mini-map making its way to you. This is supposed to take place probably when Season 6 concludes.

The map? A fan favorite that Treyarch’s porting over from its Blackout series. Alcatraz. Revamped and reworked, it will release soon inside Warzone, hopefully when the Rebirth event begins towards the end of season 6.

Got any more leaks or rumors you want us to look into? Leave a comment below or perhaps the link to where you got it from and we’ll start cracking.

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