Black Ops Cold War: What is the code for the floppy disc?

Amidst all the shooting and espionage, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War also manages to throw a few puzzles and brain teasers to stay true to the theme of their game. In fact, one specific puzzle has managed to stump players at a crucial point in the game. Yes, we are referring to the Operation Chaos Floppy Disc code problem that has players absolutely flabbergasted.

Fortunately, we’ve figured out how to decipher the code for you.

What you need to do to access the floppy disc

There are two things you need to know in order to access the contents of the Operation Chaos Floppy Disc. One is the 4-digit numeric code and the other is the City name passphrase. Without these two elements, you will not be able to decrypt the contents of the disc.

How to get the code

The general confusion with players is about what the code is and which city represents the passphrase. Keep in mind that you will get the code for the floppy disc from the Coded Newspaper evidence by deciphering the name of the city.  You also need to have the Numbers Station Broadcast evidence before we proceed. Follow these steps once you have both the pieces of evidence with you.

Separate the red letters in the front-page headline of the Newspaper.

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Trying different permutations and combinations of the red letters in the front-page headline to recover the name of the city. In this case, it was TUSCON.

Now, open the Number Station Broadcast evidence and match the four numbers against the name of the city you deciphered.

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In this case, 8029 is the code for the Floppy Disc.

Decrypt the Floppy Disc

To decipher the passphrase make sure that you have collected two pieces of evidence in the game. First is the Encoded Message to Qasim and second which you will already have by now, is the Numbers Station Broadcast. 

Solve the Encoded Message to Qasim:

The encoded message will look like a Housie game ticket and one entire row will be marked with numbers that will be colored in blue and red. You need to separate the blue-colored numbers and group them together whilst doing the same thing for the red-colored numbers. Each set will have a missing number that you need to figure out from the sequence of the pre-existing numbers in the set.

Credit: OmegaTV

Now, keep in mind that these numbers are randomized for different players so there is no one number fits all solution here. Look at the numbers and apply logic. One scenario is if the numbers are in ascending order, then calculate the difference between these numbers and you will arrive at a constant. You need to add that constant to the lower limit number in the order and subtract the constant to the upper limit number in the given order to fill the missing number.

For example, suppose the numbers are arranged in this order: 01, 11,21, ‘?’, 41, 51. The constant difference between the numbers is 10, so 21+10= 31 and 41-10= 31, this means the missing number is 31. Now, keep in mind that there are also scenarios where you need to identify the sequence of numbers and there might be no addition or subtraction involved. But don’t stress, the answer is fairly obvious once you give it some serious thought.

So suppose the code you get is 6217, what you need to do now is co-relate these numbers to the city name in the Number Station Broadcast. In this case, the code is co-related to New York.

Credit: OmegaTV

New York is the passphrase that you need to decrypt the Floppy Disc.

Once you have the code and passphrase, type it into the designated boxes and you’re good to go!

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We hope you found this article helpful! Take care and stay safe.


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  1. I’m terrible at this kind of thing and I asked everyone to help me with decoding the red and blue numbers with no success.

    I would appreciate it if you could help me with these numbers.

    RED:46 49 52 ? 58
    BLUE:59 61 65 ? 79

    again your help will be appreciated.

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