What is the CIA Code in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War?

If you thought you’ll only be sticking to shooting up baddies throughout your gameplay in Cold War well, you probably thought wrong. Cold War, like other iterations in the Black Ops series, is rife with secret puzzles and mysteries for you to put your mind to work on. And evidently, it doesn’t take long for the devs to start sprinkling them in while you’re in your early stages of the game.

One such puzzle is the little bit of exploration you have to do in the CIA safe house that begins after the first mission you play. It’s that padlock towards the back of the safe house and here’s how you can go about figuring out the code to it.

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How to find the code in the CIA Safehouse in Cold War

How to Enter The Secret CIA Room | Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

So to get to the first bit of the puzzle, head towards the little blue corridor located to the left of the padlocked gate. Here you’ll find the ‘Clinical Record – Autopsy Report’ which will have the number 1 highlighted twice to give you the first bit: 11

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The second piece of the puzzle can be deciphered by you right near the padlocked gate itself. It’s a clipboard lying on the floor near it, with a snippet from the ‘Warren Commission’. This will have the number 2 highlighted twice, giving you the second bit: 22

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For the third piece of the puzzle, head towards the right and walk behind the TV sets on the gurney. Enter the red-lit darkroom and you’ll have the snippet from a ‘Dallas news article’ on your right while entering. This will have the numbers 6 and 3 highlighted individually, giving you the final bit: 63

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Putting them all together, you’ll get the combination you need to enter the gated room in the back of the CIA safe house. Enter the code 112263 in and the padlock will unlock, letting you go in and explore this room too. We advise you to get back to this room once you’re on your second run of the game.

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Easter Egg references in Cold War’s CIA Safehouse

The events in Black Ops Cold War takes place immediately after the events that happened in the very first Black Ops game. If you’d played that, you’d have seen America’s 35th President in a brief Cameo during the game. The combination that you receive to unlock the gate, 112263, is the exact date on which President Kennedy was assassinated by Oswald. So this is an easter egg reference to that tragic date in American history.

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If you explore the room a bit more that you just gained access to, you’ll find an arcade cabinet and a small computer located there. Both of these can be interacted with. You can type ‘Help’ into the computer and it will list all the commands you can type into it. You can also input ‘Zork’ as a command and get to play the text adventure game ‘Zork’ which is another neat little easter egg.

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Finally, the arcade cabinet is a cool easter egg in itself. Fire it up and you’ll be able to browse through an entire arcade collection of game titles by Activision – classics like Chopper Command and Pitfall. Now all the games might not be unlocked for you in the first run itself, which is why we advised you earlier to hit this place on the second run of your game.

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That pretty much wraps up the extent of Easter eggs we have knowledge of in this section of the game, in the CIA safe house. If we were to take a guess, this puzzle is easily a genius foreshadowing moment, hinting towards a key protagonist’s role and how it all ties up towards the end of the game. But that’s something that you’ll have to play the game and finish it to find out.

Stuck on any other puzzles or mysteries in Black Ops Cold War? Leave all you know about it in the comments below and let us know!

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