Best Loadout for Cold War: Each Loadout Explained

There’s a lot of ways to kill a person in Black Ops Cold War. A lot of ways. You can poke them full of holes from afar, obliterate them up close, blow them up with explosives, or, if you’re especially enterprising, straight up stab ’em in the middle of a firefight. But of all the myriad ways to send someone to the Kill-Cam, there can really only be a handful of best ways. Down below we’ll run you through some of the best loadouts in Black Ops Cold War, and a recommendation for your class setup. Related: 7 Best Pack-A-Punch Weapons in Cold War Zombies

Black Ops Cold War Best Loadouts


MP5 SMG Review & Best Attachments (Black Ops Cold War In Depth)

Barrel 0.1″ Rifled
Magazine SFOD Speedgrip
Handle RND Speed Mag
Stock Speed Tape
Underbarrel Collapsed Stock

Easily one of the most overpowered weapons in the game even after its hard-nerf, the MP5 is a jack-of-all-trades SMG that hyper-excels at close quarters while remaining competent at range. Alongside the Gallo SA12 for bombastic, close-range burst damage, these two weapons provide you situational versatility and extreme lethality when things get a little close for comfort.



Sight Millstop Reflex
Barrel 13.5″ Reinforced Heavy
Underbarrel Foregrip
Magazine 40 Round Speed Mag
Stock Airborne Elastic Wrap

The XM4 is a well-rounded assault rifle that can be used effectively across ranges, especially with the 13.5″ Reinforced Heavy. The sights are completely up to the player — we prefer the Millstop Reflex, generally speaking, for its cleanliness and versatility. The Underbarrel needs nothing special beyond the standard Foregrip for the XM4’s relative ease of use. The Airborne Elastic Wrap and 13.5″ Reinforced Heavy are the meat and potatoes of this loadout, giving flinch resistance, the ability to scope while prone, and an effective damage range to allow engagement at variable distances.


ZERO RECOIL AK47 CLASS SETUP IN COLD WAR! (The BEST AK-47 Class Setup in Black Ops Cold War)

Sight Millstop Reflex
Barrel 18.2″ VDV Reinforced
Underbarrel Foregrip
Magazine Bakelite 50 RND
Handle GRU Elastic Wrap

The VDV Reinforced makes the AK47 equalizes its damage across the vast majority of engagement-distances with the added bonus of enhanced bullet velocity at the minor cost of some movement speed. The Bakelite 50 RND provides a much, much bigger pool of ammo to draw from inside your firefight that heavily outweighs the con of slightly longer reload and ADS time that is made up for with the GRU Elastic Wrap.


AK74u SMG Review & Best Attachments (Black Ops Cold War In Depth)

Muzzle GRU Suppressor
Barrel 9.3″ VDV Reinforced
Underbarrel Foregrip
Magazine VDV 50 RND Fast Mag
Handle GRU Elastic Wrap

Since a majority of your engagements are going to be up close and personal with the AK74U, you can forgo an optic in lieu of a muzzle attachment in the form of a GRU Suppressor to negate muzzle flash. You’ll lose some effective damage range (25%), but this is almost completely made up for with the 9.3″ VDV Reinforced.


M16 BEST CLASS SETUP COLD WAR! "BEST M16 CLASS SETUP" Black Ops Cold War Class Setups #7

Sight Millstop Reflex
Barrel 20.5″ Task Force
Underbarrel Field Agent Grip
Magazine 45 Round Speed Mag
Handle GRU Elastic Wrap

The M16 has been a perennial contender for most OP with every installment of CoD, and this time around it returns to form as arguably one of the best tactical rifles. We recommend the 20.5″ Task Force to double down on its strengths at range, compensating for the increased recoil with the Field Agent Grip. The Magazine you want to run is more a matter of preference. The same goes for the handle; While we recommend the GRU Elastic Wrap, the Airborne Elastic Wrap is another totally viable option.

Black Ops Cold War Best Class Setups

Much of the playstyle with this loadout is geared towards ambushes and playing as the aggressor — engaging at your own discretion only when the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor. With Field Mic and the Ninja, Ghost, and Tracker perks, getting the drop on opponents is easier than ever before, while Paranoia and Stimshot give the extra survivability to deal with situations arising beyond your control.

Secondary: Gallo SA12


The Gallo SA12 synergizes well with the ambush-oriented class setup we’re running here that allows you to operate effectively and, if you run out of primary ammo, restore and reload by way the scavenger perk. Plus there’s just something extra satisfying about bushwacking with a good old boomstick.

Lethal: Simtex

While the other options certainly have their pros, the exactitude with which you can dispense a Simtex provides invaluable utility when trying to get the drop on an enemy.

Tactical: Stimshot

The Stimshot’s heal, even after having its cooldown nerfed, is simply the better option for your tactical. While it may not have the offensive utility of the stun grenade, being able to initiate healing in a gunfight and re-engage almost immediately, on your own terms, and with a health advantage is golden and should be run every time with whichever loadout you choose.

Field Upgrade: Field Mic

The Field Mic’s ability to give you a heads up on enemy positioning can not only be a life-saver, but a direct route to instant tactical superiority that shouldn’t be underestimated. With positional awareness of your enemy, you can choose to engage to your own advantage and straight-up ambush your unsuspecting opponents.

Wildcard: Perk Greed

While a lot of players tend to opt for Danger Close right now, we recommend Perk Greed for the simple overall utility it provides over the offensive buffs that come with either Danger Close or Gunfighter.


  • Flak Jacket
  • Paranoia
  • Scavenger
  • Tracker
  • Ninja
  • Ghost

There you go! Be sure to keep an eye on emerging trends as more and more balance patches come out and the meta continually evolves. For more Black Ops Cold War tips, tricks, guides and walkthroughs, check out our Black Ops Cold War Archives. RELATED

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