What Is Reveal Distance in Cold War?

Over the years the Call of Duty franchise has undoubtedly evolved in terms of plot and especially the kind of action that one has come to expect from it. The latest in this series, Cold War while very heavy in terms of the plot, still has major action that keeps veterans and FPS gamers happy and with cool features to boot.

Of course, keeping in the spirit of a new launch, the game’s action elements have been given some upgrades by Treyarch in terms of weapon attachments and user abilities. One of these includes the red dot that now indicated the reveal distance in the game.

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What is Reveal Distance?

There are tons of gunfights to satisfy one’s bloodlust in Black Ops Cold War and different varieties that include a major one, long-distance. For long-distance gunfights, the game provides an advantageous weapon that you will recognize as a red dot that appears over your enemies.

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Next to the red-dot, you will see the name of the enemies when you are really close to them. Basically the feature helps you gauge the location of the enemy and how far they are from you to help you plan your attack approach accordingly.

This is not to deny the general ability of the red dot feature and the key role it plays in revealing the enemy. But keep in mind that when you aim your weapon even at a close distance, the red dot will appear, it will however be rather pointless because you can catch the enemy with the naked eye.

It’s in maps like Cartel where bushes are involved and it’s very difficult to sight the enemy that the red dot plays a very key role.

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How to activate the red dot in Black Ops Cold War?

Image Credit: Drift0r

The red dot appears over enemies when you aim your gun at them. But the reveal distance also depends on the kind of attachment you’re using. Snipers and long-range sight attachments like flashlight will definitely make it easier for the red dot to reveal the distance of the enemies.

In the end, it depends on the range of the weapon and the attachment you are using in combination with it, otherwise, the red dot will not reveal the distance of the enemy till you are super close to them.

We’ve covered everything that you need to know about reveal distance and the role that the red dot plays in it. Hope you found this article helpful!