Cold War Zombies Machine Part and Aetherscope Guide: How To Find The Parts


The devs over at Call of Duty do more than just give us an awesome FPS multiplayer experience: They give us a spectacular Zombie side-game too! What started off as a fad in CoD World at War has now become a cult classic, with the Zombies mode returning in every title. And, it has also become one of the game’s main multiplayer go-to for gamers. It’s fun as both a team or co-op experience.

With every recent zombie mode in other Call of Duty titles, just like in Cold War, the Pack-a-Punch (also known as PaP) machine is something that needs to be activated while on any zombie map in-game. Here’s all that you need to do, in order to unlock the PaP machine for your zombies’ playthrough:

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Where to Turn the Power on in Die Maschine Cold War?

So, in this process of getting to unlock the Pack-a-punch machine, you’ll first need to turn the power switch on. To get started, start whipping up some of that sweet Z points killing the freaks around you, and clearing some waves. Next, head over to your first door located here:

Screengrab via: MrRoflWaffles

Then, there are a series of doors that you’ll need to open. These are what the doors look like (pictures below), and you can get a better look at them in the video guide above.

You’ll then need to go down into the bunker, so head over to this door over here:

Screengrab via: MrRoflWaffles

Then, after unlocking the next couple of consecutive doors, you’ll finally enter the power control room:

Screengrab via: MrRoflWaffles

Interact with the power button to switch it on and you should finally have started the power going!

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Reaching the Dark Aether on Die Maschine Zombies Map

After you’ve got the power started, the next thing you have to get on is activating the power terminals. They will be indicated on your screen right after you exit the power room to your front:

Screengrab via: MrRoflWaffles

You’re gonna need to stabilize the particle accelerator. To do this, run over to the two terminals in the room located at the opposite sides of the room, and activate them:

Screengrab via: MrRoflWaffles

After you’ve activated both, you’ll see a purplish-white orb form on the platform in the middle of this room. Clear out any zombies around you while it spawns and then interact with this ‘Anomaly’ to be transported into the Dark Aether!

Screengrab via: MrRoflWaffles

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How to find the Machine Part in Cold War, Zombie Mode?

Once in the Dark Aether, the object you’ll be looking for will be the machine part. It’s the missing part of the holographic machine, a sight that will greet you the minute you step foot in the Dark Aether:

Screengrab via: MrRoflWaffles

You need to run ahead and get to the Aether Tunnel. It should be located somewhere in the Dark Aether, and it will be indicated on your screen like this:

Screengrab via: MrRoflWaffles

Having reached the Aether tunnel, use it to descend and reach a new room that was previously locked for you:

Screengrab via: MrRoflWaffles

Once in this room, turn around to find the missing Machine part sitting right there!

Screengrab via: MrRoflWaffles

Pick it up, then head over back to where the original Machine’s holograph was, we’d pointed out to you at the beginning of this section. Walk up to it, and use the Machine Part you just found on it, to ‘Forge’ the machine and get it running again!

Screengrab via: MrRoflWaffles

Finally, you’d have found the Machine part and got the Pack-a-Punch machine running! Use this Pack-a-Punch machine to upgrade your guns and again to their next levels!

Screengrab via: MrRoflWaffles

This PaP machine is one colossal bonus to have activated quite early on because if you want to survive in the later stages of this Zombie Map Die Maschine, you’ll need more than just ordinary off-the-wall guns. With this, you’ll soon be finding all sorts of Easter eggs, completing challenges and unlocking new weapon skins in Zombies mode with your friends!

What is an Aetherscope in Cold War Zombies Mode?

The Aetherscope in Cold War Zombies Mode is essentially an item that you can collect, sort of like an achievement. According to its description, it’s a portable scanner that can be used for studying the other dimension i.e. the Dark Aether. You’ll need this Aetherscope as a key item when you attempt to unravel the ‘Seal the Deal’ event in a different easter egg.

Screengrab via: RonJen1080 p

That said, you can find the parts for you to gather and build the Aetherscope ONLY after you’ve completed the above sections (as pictured above). In that, you need to have turned on the power, found the machine part and built the Pack-a-Punch machine in order for you to be even able to locate the Aetherscope parts.

Where to find all of the Aetherscope Parts in Die Maschine?

Immediately after you’ve forged the Pack-a-Punch machine, a portal should spawn on the map in one of 3 random spots that you have to run around and find. These portals will indicate where you should go after using them, to find the Aetherscope parts. Here are the locations of all 3 portals and the corresponding part you have to find after using them.

Nacht Der Untoten – Roof

Screengrab via: RonJen1080 p

Approach the portal on the roof of the Nacht Der Untoten building and interact with it. You’ll be taken to the Dark Aether dimension. Once you’re here, you have to run down to the yard outside, where the game basically begins. You’ll find the part right under the steps, as shown below:

Screengrab via: RonJen1080 p

Particle Accelerator Room

Screengrab via: RonJen1080 p

Remember the room where you switched on the power button? Make your way to this room and search for the portal here. If you find it, walk up to it and interact with it. Again, in the Aether dimension, run over to the teleporter that’s located here. You’ll find an Aetherscope part right behind it like so:

Screengrab via: RonJen1080 p

Back of the Pond Area

Screengrab via: RonJen1080 p

Another location to search for a portal is in the pond outside, towards the back of the pond. Run-up to it and interact with it to enter the Dark Aether dimension. Now the corresponding Aetherscope part you should look for and find is located at the crash site. Look for it on one of the engines of the crashed plane:

Screengrab via: RonJen1080 p

Pro tip: If you don’t find a part in the corresponding location of the portals as shown above, don’t get stressed out! Just check for the parts in the other 2 random locations of the parts, as this is common with RNG mechanics in-game.

How to Build the Aetherscope in Cold War Zombies?

Building the Aetherscope is a piece of cake. Well, it really depends on how well you can shoot your way out of the zombies ahead though! Head down into the particle accelerator room where you first switched on the terminals.

Screengrab via: RonJen1080 p

There’s a workbench down here now! Go up to it, click and hold your interact button when near it to build the Aetherscope.

Once it’s built, interact with it again to pick it up and you’re done! You’d have successfully found all three parts of the Aetherscope and built it in time for your arsenal.


Screengrab via: MrRoflWaffles | RonJen1080 p

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