How To Fix Cold War Split Screen Not Working in Zombies Mode

Multiplayer gaming has been the go-to niche for all avid CoD fans, across all platforms. With its various game modes and challenges, it’s very easy to see its appeal. However, there’s one unsung game mode that appeals to many CoD fans too, and you don’t need a whole lobby of players to enjoy it — Split screen.

The Split Screen mode allows you to fire up an old-school couch session, so that you can any of the game modes in CoD, side by side with your buddies. Here’s how to can set up Split Screen in Cold War, including how to fix the issue with it in the game’s Zombies mode.

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How to do Split Screen mode in Cold War

Play Split Screen in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (2 Players 1 Screen!)(Fix Not Working!)

First what you’ll need to do is that you’ll need to connect your second controller to your console. So turn your controller on (as shown below) and make sure that your console is recognizing both the controllers

Screengrab via: YourSixGaming

Then, when you’ve navigated into the multiplayer screen, you should see an option saying ‘Splitscreen’ giving you a button prompt to add a second controller and join. If this doesn’t immediately show up, try and restart your game or console and it should auto-rectify.

Screengrab via: YourSixGaming

Soon after, you may encounter a glitch saying you need PS Plus to access this feature. Just press OK and try again, and you’ll get to the split-screen gaming sub-menu.

Screengrab via: YourSixGaming

You may also encounter a second glitch which might say that ‘This content cannot be selected at this time’. Just press OK again, press X one more time, and you’ll get to the split-screen gaming sub-menu.

Screengrab via: YourSixGaming

After that, just search for a game and join it. You’ll have the Split-screen mode up and running, and both you and your friend will be able to enjoy some co-op games like Domination to play against others online.

Screengrab via: YourSixGaming

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Split Screen in Cold War Zombies Mode not working? Try this fix!

The split-screen issue is plaguing gamers in Black Ops Cold War across every platform. As of version 1.04 in the game, the split-screen mode for Zombies has been giving most issues, to the point where it’s unplayable for gamers. The option isn’t even showing up in some cases and trust us, players are quite angry with the devs.

Source: Twitter

However, there’s this one Reddit comment submitted by a user, which has seemingly fixed the issue for some who’ve tried it out. Now, it’s not a very popular fix and might not even help in your case, but it may just be worth a shot:

  • First and foremost, Player 2 needs to have their own account and Player 1 needs to have them added to their friend list. So go ahead and log in as player 2 while in-game.
  • Invite player 2 to your game as player 1.
  • Join a zombie game as Player 1, play for a bit and then exit the game. (This will make the game perceive that Player 2 was playing the game)
  • After exiting, Player 2 should be able to navigate the game menu and their loadout using the controller. (Though they may not appear in the lobby as usual)
  • Using Player 1, open up your social menu and you should see that there’s an option showing quick join for Player 2’s account (In player 1’s Treyarch friend list).
  • Then, quick join Player 2 as Player 1 and if it works as intended, you will now be in the split-screen menu in Zombies.

Now, this may not work all the time, and might even require you to quit and retry a few times, but hopefully, this should enable you to play split-screen in Zombies for now.

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Cold War Split Screen issue fixer update: When will it arrive?

Like we already told you, these Split-screen issues are being faced by gamers across all platforms. Though CoD Black Ops Cold War is currently in an early launch stage, this isn’t exactly expected of game-developing giants like Activision and Treyarch.

For now, if these fixes didn’t work for you, then all we can do is wait till there are some new fixes discovered and put out in this community. We’ll also be waiting till the game devs fix these issues in their next update or patch. We suggest you to raise this issue with Activision support on their official website right here and tweet to them on @Treyarch about this problem so that it catches their attention and gets fixed at the very earliest.

Did these fixes work for you? Do you know of a fix that others may not? Tell us all about it in the comments below!



  1. I created a petition to unite the community’s voice, so Activision knows they need to focus on bringing Splitscreen Zombies back. Please, take just a minute and give it a sign for me!

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