How to Exfil in Cold War Zombies

Black Ops Cold War was recently released to the public and after much wait, we finally have a revamped and improved Zombie mode in a Call of Duty game. Unlike previous iterations, Black Ops Cold War has been fairly well designed and the stakes have been increased evermore. And instead of seeing how long you and your crew can survive among the zombies before you ultimately die, Black Ops now allows you to call in an Exfiltration unit. If you are new to this feature then let’s take a quick look at it.

What is Exfil?

Exfil is short for Exfiltrate in Black Ops Cold War and it is a military term used to describe a quick and efficient escape from behind the enemy lines while rescuing personnel stuck in the area. As you might have guessed, Exfil means the exact same thing in Black Ops: Cold War.

Instead of having you and your crew push to the end, you will now get the option to be Exfiltrated. This will allow you to escape the current map ie: Die Maschine using a backup helicopter when you and your crew have had enough. A successful Exfil from the map will reward you with bonus XP as well as some Raw Aetherium Crystals in rare cases.

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How to Exfil in Black Ops Cold War?

The Exfil option will be available to you and your crew once you reach round 10 of the game. You can then decide to either call on an escape or wait for the next opportunity. After round 10, you will get the option to call in an Exfil every 5 rounds. This means that the next opportunity will be available on the 15th round, then the 20th round, and so on.

Additionally, keep in mind that when playing co-op with friends, the majority will have to vote for an Exfil for the escape process to begin. Once the Exfil option is available to you, simply head back to the starting area on the map.

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You should now get the option to radio in for an Exfiltration unit. Doing so will call in the helicopters and cancel the current round immediately.

Once you have completed the current round, everyone will be presented with a new objective; to reach the Exfil site before the time runs out. This time period is usually 90 to 120 seconds.

You and your team will now have to rush to the designated site while avoiding and killing as many zombies as possible. The difficulty level will increase dramatically during this escape and zombies will start pouring in from all directions. You will also see hoards of hell hounds and zombie bosses pouring in trying to stop you from escaping.

Reaching the Exfil site will call in the helicopter. It should land directly if the area is clear, if there are any Zombie hoards around you then it will start hovering. You will need to clear the area first in such cases.

The helicopter will automatically land once the area is cleared and it is now time to jump in. It won’t be easy as extra zombies will make their way to your crew and you will have to fight your way to the chopper.

And that’s it! Once you reach the helicopter, you and your team should be able to escape the area unharmed. You will also be rewarded with bonus XP and other rewards for your efforts.

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When should you use Exfil?

Exfil is the last moment resort for teams that have no chance of surviving any further into the game. You might have lost a crewmate or might be running low on ammo. Additionally, you could be very deep into the game and would just like to escape unharmed. All of these situations are great to call in an Exfil.

Although Exfil might be useless if called earlier as it could prevent Tyou from earning extra XP through future rounds that you could have won. Additionally, the bonus XP awarded at the end of an Exfil is quite a lot but nothing when compared to the progress you will make over the next five rounds until the next Exfil.

Have you used Exfil yet? How was your experience? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

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