CoD Cold War Best Guns: Sniper, Shotgun, SMG, LMG, and More

Black Ops Cold War has just been released to the world and it seems to be creating quite a buzz. In conjunction with Modern Warfare, Cold War brings back traditional COD modes including Zombie hoards. As usual, the game has been updated with new and improved weapons that help deal a lot of damage.

The mechanics have also been improved for weapons to make them more lifelike. This makes it a great choice but pretty hard to choose the perfect loadout for each game. If you have been looking for the best guns available in this new iteration of COD then you have come to the perfect page. Let’s take a look at the best guns that you can currently acquire in Black Ops Cold War.

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Best Sniper Gun in Cold War: LW3 Tundra

The LW3 tundra is one of the quickest and most damaging sniper rifles in the game. It allows for one-shot easy kills and recoil seems to be minimal when compared to other sniper rifles.

The LW3 does react to player flinches but is much more stable when compared to its competitors. This makes the LW3 a perfect choice for snipers that like to play aggressive and defensive.

Note: While the M82 is another high-powered sniper rifle in the game, very few players have been able to acquire it and thus we can’t really recommend it as the best sniper.

  •  Magazine Size: 5 Rounds
  • Ammunition (Starting): 5 + 15 Rounds
  • Fire Mode: Bolt Action Rifle

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Best Shotgun in Cold War: Gallo SA12

If you are close quarters aggressive player then you are probably on the hunt for the best shotgun and that would be the Gallo SA12. The Gallo SA12 is the modern revision of the long-running semi-automatic shotgun Spas 12.

It works great in close quarters and has a bigger range when compared to the pump-action shotgun. You can easily get a one-shot kill in close quarters though it is not ideal for long-range or mid-range battles.

  •  Magazine Size: 7 Rounds
  • Ammunition (Starting): 7 + 21 Rounds
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic

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Best SMG in Cold War: AK74u

The AK74u was one of the most used and favored SMGs by early alpha and beta testers of the game and it is still one of the best SMGs that you can acquire in Black Ops Cold War. If you are a player that sticks to a single gun and rarely changes the loadout then the AK47u might be the perfect choice for you.

Despite being an SMG it has a very high range of fire and can be used in mid to long-range battles pretty easily. It deals a lot of damage from any distance even in body shots and when you are in close quarters, it is one of the most lethal SMGs that you can find.

  •  Magazine Size: 30  Rounds
  • Ammunition (Starting): 30 + 120 Rounds
  • Fire Mode: Full Automatic

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Best LMG in Cold War: Stoner 63

LMGs are usually looked down upon in games like COD. They are bulky, take a lot of time to reload, and have exceptionally high recoil. This is one of the reasons why many players shy away from them. But if you like trying out new weapons but have a disregard for LMGs then you should think of giving the Stoner 63 another chance.

With a low recoil, long-range, and high damage, the Stoner 63 is easily one of the best LMGs in COD ever made. It allows for great close combat battles despite its huge size and as it is an LMG, it gives you the chance to deal huge amounts of damage without reloading. What sets the Stoner 63 apart from other LMGs is its high rate of fire which makes it feel like more of an SMG if you don’t consider the weight.

  •  Magazine Size: 75 Rounds
  • Ammunition (Starting): 75 + 150 Rounds
  • Fire Mode: Full Automatic

Top Overall – Type 63

This might seem like a bad choice for the best overall weapon but trust me Type 63 will surprise you with its capabilities every step of the game. The Type 63 is a tactical rifle in Black Ops Cold War that allows for a 2 hit kill if you can get a headshot on the first one.

It has tons of attachment and a great long-range firing rate. The recoil on Type 63 is also one of the most minimal in Cold War which gives you exceptional stability. So if you have been looking for a jack of all trades, then the Type 63 is the perfect choice for you.

  •  Magazine Size: 20 Rounds
  • Ammunition (Starting): 20 + 40 Rounds
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic

Some Of The Best:

Ray gun

All COD fans know about the Ray Gun. It is one of the highest damage dealing small form factor guns in COD that comes from its tie-ups with previous Sci-Fi storylines. As such I could not leave it out of this list but sadly this gun is only available during the Zombie mode. The Ray gun is the perfect weapon to kill zombies in one go and hence is classified as a wonder weapon in the game.

  •  Magazine Size: 20 blasts
  • Ammunition (Starting): 20 blasts
  • Fire Mode:  N/A

Krig 6

So you are an assault rifle fan and do not wish to change your class. But you are bored with the traditional M16 or AK47 and are looking for something new and more modern. Well, then the Krig 6 might be the answer to all your prayers. It has low recoil, a high fire rate, and a 30 clip capacity per round! It deals the highest damage when compared to other assault rifles and is formidable in long-range battles with the right attachments. As such, the Krig 6 is perfect for Assault rifle enthusiasts that do not wish to update their loadout class.

  •  Magazine Size: 30 Rounds
  • Ammunition (Starting): 30 + 60 Rounds
  • Fire Mode: Full Automatic

Which gun fit your play style the best? Do you have any other suggestions for the best gun in Black Ops Cold War? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. 


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