Is Alex Mason in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War?

“The Numbers Mason, what do they Mean!” Remember these lines? We certainly do. Any CoD Veteran worth their salt can repeat at least half of many such iconic lines, the Black Ops series started us off with.

The history of Call of Duty games is rife with iconic characters ranging from campaign to campaign. Back in 2010, Treyarch and Activision brought one more to our tables: Alex Mason. And he’s back with Cold War, let’s take a look at what we know.

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Who is Alex Mason in CoD Black Ops?

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If you’ve played the first Black Ops game, you’re probably well-acquainted with this returning character. Frankly, he’s an impulsive, passionate, yet brutal and damaged protagonist. In essence, he’s exactly who you look for in the twisted yet memorable moments the Black Ops series never fails to deliver.

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So is Alex Mason back in Cold War?

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For those who’ve seen Cold War’s Cinematic trailer by now, it’s abundantly clear that Alex Mason is back. There have been some easter eggs after we last saw him here and there, such as in Black Ops 4 and all that. But this is shaping up to be Alex Mason’s official return to the CoD campaign we now get to play.

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Who’s voicing Alex Mason in Black Ops Cold War?

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Back when Alex Mason was first introduced, he was voiced by Sam Worthington. However, it doesn’t seem that we’ll be seeing Worthington play out Mason in Black Ops. However, veteran CoD fans like us will have the chance to instead experience the exceptional talent of Chris Payne Gilbert (pictured above).

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We’ve seen some of Gilbert’s work through some stellar roles in Lucifer, Dexter and Criminal Minds. Now, he’s with the cast of Black Ops Cold War, as he’ll bring to life the story that we know wasn’t entirely over. Finally, our tribe of CoD fans and die-hard gamers will know why Mason’s back with Woods, Hudson and what mission lies next for them to complete!

Have you started playing Black Ops Cold War yet? Tell us how the campaign is going for you! And be sure to check back for more on Cold War, right here. 


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