Cold War Diamond Camo Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Every Call of Duty game in recent history has come with a ginormous collection of weapon skins. The newest kid on the block, Black Ops Cold War, is not an exception. Weapon skins, which are just cosmetic upgrades to the weapons you use in the game, have dominated the conversation in Multiplayer modes for many years and the trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

In order for you to unlock some of the cooler weapon skins — beyond the basic ones you start with — you have to hit the ropes, put in the work. And today, we’re lending you a helping hand.

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How is the Diamond Camo in Cold War Unlocked

As you can see from the Camo description given above for the XM4 Diamond weapon skin, players would have to unlock the Gold Camo for all of the 5 Assault Rifles in Multiplayer mode.


In essence, unlocking the Diamond skin for any weapon will require you to unlock the Gold Camo for all the weapons in that weapon’s class. Now we know that that’s easier said than done (been there) but at least it’s somewhat easier of a mountain climb than unlocking the Dark Matter camo.

How to unlock Gold Camo for Weapon Skins

Black Ops Cold War: The SECRETS To UNLOCKING GOLD Camo Made EASY (Mastery Camo Guide)

Now, this is the step that you’ll have to grind for the most. Because as you can see from the description above, if you wanted to unlock the Gold camo for the AK-47 in Cold War, you’d need to unlock all the other 35 Multiplayer camos through those weapon challenges.

Basically, in order to unlock the Gold camo for any weapon in the game, you would have to unlock all the other camos for that weapon in Multiplayer, by subsequently completing their challenges.

Purple Diamond Camo Cold War

ALL CAMOS in Black Ops Cold War (Gold, Diamond, Dark Matter, DM Ultra, Dark Aether skins)

The purple diamond camo or the ‘Plague Diamond’ skin is a weapon skin that’s strictly reserved for the Zombies multiplayer mode. It’s totally different from the normal Diamond camo you’ll be trying to unlock for routine multiplayer gaming.

However, the weapon’s progression and challenges are similar. For instance, just like how you’d need to unlock 5 assault rifle gold skins for an XM4 to unlock its diamond skin in Multiplayer, you’d need to unlock the Golden Viper camo for 5 assault rifles in Zombies mode to unlock the purple diamond camo.

Cold War Diamond Camo Glitch

New Diamond Camo Glitch Black Ops Cold War I Accidently Unlocked Diamond Camo

So there’s a weird bug being reported by several PS4 and Xbox gamers how sometimes their Cold War game isn’t keeping track of the weapons challenges they’ve completed. When they leave the game and come back the next day, the progression seems to reset. And as a result, they’re having to redo those challenges.

Somewhere in that, lies this glitch we’re talking about – how you can possibly unlock the Diamond Camo skin for any weapon, sometimes even before you’ve unlocked all your Gold Camo skins! So you can follow these steps to try and replicate this glitch in-game.

  • Unlock a weapon’s skin almost to its Gold Camo. You can try this with any weapon.
  • Join a game and complete the last few challenges required, and actually do unlock the Gold Camo for that weapon.
  • Immediately after, leave the game and log off. Turn off your console and wait for a few minutes.
  • Next, log back into the game and you shall see those same challenges left to be completed to unlock that gold camo which you just did a while back.
  • Complete those challenges again, and repeat this process for the number of Gold Camo skins you theoretically need to be unlocked and get its Diamond Camo skin.

If you’re able to perform this glitch successfully on your copy of the game, you’d find yourself unlocking the Diamond Camo skin for your Assault Rifles or SMGs when you perhaps have just 2 or 3 out of the 5 Golden Camo skins unlocked!

Completing Weapon Challenges faster in Cold War


The weapon challenges associated with every gun’s camo or skin are pretty much self-explanatory. It’s the grind and time that makes the game become much longer and might make you think that the gameplay is becoming repetitive or tedious.

Here are some tips we recommend that can definitely help you out in completing those weapon challenges faster in CoD Cold War:

Play only challenge-specific Maps

What we mean by playing Challenge-specific maps is that you must play certain kinds of maps in Cold War that can help you complete your challenges faster. As an example, if you were completing the Bloodline camo for the XM4, you’d need “50 Longshot medals in Multiplayer.”

  • To that effect, playing on the Map Armada, you’ll get plenty of chances to get in those longshots on your enemies from one side of the ship to another.
  • On the Satellite Map, if you’re playing from the middle ground, you can get some sick longshots on players spawning on the other side.
  • On the Crossroads Map, you can get kills on players towards the A (flag area) if you can get some shots on them from above the tank near the B (Dom wall).

Recognizing the Hotspots on each Map

What you have to understand here essentially, is that in Cold War’s multiplayer modes, certain areas of the maps are what we’d refer to as ‘Hotspots’. Now we’re not suggesting you camp in those places, but it would be quite useful if you can play around those spots.

  • For instance, if you’re playing on the Map Satellite, then the area where you can get a lot of kill opportunities would be hanging around somewhere at the B – Domination spot.
  • Another example is that if you’re on the Crossroads Map, then playing centrally from the B – Dom area on it, maybe from inside the building could net you some sweet shots.
  • On the Moscow Map, you can set up a sick spawn-control if you clear out and take the middle part of the map (the one where the statue is located in the center of the room).

Because of how you’d really want to take charge and assert control over these spots on the map, we’d recommend using a field upgrade like the Trophy System. Since you can probably expect being targeted by others with their Grenades or other enemy equipment.

Play Select multiplayer game modes for higher XP gain

Another way that can significantly boost your weapon’s challenge completion rate is if you can recognize how you can gain more XP in-game for select modes in Multiplayer as opposed to others.

  • For instance, playing in the game mode ‘Fire Team: Dirty Bomb’ will net you around 36 XP per minute or so.
  • Playing in the game mode ‘Team Deathmatch’ will give you around 25 XP per minute, give or take.
  • And how you gain the least amount of XP per minute while playing the Zombies game mode, coming in at around 3.6 per minute.

We recommend you to check our Weapons Level up guide to know more about how this essentially works and if you can use it to your advantage in-game.

These are some of the ways we recommend you go about playing Cold War if you don’t want to just aimlessly wander in Multiplayer. You can definitely complete weapon challenges faster this way and work your way up to unlocking the Diamond Skin Camo.