How To Level Up Guns Faster in Cold War

No one’s the wiser when it comes to weapon challenges and leveling up their guns in Call of Duty. Literally, everyone has to put their nose to the grind and carve-out their Mount Rushmores. The analogy fits even in an ironic sense in how large of a task it could feel leveling up the guns you play multiplayer with, in Black Ops Cold War.

Of course, no one’s leveling up guns only because they want to. At the end of the arches, there are awesome weapon skins to be had. That is if you can survive the hike and get there. So read on if you want to know more about how weapons actually level up, and how you can get at it a whole lot faster!

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Understanding how weapons leveling up works in Cold War Multiplayer and Zombies modes

So before you get into leveling up your guns, you should have a basic understanding of how it is that weapon leveling actually works in CoD Cold War. Getting ahead of this, you’ll be able to figure out what works best for you and the way you play this game.

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For instance, playing with the QBZ-83 ranked at level 11, getting just one kill in the game mode “Fire Team: Dirty Bomb” can net us around +24% increase in weapon experience points.

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Then, playing with the QBZ-83 ranked at level 11, getting one exact kill in the game mode “Team Deathmatch” can net us around +10% increase in weapon experience points.

Screengrab via: TheXclusiveAce

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Finally, playing with the QBZ-83 ranked at level 11, getting 10 zombie kills in the Zombies game mode nets us only around +3.6% in overall weapon experience points.

So if we take playing ‘Team Deathmatch’ games as a base, playing a mode like Dirty Bomb will reward higher experience points per kill, whereas you’ll get the least points per kill in the Zombies mode.

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Because of how the game progresses and how much time you can allot to grinding, you can see this table above to get a hang of how you can go about ‘farming’ experience points in Multiplayer.

Now we know that you’ll not get the same XP for each gun at every level in this manner, but it’ll be somewhat similar. We encourage you to try this out for yourself and see what nets you more XP and rank up faster.

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How to Level Up Guns faster in Cold War

Digging deeper into how the Weapons progression system works, you’ll realize that in Cold War there are certainly other factors that you need to keep in mind while playing if you want to consistently hit your experience-gain targets.

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For instance, one of the absolutes in Cold War is that you need to completely kill enemies before you’re rewarded experience points. That is, not just knocking out enemies, but ensuring the kill. You also get some experience points for ‘Kill-assists’.

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However, we do realize that getting kills consistently on enemies every game mode might not be everyone’s cup of tea, so another great way of farming weapon experience points is taking out your opponents’ killstreaks.

This includes shooting down UAVs and other air-support packages your opponents call in while playing. Pro tip: We recommend joining Combined Arms games since you’ll get the most number of Killstreaks in this game mode.

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Armed with this, another thing that we’d encourage you to do is to craft your own style of gameplay. Now, this is a no-brainer especially for returning fans of the series, but you really should have a comfortable style of playing that can let you grind for long hours easily.

You should build your weapon class with guns and perks that match your gameplay style and lets you have an easier time leveling up with those guns. Include all this in your multiplayer games; and we believe you can easily go about leveling guns faster in Black Ops Cold War.

We’d love to hear more from you on what helps you grind out higher ranks in CoD better! Write to us in the comments below or leave us a clip of some of your best gameplay moments.


Screengrab via: TheXclusiveAce

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