Where to Find All the Blue Orbs on Cold War: Die Maschine Map?

Generally, Easter eggs are very rare and hard to find in video games. Call of Duty, however, never shies away from letting you have an easy one from time to time. There’s a sick easter egg that you can find and watch for yourself in your play-through of a Zombies run on Die Maschine!

But before you get to that, you’ll need to find and shoot these 5 blue orbs scattered around the map.

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How to find all the Blue Orbs on Die Maschine?

For the blue orbs to start spawning, you would need to have found the PaP Machine part and have it up and running. If you need help with that, you can rely on our guide here, and then come back to this one. Here’s where you’ll find the Blue orbs on Die Maschine:

Orb #1:

You’ll find the first orb coming out of the power room, wedged between the two control panels in front. Peek between them and take your shot.

Orb #2:

The second orb is tucked away behind this grill below, in the main room. Pop it once and move on.

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Orb #3

For the third orb, head all the way down the two flights of stairs, towards the back to where there’s a boarded-up window that spawns zombies. It’s a bit hard to spot, but it’s there on the top left corner. You know what needs to be done.

Orb #4

For the fourth orb, stand on the platform right outside and below the power room and face forwards – a bit to the left. Shoot that tiny blue orb playing all hard to get while you’ve got zombies on your tail!

Orb #5

So you see that giant gash on the particle accelerator in front of you, right as you come out of the power room? Go and stand right on it and look beside the two pipes below in the corner. There’s the 5th orb, all happy and smug. Terminate it.

These are all of the 5 locations in the Particle Accelerator room where you’ll find each blue orb. You must shoot all of ’em in no order particular, to prompt the Easter Egg.

Starting the Coffin Dance Easter Egg in Cold War Zombies!

The Coffin Dance meme. It’s only just one of the biggest and most recognized memes of this year, referencing the pandemic we’re currently in. What better way to make light of it in a Zombie game of all things?

Well, that’s exactly what the clever devs over at Treyarch thought up and here we finally have it. The meme world meets gaming and in the most hilarious way possible.

Source: Giphy

Once you’ve followed the steps from our guide above, you’ll be immediately transported into an Aether dimension. Similar to what you experienced while building the Pack-a-Punch.

Screengrab via: Accelerated Ideas

Only this one is temporary, and you’ll be greeted with party lights and some funky music. And what’s that in the middle of it all? 4 zombies carrying a case on their back, and having their own rave dance-off!

Enjoy this sight while it lasts. Because within half a minute, you’ll be transported back to the real world, where these freaks will be hot on your tail again. And don’t you start going easy on them only because you saw them dancing better than you.


Screengrab via: Accelerated Ideas

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