17 Cold War Memes Every Gamer Will Like

Black Ops Cold War launched only recently. As with any launch, the memes tend to follow and it’s no different this time as well. From the bricked  PS4 controller problem to slow weapon leveling, there’s a taunting meme to represent all the annoyances of the game.

Nevertheless, in this day and age, memes have become the highest form of flattery and we’ve found some great ones that will trip you up for sure

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Yet, one would not be judged for being done with the game either.

Image Via: Reddit/imkfk

Yes, MP5 has become an emotion these days.

Image Via: Reddit/ Big_Han_Swolo

No choice in the matter.

Image Via: Reddit/ KapkanYouNot


Image Via: Reddit/KingKelloggs27

Yeah, this meme happened in 2020.

Image Via: Reddit/xEmerged

Not safe to learn in school though.

Image Via: Reddit/Call_Me_Tsuikyit

Fandom vs Fandom

Image Via: Reddit/BladeCoomer2049

A reminder that there is no winning in this game.

Image Via: Reddit/u/Djentdor

Hear Hear!

Image Via: Reddit/u/MemberMeXD

How unavoidable is the shade throwing that PC players are subjected to in this meme?

Image Via: Reddit/u/MysticCat42

Because we all know how much Activision pays attention to user feedback.

Image Via: Reddit/u/TotallFakeName

Every CoD player ever

Image Via: Reddit/u/NthChart

Warning! This meme can be incredibly triggering.

Image Via: Reddit/u/NthChart

Um yes you can!

Image Via: Reddit/u/FaultedPlace

When a meme is relatable on another level.

Image Via: Reddit/u/joojman

*Trigger Alert*

Image Via: Reddit/u/DanielR372

They didn’t listen.

Image Via: Twitter/@ImNeverCreative

An accurate depiction of how close we are to losing it over the Mission 3 faux pas.


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