Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War PS4 Controller Bug Fix: 3 Workarounds You Can Use

It can get rather frustrating when you’re immersed in a game like Black Ops Cold War and your controller gives out. Users have been complaining on Reddit and yes, a bug that should have been fixed in the beta phase is still paralyzing the gameplay before players can reach Mission 3 (Fracture Jaw).

So if your PS4 controller gets disconnected and the R2 button stops functioning during Mission 3, you’re not alone.

Be careful this bug can wreck your HD. I tried 2 more times to reload fractured jaw and it disconnects your controllers and locks your R2 button down. Then you have hard power down and reboot and get an HD error. Its happening to a bunch of us from the sounds of it from blackopscoldwar

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How to fix the bug temporarily

Unfortunately, the devs are yet to offer a permanent solution like a bug fix for this particular problem. There are, however, a few temporary workarounds that you can try based on suggestions from Reddit users. Here’s what you need to know to make your controller work.

Solution #1: Use the USB cable for your controller

Reddit user ivan1epos suggests connecting your controller to the PS4 directly using the USB cord (at least till Mission 3). Once the mission is done, you can go back to Bluetooth and resume the game as usual.

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Solution #2: Change the PS4 settings to USB

If using the cord is not solving the issue, then go to the Setting on your PS4 and change the settings for your controller from Bluetooth to USB. Reddit user wetamaral‘s suggestion will still need you to restart the controller from time to time because the bug will cause it to turn off from time to time. But this solution will at least keep the game going.

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Solution #3: Reboot your PS4

We cannot vouch for the effectiveness of this method, however, hgfvvggk-fhu suggests a slightly convoluted solution that includes rebooting the PS4 in safe mode and deleting the campaign. While this effectively means that you will not be able to play missions, other aspects of the game like multiplayer mode as well as the Zombie chapter will work just fine.

We hope these workarounds prove useful for you.


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