What Is the Poison Cabinet Code in Cold War?


CoD: Cold War Black Ops, apart from bending the norms of punctuation, has upped the spy-thriller ante this time around with a renewed emphasis on code-cracking, spy-hunting, and a lot more cloak-and-dagger than usual for a franchise that stands as the epitome of the first-person shooter.

Towards the end of the main campaign missions, you will find yourself playing as Belikov as you search for a keycard to get Adler and Bell into the bunker. Unfortunately, the person chosen to hold on to that very keycard is General Charkov.

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To solve this problem, you have an array of options to choose from, ranging from framing Charkov as the mole to having someone else do the murdering for you. But, since you’re here, and you’ve got the game paused on another screen, we’re going to assume you’re already standing in Kravchenko’s office with a strong dislike for number-locks.

Because you decided to poison General Charkov.

What is the Poison Cabinet Code in Cold War?

Black Ops Cold War Charkov Cutscene sshowing guard leaving cups of tea while CHarkov talks on the phone

The poison cabinet code in Cold War is 1-6-7-5-6-0.

How is the poison code derived?

In case you want to pretend like you didn’t just look it up, or are curious to know how that number was arrived upon, you first have to interact with the computer in the very same Kravchenko’s Office where you find the Poison Cabinet, deep in the lower levels of the KGB Headquarters.

On the computer is a file named “Nova 6 Entry 2” that describes the chemical composition of the poison you will, if you follow through with it, poison General Charkov with:  S-Sulfur, Re-Rhenium, and Nd-Neodymium.

This is where the lock code for the cabinet comes from. Each set of two digits is actually the Atomic Number, or a number of protons within the nucleus of each of the element’s atoms, hence the code.

  • Sulfur = 16
  • Rhenium = 75
  • Neodymium = 60

Thus you get 16-75-60, the completely sensible code for the highly protected cabinet containing a lethal poison. With the poison in hand, you can sneak back upstairs and pay your friend Charkov a visit. Speak to the Guard outside Charkov’s office and choose the “Poison” option.

You’ll be seated with Charkov while he rants on the phone, and be given the opportunity to poison the tea that is served a moment later. We won’t ruin what happens next, but don’t worry. You’ll know what to do.

And that’s everything you need to know to get your hands on the keycard from Charkov. Poison. Probably not the first problem-solving strategy you’ll employ often throughout your life, but one that works especially well in this case. Poor Charkov. For more Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War guides, walkthroughs, and tips & tricks, check out our CoD Black Ops Cold War archives!


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