How To Get Ray Gun In Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops has returned in the Call Of Duty world, and guess what that means? (Correcto! THE ZOMBIES ARE BACK!!) If you don’t understand what the hype is about, here’s the deal. The developers at Treyarch have made Black Ops synonymous with Co-op Zombies gameplay, even after introducing it in Call Of Duty: World At War for the first time.

For every Black Ops game after that, there has been a Zombies mode which has always been highly praised among the community for its challenging gameplay.

The Zombies mode was made available after that in each Black Ops game, to which Black Ops Cold War is the latest edition. The multiplayer mode has evolved to become one of the most enthralling options for a zombie game, that’s with a bazillion games based on the zombie plot in the market.

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The game offers you multiple perks, easter eggs, guns, contraptions, and even a uniquely powerful weapon named the ‘Ray Gun’ which is extremely helpful in tight spots. In a game where you have zombies coming at you from all directions, no weapon is more useful than the please-let-me-get-it Ray Gun.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, you have to explore around the map and complete a set of neat tricks to get your hands on this beautiful weapon. Try it only after reaching round 5 or more. Okay, I shouldn’t keep you waiting anymore. Here’s how you get the Ray Gun in Cold War.

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How To Get The Ray Gun

First things first, get into the facility where the particle accelerator is situated after going down the tunnel. Stand in front of the doors and they will open on their own. The motive behind going in is to get the power back on and get the Pack-A-Punch.

Now, go to the left after entering the facility and open the rubble door. The distance alert shows you how far you have to go. Just look at the image below to understand.

You have to complete various tasks for the Ray Gun, go beside the particle accelerator, and upstairs to turn on the power.

Now, you have to turn on the two terminals in order to stabilize the accelerator. You will find both encircling the particle accelerator.

After you have done that, look at the particle accelerator which would be functioning now. Soon after, it throws out an anomaly that you have to go through to enter into another dimension altogether.

You find everything going a weird shade of blue all around the map, even weirder are the things you see in this new map like crystals and bluish energy signs popping up in odd places.

The purpose of entering this dimension is to retrieve machine parts that you need in order to reforge the machine in this dimension. The map shows you the location of these parts.

As soon as you do that, you enter a blue vortex taking you back to the original dimension. A place where now 5 orbs of blue lighting have appeared.

The first orb sits behind the two machines in a room upstairs where the particle accelerator is. You don’t have to shoot them in any specific order if that’s what you are worrying about.

Another one is right at the floor encircling the particle accelerator.

Now, jump on the particle accelerator and look for another easter egg right at the top.

You see it on the top, right? Shoot it and be done with the third one. Now, keep on running around the particle accelerator. Look for an easter egg at your left and down; you will find one situated between two pipes

Shoot it! Now only the last one remains! You will find the last one downstairs, in the barricaded zombie window, look into the window and at the top left. Crouch to see it clearly. Look at the image below.

As soon as you have done that, you will be sucked into a Vortex again and be introduced to the most amazing easter egg in the mode. The Zombies Coffin Dance! Unbelievable!

You see a bunch of zombies standing together or apart at different places on the map. The zombies will keep on dancing, reach the center, put the box down, and vanish. Remember, the zombies don’t harm you and there is no chance that you can kill them here.

As soon as they put down the box, another round will start; you can either choose to pick up the perk and weapon quickly from the box or fight the zombies first.

While there is a high chance that the weapon will be a Ray Gun, there’s no certainty of it. If luck shines your way, pick up the Ray Gun and blast those endless hordes!


Screengrab via: MrDalekJD

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