What Is an Elite Elimination in Cold War Zombies & How To Do It

The Zombie canon in CoD has been going strong for almost a decade now. Considering how both the creators and veterans are invested in this game, we suspect this intense and immersive arc will continue to grace the franchise for decades to come.

Once you arrive at Die Maschine and begin the Dark Aether segment of Black Ops Cold War, you will encounter the elite elimination aspect that is specific to Cold War Zombies.

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What is an Elite Kill/Elimination in Cold War Zombies

Besides the normal zombies, you will encounter heavy-hitters that are called Megaton in this game. These Zombies are harder to kill and require more firepower. Whenever you take down an elite zombie such as the Megaton, it is considered to be an Elite Kill/Elimination.

How to perform an Elite Kill/Elimination in Cold War Zombies

The Megaton has to be killed in two phases. The first phase will split the Zombie into two zombies called the Megaton Blaster and Bomber respectively. You need to always be at a distance from these two zombies otherwise their explosions will kill you first.

Keep firing at them with a weapon of your choice till they finally perish. Once these zombies are killed as well, the kill as a whole will be considered as single Elite elimination.

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When and where can you perform Elimination Kills in Cold War Zombies?

You will encounter Megatons during the Dark Aether plot. However, the real deal happens in Onslaught mode which is exclusive to Playstation.

In Onslaught mode, you will be dropped into very specific locations and then confined to a small zone by the Dark Aether Orb.

The orb will release Megatons at you as part of this survival challenge. You need to kill the Megaton within the zone to acquire an elite elimination kill. Killing the Megaton will also give you added perks.

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Why are Elite kills not being registered?

A recent thread on Reddit elaborated on how the game is not registering elite kills for many users. Some users have indicated that Elite kills are only recognized in Onslaught mode while others are suggesting that there could be an issue with the weapon that is being used if your weapon level is not high enough.

Since you don’t get Onslaught mode on Xbox, Treyarch may be holding back the elite kills benefits even in the normal mode. If you are facing issues, you are definitely not the only one.

That’s everything there is to know about elite elimination in Black Ops cold war zombies. We hope you found this article helpful!


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