7 Best Pack-A-Punch Weapons in Cold War Zombies

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies comes with a wide variety of new systems and mechanisms to make the gameplay as fluid and strategic as possible. The same goes for weapons as well, especially with the overhaul that the weapon system has received. Any weapon in the game can potentially be made into a powerful asset once pack-a-punched to slay hordes of Zombies.

But they’re not made equal; some of them stand out as epic zombie annihilators and we decided to curate a list of 7 of the best pack-a-punched weapons in Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

Screengrab via: MrDalekJD

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What does Pack-A-Punch do?

When Pack-a-Punched, every weapon is upgraded to a better version of itself. These include new effects, mods, increased ammo, increased damage, and larger magazines.

That means if a weapon was already quite good, it would be made significantly better, especially when one considers that a weapon can be pack-a-punched up to three times.

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Top 7 Best Weapons to Pack-a-Punch

Out of all the different classes and individual weapons, we have picked out seven of them which, according to us, are best utilized to get rid of zombies quickly.

Some of them are obvious picks, as many COD players would concur, while others are surprising finds that ought to be given a shot at least once.

1. Milano 821

Screengrab via: MrWilliamThor

First up, we have a fully-automatic weapon from the Submachine Gun class. Its plus points are definitely its reliability and the sheer amount of damage that it deals to boss zombies. This gun is absolutely fantastic mainly because of how steady it is.

But once you Pack-a-Punch it, it becomes even more effective in terms of recoil, damage, and handling. If you’re going to use this weapon to get past hordes and hordes of Zombies, we’d suggest using a laser sight on this weapon as its hipfire spread is amazingly effective and accurate.

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2. Magnum

Screengrab via: MrWilliamThor

Coming up next is Magnum, a double action revolver that deals an insane amount of damage with low muzzle velocity and high penetration.

The weapon itself will depend greatly on how it is used and is akin to Python from Black Ops 1 and 2 and acts like a Destiny Handcannon. When pack-a-punched, Magnum’s name gets changed to Private Eye which, apart from being the most badass name for a weapon, becomes an unbelievably deadly head-shot weapon.

If you only aim at the body, you might be a little disappointed regarding the damage it can deal since it works much better as a boss zombie killer gun. Most of the weapons mentioned in this list can be categorized into fire-rate and damage-output weapons.

Weapons with low fire-rate and high damage-output are good for basic zombies, while low fire-rate and high damage-output are ideal for bosses where you want slow-firing weapon that lets you receive headshot multipliers.

Magnum is definitely in the latter category and is extremely reliable, especially in the initial rounds as you can choose to spawn with it.

3. M16

Screengrab via: MrWilliamThor

This is an iconic 3-round burst tactical rifle which players would recognize as the Skul-splitter  from the previous games. One could says its effectiveness has nearly doubled in Cold War Zombies thanks to its unparalleled burst fire accuracy when aiming down and high-damage output in short-range confrontations.

But wait until you Pack-a-Punch it to know what this beast is truly capable of. Simply put, it ends up becoming a 6-round burst assault rifle – something that is unheard of since burst weapons are quite hard to balance in Zombie games. But this one is just a stellar all-rounder and is easily one of the best in the game.

4. Hauer 77

Screengrab via: MrWilliamThor

This is one of the pleasant surprises that we weren’t expecting to get. All shotguns are amazing, but this one tends to get sidelined and overlooked as it is not a wall-buy. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not good when you pull it straight out of the box.

As a pump-action shotgun, Hauer 77 deals high damage with quick 1-shot kills in close quarters. Once it is Pack-a-Punched, it becomes the Orion 777. Most shotguns are hit-or-miss and it all depends on how fast you can dole out the next shot.

Fortunately, the lever-action on this one is super fast which allows you to deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

The Hauer 77 pretty much gets the job done for anything you need – taking out individual zombies, hordes of them, or the bosses – except long-range, obviously. It doesn’t get enough attention but we would highly recommend that you take this one for a spin. and let it surprise you.

5. Gallo SA12

Screengrab via: MrWilliamThor

Next up, we have the Gallo SA12 which is easily one of the most goaded guns in the game. As a semi-auto shotgun, it has reliable damage and moderate recoil. It can be purchased off the wall and is super effective in the early rounds.

Pack-a-punching the Gallo SA12 opens up the gun even further. Even though it may not deliver a lot of damage per shot, its high fire-rate and its increased magazine size makes it the best shotgun, and one of the best weapons in the game, period.

You can never go wrong with this gun at any round, even if you’re surrounded by boss zombies. Most players would find the strategy of pack-a-punching it right off the bat highly effective.

6. Electrobolt Upgrade D.I.E.

Screengrab via: Ch0pper

The base variant of the D.I.E. Wonder Weapon is quite amazing in its own right, no denying that. But its Electrobolt upgrade takes it up a notch in most situations. The efficacy of the weapon will depend, to some extent, on how you use it.

It’s most useful against boss zombies where bullet guns just won’t do the job. Of course, you can use it against regular zombies as well, but it completely decimates the big chungus and that is probably where you’ll want to use it the most.

7. Ray Gun

Screengrab via: Ch0pper

The Ray Gun needs no introduction whatsoever as it is a staple in the zombie universes. After being cast aside in the previous games, it has returned to its former glory, and boy does it rip!

The Ray Gun on launch day was a pure delete machine and essentially delivered a one-hit kill every time. However, it was quickly patched so that it only did one-third of its original damage.

But even after the tweak, it can easily take out full zombie hordes in a couple of shots at rounds as high as 50.

Pack-a-punch or not, this is, in our humble opinion, the best weapon in the game.


Screengrab via: MrDalekJD ; MrWilliamThor ; Ch0pper

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  1. Ame Drinks Delicious Tears

    Just a mild correction on this, there’s a line in the Magnum section about low-damage high-ROF vs low-ROF high-damage… they’re both written as the latter. Also the Hauer is a wallbuy in Nacht der Untoten first floor, but you can’t get to it that easy, compared to the Gallo which is at the crash site.

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