Aether Portals Not Spawning in Cold War? How to Fix

Call Of Duty: Black Ops has been one of the most successful game franchises in gaming history. The franchise’s newest entry Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was particularly more hyped because of the intriguing time period.

Even more popular is the “Zombies” multiplayer mode where players can team up and kill thousands of zombies. The multiplayer mode is quite challenging as it requires you to be smart about what resources you pick and be aware of the ammo left.

The Zombies mode has been receiving rave reviews especially the easter egg hunt which reportedly, has been quite challenging. The objective is to collect various components for the wonder weapon and open all the portals in the “Die Maschine Easter Egg”.

The good reviews apart, players online have also reported issues of ‘portals not appearing’ while upgrading the Wonder Weapon. Well, look below on how to solve the issue with Aether Portals Not Spawning.

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Fix the Aether Portals Not Spawning in Cold War Issue

Here is a quick guide to solving the problem in Cold War relating to Aether Portals not spawning. Well, the issue could be resolved by building the ‘Aether scope’. Once the scope is built, the portals can be seen by the players.

Three essential parts are required to build the Aether Scope. The first part will be located underneath the stairs of the spawning area.

The second part can be found on top of a plane turbine at the crash site.

The final part can be found down the stairs next to the particle accelerator.

Once all parts are collected, the scope can be crafted at the crafting table near the spawn area. After crafting the “Aether Scope”, the players will be able to see all the portals

Do note that you will have a limited time to get back or you will be sent back out of the portal. If so, you will have to get 25 kills for the portal to respawn.


Screengrab via: MrRoflWaffles


  1. So, I crafted my aether scope. But it wasnt until after I crafted it that my portals stopped spawning. Also, I have gone 5 waves (30-35) which is plenty of kills and it still hasnt spawned.

  2. I cannot get the portals to show for building the aetherscope. I have created PAP, even gotten D.I.E. I have even gotten all 4 of the D.I.E versions, and still no portals on the roof, in the back of the pond, or in the power control room.
    Is this a bug? I’ve even uninstalled the content and reinstalled, still nothing?
    Very confused here.

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