How to Get Dancing Zombies Easter Egg in Cold War: Step-by-step guide

The dark and gloomy atmosphere in Black Ops Cold War Zombies can get tiring when you’ve been killing one zombie after another, splattering their brains on the walls, and listening to their gurgling, screeching, black noises for hours on end.

Fortunately, Cold War Zombies is not without some sense of humor. Inquisitive fans are sure to find strange little Easter Eggs that are hidden throughout its map to lighten the mood every now and then.

For Cold War Zombies, there’s a special Easter Egg meme that will surely bring a smile upon everyone’s face. It can be activated relatively quickly, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

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What is Cold War Zombies Easter Egg Dance?

Remember the Coffin dance meme?

Screengrab via: DigiNeko

Well, Cold War Zombies has its own spin on it – Zombie Disco (you’ll see it soon). Coffin Dance, Zombie Disco – call it whatever you like, it is definitely worth the small excursion that will lead you to it.

So let us see how you can go about activating this easter egg and enjoy a quick view of a world where zombies break out into a coffin dance.

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How to get Coffin Dance in Cold War

There isn’t a lot that you need to do beforehand to see the Coffin Dance. No milling about confusedly back and forth to get the items, no mix-ups between which Aether to choose – everything is quite straightforward. Just follow the steps given below.

1. Activating the Pack-a-Punch machine

This is simple: Simply turn on the power to the particle accelerator area and you’re done.

Screengrab via: IGN

Your next task would require stabilizing the particle accelerator. This is done by accessing the switches on two terminals close to each other.

Screengrab via: IGN

Once that is complete, move to the location of the anomaly and access it.

Screengrab via: IGN

It will take a few seconds for you to enter so make sure you keep your rear guarded as zombies are going to be attracted to you. Entering the anomaly is a lot like jumping into light speed and is quite the visual experience.

Screengrab via: IGN

Once you’re in the Dark Aether world, find the Aether Tunnel to your right and enter it.

Screengrab via: IGN

This will bring you in front of a machine part that you will need to build the pack-a-punch machine.

Screengrab via: IGN

Head to reforge the machine and build the machine which will transport you back to the normal world.

Screengrab via: IGN

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2. Find the 5 Blue Orbs and Shoot Them

This is the hardest part of all – finding five hidden blue orbs and shooting them. But they always have the same spawn location, so it’s not exactly that hard.

Blue Orb #1

Atop the stairs, face the Pack-a-Punch machine, and look to the top-left. That’s the first blue orb that you need to shoot.

Screengrab via: samosh

Blue Orb #2

From here, turn around 180-degrees and find the orb behind the vent. You can’t shoot it through the vent so you’ll have to crouch to bring it in your crosshairs.

Screengrab via: samosh

Blue Orb #3

Next, go down the stairs, past the Pack-a-Punch machine, and onto the ground floor. A generator in blue will be on your right. Jump to the container next to it and you’ll find the third orb behind the piping.

Screengrab via: samosh

Blue Orb #4

This one’s right under the stairs. You’ll find a wooden barricade that you need to peep through to find the orb. Keep shifting until you can see the orb through the barricade and shoot.

Screengrab via: samosh

Blue Orb #5

For the last one, go back up the stairs, past the Pack-a-Punch machine, and further up the stairs. Turn right towards the generators, up the stairs, and you’ll find in-between the two computers there’s a broken chair and the orb hidden behind it.

Screengrab via: samosh

That’s it. Once you shoot the last orb you will… well, see for yourself.

Screengrab via: AFGuidesHD

Must say, those Zombies got moves.


Screengrab via: DigiNeko | IGNSamoshAFGuides HD