Best Android Apps for Cricket World Cup. Catch the action on the Go!

The Cricket World Cup fever is on guys, so why should we lag behind. Here are some really cool applications relating to cricket for all you Android owners out there. Your favourite names Cricinfo, cricbuzz, ESPN, NDTV, etc are all on-board to get you the best outta cricket world cup, anytime anywhere. Check it out…

1. EspnCricinfo

ESPNcricinfo 4 ESPNcricinfo 3 ESPNcricinfo 2

What better to start  cricket applications with than an official app right from ESPN itself. This one is equipped with plenty of features for sure. It has everything a cricket fan can possibly want — news, records, positions, quotes, scores and much more. It also has a special World Cup section where  you get ball to ball review and incisive opinion from the World’s biggest cricket writers. This one sure is a big hit.

Download EspnCricinfo

2. ECB Cricket

ECB Cricket 1

CricketNext Live for Android 2 ECB Cricket 3

This app is straight from the English Cricket Board. All of you who are interested in county cricket should definitely go for this app. ECB Cricket will provide all that is happening in the county cricket and at the same provide live scores of international one day and test and the latest add on-twenty twenty matches.

Download ECB Cricket

3. CricketNext

CricketNext Live for Android 1 CricketNext Live for Android 3 CricketNext Live for Android 2

Get A to Z of cricket using this application as it literally brings live cricket to your device. What’s more, you a get a enormous 36 views of action. You can check out the wagon wheel of a player, partnerships and even photos of the match. Pretty cool application to have in your Android device. Howwzzat!!

Download CricketNext

4. Cricbuzz Cricket Score and News

Cricbuzz Cricket Scores & News 1

Cricbuzz Cricket Scores & News 4 Cricbuzz Cricket Scores & News 3 Cricbuzz Cricket Scores & News 2

This one is brought to you directly by What we have for you here is the fastest cricket commentary directly to your Android device. So now even if you can’t watch cricket live due to your work load, do not worry, for this application is as close to live cricket as you can get. Guys, this will not only provide you with the latest updates but also with results of previous matches as well. How cool is that?

Download Cricbuzz Cricket Score and News

5. CricScoredroid

CricScoredroid - Live Cricket 3 CricScoredroid - Live Cricket 2 CricScoredroid - Live Cricket 1

Now you can listen to audio commentary too, using this app. Further you can also subscribe to various notification and alerts, so that you don’t have to be glued to your T.V 24/7 while at the same time you can have the latest updates. It is simple, and very fast. Do let us know whether you got bowled over by this application or not.

Download CricScoredroid

6. World Cup cricket live

World Cup cricket live score 1

World Cup cricket live score 3 World Cup cricket live score 4 World Cup cricket live score 2

All I can think about these days is cricket and thanks to these apps, I can get all the information I need right on my Android device.Whether it is match score or latest news of World Cup the World Cup cricket Live has everything stored for me.

Download World Cup Cricket Live

7. NDTV Cricket

NDTV Cricket 1

NDTV Cricket 4 NDTV Cricket 3 NDTV Cricket 2

Now NDTV has joined the band wagon of apps for Android device, too. NDTV Cricket brings you videos, news, ball by ball commentary and much more right to your android device. This app not only provides the score card but also the match details. So now when Sachin hits a sixer you will know whether it is a straight hit or a pull shot. Has NDTV hit a sixer with this app? Do let us know your decision…

Download NDTV Cricket

Well enough of watching others players, now its time to actually play some cricket yourself. Yup, here are some cool cricket games only for your Android device, find them below.

1. Cricket Wars

Cricket Wars--FREE 20 Respect 2 Cricket Wars--FREE 20 Respect 1

The big bad cricket war is here. Now invite your Facebook and Android friends and get ready for a cricket war. In this game you have to complete different missions like playing a neighborhood match or outdoor batting practice but don’t forget to keep a check on your stamina and health. So, what you’re waiting for — dig deep once you’ve decided your fav team.

Download Cricket Wars

2. Cricket T20 Fever 3D

Cricket T20 Fever 3D 2 Cricket T20 Fever 3D 1

We all love T20 because its fast and furious and now you can have your own T20 game and that too in 3D. So what you get via this app is some great graphics and some greater tournaments to play. If you are bored with T20 then you can always choose the regular one day and for what it’s worth, test matches are available, too. By the way don’t forget to score runs in the Power Play — yep, it’s very much there to take the excitement to the next level. There is a small hitch though, this app will only work in Android 2.2 or higher versions.

Download Cricket T20 Fever 3D

3. Cricket Genius

Cricket Genius 3 Cricket Genius 2 Cricket Genius 1

If you think you can beat anyone in this world in your cricket knowledge then this is the perfect application for you. Download this application and become a part of this hunt of World’s biggest cricket genius. All you have to do is answer questions relating to Cricket and you will given score accordingly. In this application you will be competing with thousands of other cricket lovers to come in the top 10 rankings. Go ahead and prove your love for cricket.

Download Cricket Genius

So, lots of cricket apps, right! Let us know which one is your favorite app among the lot and why? And, how much glad you’re to have such applications available in the android market?

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