Top Android Apps [Feb 3, 2011]

Google has just brought us an excellent web version of the android market, which, apart from making installation of apps hell lot easier by bringing the much-awaited and much-wanted Over-The-Air (OTA) download support, has made sharing the android market links of the apps way easier. Till now, we had to rely very much on QR Code and other indirect links for apps, but now you will see only direct links to android market for every application we discuss here.

To download, make sure you’ve visited the android market here and have “signed in” using the Google ID that’s also powering your android phone/tablet. When you hit the download links of the apps and games below, you’ll be taken to app’s page on android market on your browser, from where you can ‘hit the ‘Install tab’ to begin OTA download on your phone, without any cable required. And if you’re on phone, it will open the market app automatically for you with the app’s page loaded therein. So, simply hit the download link and install tab to download, whether you’re on phone or computer. Darn easy!

Okay, here are your goods for today, February 3, 2011.

Free New Android Apps

Habit Factor LT, Goals, Habits


If you’re looking for a complete app to manage and keep track of your habits and long term goals, then look no further than the Habit Factor. The app features a “Habit Alignment Technology” which is actually a sweet concept of ‘marking’ your goals against and in line with habits. At the core, it believes — whether you’re sold or not on this belief — that if your habits are well aligned with the Goals, you’re tend to “achieve more in less time by aligning numerous critical habits to your goals!”.

So, you get it, the Habit Factor is meant to motivate you to achieve your goals, be regular with habits and overall help you keep a good track of where ‘everything that is related to the app’ is heading towards. Truthfully, and very personally, I don’t think one app — no matter what tech it relies on and makes use of — can change me and get rid me of the massive amounts of procrastination habits found in abundance near me but if you think one app is all you needed, hit the download link, right below, right now.

Download Habit Factor LT, Goals, Habit

Coveroid Wallpapers HD

Coveroid Wallpapers HD Coveroid Wallpapers HD 2

Months ago, we told you about the Coveroid Wallpaper application. Now, it has gotten itself an HD version, with an all new interface. Download the app for tons of free wallpapers – set them as desktop wallpapers or use them for contacts. The app is free and if you like to keep a collection of images and have a good internet connection near you with plenty of time to pass, Coveroid Wallpapers HD is what you need next.

Download Coveroid Wallpapers HD

Honeycomb Clock Free


One of the many things I loved from the demo of Android’s tablet oriented version, Android 3.0 aka the Honeycomb, was the clock widget Google guys made for it. And this is Internet, where popular things get re-produced at the fastest rate. The Honeycomb clock, as you guessed it, is available for Free, too, in the android market. With this application, you’ll get clock in two decent colors: blue and green, the former being the one demoed by Google team. The paid version — costing $1.36 — is also available, getting you as many as 20 colors.

Download Honeycomb Clock FREE

The Wife App


Seriously? You need an app for that? We really have no idea of how many people would be sold on the very idea of this app — whose sole purpose is to easily remain in contact with your wife, or girlfriend or whomever you fear the most. This is one stop window to let your strict and fearsome dear ones know that you’re headed straight home. Give settings a quick look to configure your dear one’s details and the message itself, so that when you’re in a rushing mood, you only have to open the app hit the send button. And for what it’s worth, there is an option to confirm sending the message, too.

Let us know whether you like this idea or are totally pissed by it, like me. BTW, app supports only android 2.1 and higher devices, so, those of you unlucky people who’re still stuck with pre-android 2.1 versions, you got little lucky here — you dear one can’t force this app on you, at the very least.

Download The Wife App

Free New Android Games



It’s a wee bit similar to the very famous game, Angry Birds, but it’s not a copy. Although aGibbets’ game style is just slightly different, it’s a lot more pacy than the Angry Birds. Needless to say, it’s addictive too. You’re handed a bow with limited arrows to cut the ropes, people on your screen have been hanged on. Small time meter is moving from green to red showing you the remaining time in which you need to cut the death rope. If you’ve played angry birds a lot, that will help you a bit in shooting, definitely, but you’ll find that it’s not enough. Try it and let us know how much you loved it. By the way, I’m stuck at level 20, if you get past it, do let me know, how??

Download aGibbets

Super Dynamite Fishing FREE


Super Dynamic Fishing is fun, exciting and little bit in-depth game that we bet you’re gonna stuck playing with at least till weekend. There are tons of weapons in large ships you get, to hunt down the fishes in ponds, rivers and sea. But that’s not the only thing you do, the game does have some role-playing guts, meaning, you need to save money in order to upgrade and explore more of massive ships and dangerous weapons. Daily quests, rewards, achievements, crazy characters, open world-ness, high score, (ads), etc everything is there. Ads-free version is available too, so when you’re confident about the game after playing the free one and are ready to be set back by $4.13, purchase the Super Dynamite Fishing.

Download Super Dynamite Fishing

Free New Live Wallpapers

HoneyComb Wall


Once again, something related to Honeycomb, the tablet focused version of android, that’s garnering all the attention is the android blogosphere these days, quite deservedly too. HoneyComb Wall is a decent live wallpaper with a bee roaming on your screen. That’s it for the free version but the $0.75 costing donate version will unlock some features: touchable bees, bee noise, battery level indicator and an editor to change bee’s location and size.

Download HoneyComb Wall

Cartoon Aquarium LiveWallpaper


It’s a 2 day trial of its full version, and will live on your screen with only limited features after its expiry. As for the interaction part, you can feed fishes daily food, allow them to grow and have babies. Upto 10 fishes can be selected from a total of 71 such fishes, which is incredible choice when you speak of personalization. About that full version, it would cost you $1.99.

Download Cartoon Aquarium LiveWallpaper

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