Top Android Apps [Feb 2, 2011]

Today marks the beginning of our new series, wherein we’ll share top apps with you on a daily basis. Apps for Feb 2, 2011 are: ContrustionHelperFree, Forever Alone Widget, Grandvalira, VoiceShoppingList GoldVersion, NASA Images Archive, ADEO Stepper (beta), and Gives Me Hope. And lastly, Striker Live Wallpaper.

Good News Folks! With this article, we’ve just started a new series that will appear daily except weekends. We’ll be covering latest and best apps, games, widgets and wallpapers in this series. So, now you will get new apps and other best stuff from the android market in a single article everyday. We hope you like it. If you’ve got some suggestions for us, do write them below in the comments or use the contact form linked at the top.

The 7 android apps you see in this article have been covered here within 24 hours of their release. So, they are surely Hot, New and Free, just like you love them!


ConstructionHelperFree Android AppNow your android phone can help you in managing construction work too. With ConstructionHelperFree, you can do all sorts of math required in the construction work — finding out how many bricks are required, area management, dealing with volume, cost and weights, costs, total surface and price of each surface, etc. This is the trial version of the paid app, called Construction Helper, which costs $1.58.

Download ConstructionHelperFree

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Forever Alone Widget

Forever Alone Widget Android AppIt’s a cool widget and a little bit funny too. The app, upon installation, will allow you to place a simple widget of 1×1 size — displaying a bored man’s face, which will change itself to a shouting man’s face when you receive a message. Utility-wise, it isn’t anything great but it will still make you smile couple of times any day.

Download Forever Alone Widget

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Grandvalira Android AppIf you’ve a mountaineer in you, or a Skier for that matter, there is an app that just suits you. Called Grandvalira, the app is completely Free and offers you all the details regarding your mountain trip. Like, interactive map tracks displaying open and closed tracks, live GPS positioning, weather forecast, snow report, safety info, list of services and restaurants and access to webcams too.

Download Grandvalira

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VoiceShoppingList Goldversion

VoiceShoppingList GoldVersion Android AppWell, it’s the easiest and fastest way to create a grocery shopping list. All you need to do is speak your mind — which should be what you gotta buy — into the app and it will make a list out of that. It has other uses too and can perfectly become your favorite To-Do list manager. You can even search the prices online since the app also has Google Shopping integrated to it. The app is free to use and in case Ads trouble you, remove them by purchase $1.99 costing VoiceShoppingListKey app from the market.

Download VoiceShoppingList GoldVersion

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NASA Images Archive

NASA Images Archive Android AppThe application gets you over 60,000 images from NASA’s archives (at, divided into 122 parts, of which 4 come pre-installed with the app. You can download more packs for Free as per your convenience. Images are well labeled and filled with details regarding space object’s title, description, release date, object name, object type, position, distance, etc. You can save image and set as wallpaper, or send it directly to your friends.

Download NASA Images Archive

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ADEO Stepper (beta)

ADEO Stepper (beta) Android AppADEO Stepper allows you to count how many steps you take in a day or while going to a nearby store. Those who are interested in knowing how much fat they’re burning while walking can look to this app as a perfect tool while others, like me, can try it just for fun. It’s Free, after all. Place the widget on the homescreen and the app will measure the number of steps, calories, time, distance and give the average speed during your walk.

Download ADEO Stepper (beta)

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Gives Me Hope

Gives Me Hope Android AppWe hope none of you ever feel like this but for those, who cannot get where their life is headed and are living under too much stress for whatever reason, installing the “Gives Me Hope” android app is a good choice. One can read other people’s hopeful and uplifting comments to energize his life and see that ‘ray of hope’ that was missing with rightful reasons to live. And when you feel good, you can make your story heard too using the same app. Give it a try!

Download Gives Me Hope

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Today’s Live Wallpaper

I couldn’t find any good release in the past 24 hours, so had to pick one released way earlier. But you will definitely find it amazing, unless you don’t like soccer at all.

Striker Live Wallpaper

Striker Live Wallpaper for AndroidThe little guys will keep playing their fav game on your screen and will move to the current screen — not to let the attention-grabbing moments just pass by. You can interact too with the game, by touching the ball which causes the ball to move high. Touch more and more when the ball is in air and ball with get higher with each touch. I loved it, and it occupied my Galaxy S’ screen for quite a very long time — one full week.

Download Striker Live Wallpaper

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Okay, the list ends here for today. We’re a bit sad to not have any good game included above, but blame it on the “within 24 hours” criteria we chose when selecting apps today. The forthcoming articles in this series — tomorrow and later, everyday except except weekends — wouldn’t be so centric on latest releases and more emphasis will be great quality apps and games. See you soon, Enjoy!

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  1. Forever Alone Widget is epic!

  2. Forever Alone Widget is epic!

  3. This is great list of android apps for feb 2011. Here mentioned all apps are awesome. Striker Live Wallpaper is one of my favorite app.

  4. This is great list of android apps for feb 2011. Here mentioned all apps are awesome. Striker Live Wallpaper is one of my favorite app.

  5. Thanks for sharing great list. I would like you to add Baymediasoft

  6. Thanks for sharing great list. I would like you to add Baymediasoft

  7. Thanks for sharing great list. I would like you to add Baymediasoft

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