Mobo Video Player Pro: A Smart All-in-One Android App

Mobo Video Player Pro-App

Mobo Video Player Pro is one cool and very essential android app for those who love watching movies on their phones, whether it be in HD format like .mkv, or the ever-regular .mp4 format. As far as the video apps go on android market,  Mobo Video Player pro is the best you can find.

It is compatible with versatile video types including .srt and .mkv video file extensions, and in fact supports almost every video format, saving you from the ordeal of having to convert it every time. The smart core technology embedded in it automatically detects video formats and makes it much simpler for you to enjoy better quality videos. The Mobo video player pro scans the videos of your phone and makes it more manageable.

One of the best benefits is the stealth feature of this app. It keeps your videos private by hiding the ones you want to hide from the video file list. It supports multi audio streams and even multi-subtitled videos. It sorts videos by type and has advanced media libraries.

It has such cool features like thumbnail displays of various videos, playlists and continuous play options. Flash format videos are also supported, including flv and swf videos.

The Mobo Video Player Pro provides the user with such facilities like: HD memory optimization, playing gesture and codec plug-in. So, to make your video playing smoother and exciting, you can always add this free android application and have a great video watching experience!

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