What Is Bally Sports Wisconsin? How To Watch, App Availability, Support for TV, YouTube TV, Hulu, and More!

The last day of March saw many people switching on their TVs and constantly searching for their favorite regional Fox Sports Network. If you’re one of those people who did, you may have realized that all of your local sports coverage is now visible under a new banner – “Bally Sports“. Residents in and around Wisconsin should be able to see a new Bally Sports Wisconsin channel on their TV.

But what is it? Is it entirely new? How do you watch everything from Bally Sports Wisconsin on your TV or streaming device? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this post. 

What is Bally Sports Wisconsin?

Bally Sports Wisconsin is a regional sports network in the US that operates as the Wisconsin division of the Bally Sports network which is owned and run by Diamond Sports Group. The network was previously known as “Fox Sports Wisconsin” but following a 10-year deal with casino operator Bally’s Corporation, all of Fox Sports’ regional networks have been rebranded as Bally Sports starting March 31.

Bally Sports Wisconsin (BSWI) is one of the 19 regional sports networks under Bally Sports and broadcasts in-depth coverage of sports events across the state of Wisconsin. Because of this, much of the focus is laid on Wisconsin’s professional hometown sports teams including the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team and Milwaukee Bucks basketball team.

The network also broadcast games that involve Minnesota United FC (from MLS), Minnesota Wild (from NFL), Wisconsin Badgers, Marquette Golden Eagles men’s basketball team, WCHA Hockey., Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association, Big East, Big 12 and Pac-12 football and basketball. 

Who carries Bally Sports Wisconsin?

On cable, Bally Sports Wisconsin is only carried by Charter Communications and thus, can be watched by viewers residing in Wisconsin, Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Eastern Minnesota, Northwestern Illinois, and Iowa. Charter Communications offers both SD and HD feeds for Bally Sports Wisconsin as well as Bally Sports Wisconsin Plus which is hosted to air games during overflow. BSWI Plus is only available in regions around Michigan and isn’t currently available on cable in the Green Bay area.

The network is also available on satellite via DirecTV and anyone owning a subscription to DirecTV can watch both Bally Sports Wisconsin and Bally Sports Wisconsin Plus on their TV anywhere across the US. 

If you own an Internet protocol-based platform for watching content on your TV, you should be able to view everything on Bally Sports Wisconsin and Bally Sports Wisconsin Plus with a AT&T U-verse subscription. Since both BSWI and BSWI Plus fall under the regional set of channels on U-verse, you will have to reside in and around Michigan to be able to access broadcast from Bally Sports Wisconsin. Subscribers, who wish to access Bally Sports Wisconsin from regions other than its broadcast area, will have to opt to the service’s HD Premium Tier package to watch it from anywhere across the US. 

Is there a Bally Sports Wisconsin app?

FOX Sports has announced that all games on Bally Sports Wisconsin will be available in the all-new Bally Sports app which is due to launch in Spring 2021. The new app is in the “final stages of development” and will replace the existing FOX Sports GO app when it becomes available. 

Until then, you can continue watching games broadcasted through Bally Sports Wisconsin on the FOX Sports GO app. You can use the links below to download the FOX Sports GO app on your smartphone and streaming devices to watch programs from Bally Sports Wisconsin:

Bally Sports Wisconsin Streaming: How to watch

At the time of this writing, you can watch Bally Sports Wisconsin only if you have an AT&T subscription. Essentially, there are two ways to approach this – one using the AT&T Choice monthly package or the AT&T Choice 2-year plan. 

AT&T Choice monthly: Available for a price of $85 per month, the Choice plan from AT&T not only lets you watch Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Brewers, and Minnesota Wild games but you can use the service to stream content from MLB Network, NBA TV, NBA League Pass Premium (limited to one year), HBO Max (limited to one year), and other top cable channels. On top of that, you can opt for the service’s Premier plan that offers all coverage from NHL Network for an additional fee of $10 per month.

AT&T Choice 2-year: You can get access to Bally Sports Wisconsin at a cheaper price if you opt for the 2-year contract membership of the Choice plan from AT&T. Compared to the $85 monthly price, you just have to pay $65 per month for one year and $110 per month beyond one year of use. You avail all the benefits of the AT&T Choice monthly, thus giving you access to all games involving Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Brewers, and Minnesota Wild. 

Bally Sports Wisconsin: How to watch it on TV

You can watch all of Bally Sports Wisconsin’s content on your TV if you have a compatible cable, satellite, or an IPTV membership. Currently, Bally Sports Wisconsin is available with the following providers, and to help you launch the Bally Sports Wisconsin channel on your TV, we’ll also specify the channel numbers so that you can watch your favorite Wisconsin without delay. 

Charter Communications (Cable)

If you reside in Milwaukee, these are the channels available under Bally Sports Wisconsin for you:

  • Bally Sports Wisconsin SD – Channel no. 31
  • Bally Sports Wisconsin HD – Channel no. 1309
  • Bally Sports Wisconsin Plus SD – Channel no. 310
  • Bally Sports Wisconsin Plus HD – Channel no. 1310

If you live in the Green Bay area:

  • Bally Sports Wisconsin SD – Channel no. 40

DirecTV (Satellite)

If you consume content using DirecTV satellite service, you should be able to watch Bally Sports Wisconsin on these channels:

  • Bally Sports Wisconsin SD/HD – Channel no. 669
  • Bally Sports Wisconsin Plus SD/HD – Channel no. 669-1

AT&T U-verse (IPTV)

AT&T U-verse members can watch the Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks on these channels:

  • Bally Sports Wisconsin SD – Channel no. 744
  • Bally Sports Wisconsin HD – Channel no. 1744
  • Bally Sports Wisconsin Plus SD – Channel no. 745
  • Bally Sports Wisconsin Plus HD – Channel no. 1745

Is Bally Sports Wisconsin on YouTube TV?

Many streaming services dropped Bally Sports at the end of 2020 and this includes YouTube TV as well. What this means is that you cannot watch Bally Sports Wisconsin if you have subscribed to YouTube TV streaming service. 

YouTube TV, however, offers a bunch of other sports channels including Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPNU, NBC Sports Network, CBS Sports Network, SportsNet NY, LA FC Sports Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, SEC Network, Tennis Channel, Olympic Channel, Golf Channel, TNT, TBS, and Big Ten Network. 

Is Bally Sports Wisconsin on Hulu?

Just like YouTube TV, there’s no option to view Bally Sports Wisconsin on Hulu either as the streaming service withdrew regional sports networks before the start of 2021. 

You can, however, watch sports coverage on Hulu across all these Sports channels: Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, ESPN, ESPN2, NBC Sports Network, TNT, TBS, ESPNU, CBS Sports, ACC, Big Ten, ESPNEWS, Olympic Channel, and Golf Channel. 

Is Bally Sports on Dish Network?

Dish’s relationship with Fox Network has been a topsy-turvy affair as both networks have vocally criticized each other in the past. At the time of writing, there’s no news of Bally Sports to get included inside Dish Network and we believe the likelihood of that happening is scantily low. 


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