What Channel is Bally Sports on Dish Network?

Over the course of a baseball season, almost every family huddles together, sits in front of the TV, and prays for its favorites. After getting to witness a reduced 60-game season in 2020, we are is all set to enjoy the full, 162-game tussle in 2021. Sadly, due to a major rebrand, things are looking considerably dire.

With a new sports network emerging — Bally Sports — baseball enthusiasts are growing anxious by the minute, fearing they wouldn’t be able to watch their favorite teams in action on their TV. So, in an attempt to offer more clarity, we’ll tell you how to watch Bally Sports on Dish Network.

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What is Bally Sports?

Bally Sports, which made its grand entrance on the 31st March 2021, is nothing but the rebranded and facelifted iteration of Fox Sports regional networks. It contains 19 channels, all of which are brought over from the tried and tested Fox Sports regional. The new network is owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group but the naming rights were sold to casino giants, Bally, for $88 million. Bally would pay the sum over the course of 10 years. 

After Disney acquired 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion, the Justice Department ordered the company to sell the Fox sports regional network instead of allowing the entertainment giant to merge the network with ESPN. Sinclair acquired the regional network for $10 billion in 2019 and later sold off the naming rights to Bally, which ticked off many consumers. However, in time, the chatter drowned and the service became available across multiple streaming networks. 

Is Bally Sports on Dish Network?

Fox regional network and Dish Network have always had a difficult relationship. Dish, alongside Sling, criticized Fox’s pricing and eventually dropped them from all streaming services and conventional broadcasting mediums in July 2019. No progress has been made since the fallout and the rebranding to Bally hasn’t done us any favors. So, as of now, Dish Network doesn’t have Bally Sports, and we’re not sure whether that’s going to change in the future.

What channel is Bally Sports on Dish Network?

As discussed in the previous section, the Fox regional sports network and Dish have been at odds for a while and that hasn’t changed with Bally Sports. Bally Sports isn’t broadcast on Dish Network and doesn’t have a channel number. 

However, if you’re desperate and do not mind spending a bit extra to get your regional-sports fix, download the Fox Sports Go app. The app will eventually be renamed “Bally Sports,” but your subscription is expected to be carried over just the same. If you have a Chromecast-enabled television, you would also be able to cast to your television through the Bally Sports app. The app may become available on other streaming devices and smart TVs as well. 

Bally Sports on Dish Network in South, North, East, West, Midwest, Detroit and other regions

As you may know, service providers often impose restrictions on some regions while others are allowed a free pass. If you were hoping for a similar treatment here, you’re in for a bitter surprise. Dish Network doesn’t carry Bally Sports, period. Irrespective of the region you belong to, you won’t be able to watch the regional sports network unless you opt for the app or pick a service provider that plays well with Bally Sports. 


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