Discovery Plus on Dish Network: Everything you need to know

The launch of Discovery Plus has indeed brought a smile to many tired faces, bringing with it thousands of episodes on the best of Discovery networks. But ever since Discovery announced the launch of its stand-alone streaming service, people have been wondering – “Will I be able to watch Discovery Plus shows on my Dish Network?”

The answer to that is not a clear-cut ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Here’s everything you need to know about whether Discovery Plus is on the Dish Network, or if it can be.

What is Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus is a brand new streaming service by Discovery that was launched on 4th January 2021. It is aimed at not just the Discovery enthusiasts but also at those who like to watch real-life entertainment shows, documentaries, and tons of lifestyle shows.

Gone are the days of purchasing separate channel packages from your cable provider, and Discovery has really pushed the envelope on it with Discovery Plus. That means with Discovery Plus, you’ll be able to watch everything that comes under Discovery’s hood, including the likes of Food Network, Animal Planet, Magnolia Network, HGTV, and much more.

On top of that, with streaming services like Discovery Plus, you don’t have to wait for a specific time to tune in to watch your favorite shows; you can watch them whenever you want.

Is Discovery Plus on Dish?

Those who’re on the Dish Network are used to switching to channel 182 to watch the Discovery channel. Understandably, they would assume Discovery Plus to be on their Dish Network as well. After all, it does have the word Discovery in it.

However, Discovery Plus is not a channel – it is an entire streaming service unto itself, similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. That’s an important distinction to understand.

However, with the introduction of new Smart Dish boxes for your TV,  like the Hopper 3, the possibility that Discovery Plus will show up on your Dish network in the future is highly likely. If you have a compatible smart box right now then you can tune in to channel 600 and it will take you directly to Netflix!

Netflix has worked tirelessly with network providers to include this functionality. Some of the latest boxes by Dish will install a Netflix app directly on the box for you which will allow you to enjoy the native Netflix experience. Some older models also seem to support Netflix through a mix of proprietary protocols but compatibility seems to vary with each model.

What to expect in the future

More and more streaming services are looking to get integrated with Cable network providers to reach a larger audience. Additionally, allowing users to access these services through their existing connection takes away the hassle of investing in additional peripherals or a high-speed network. While there is no word from Discovery Plus to acquire a channel on Dish or any other network, it is highly unlikely that they will willingly miss out on this opportunity. Hence you can expect a dedicated channel for Discovery Plus in the future that will redirect you to the service, however, there is no release date yet or official word on it yet.

Discovery Plus Channel on Dish

As mentioned above, for now, Discovery Plus is not available as a channel on any cable network, let alone Dish. It’s a streaming service that you need to sign up for separately on a compatible device. You can also get Discovery Plus for free by the way, and here are various ways to watch it on TV until a dedicated channel is acquired by the network. We do expect to be added to cable networks in the future, but you will still need a compatible box from your provider to access the service.

How to get Discovery Plus

You can easily get Discovery Plus with a few simple steps and start watching your favorite shows on the supported devices, including your TV. You can even get Discovery Plus for free if you are eligible for it. Don’t worry if you don’t like it; you can cancel your Discovery Plus subscription whenever you wish.

Additionally, if you bought your TV within the past 5 years then it is likely that it comes with inbuilt casting capability or smart capabilities. Both of these can help you stream Discovery Plus on your TV for now until a dedicated channel is released by the network for compatible smart boxes. This will also be the ideal route for users that are not looking to invest in the latest smart hopper boxes introduced by Dish that bring the capability to get streaming services right on your TV through your provider.

That’s all you need to know about Discovery Plus on Dish Network. If you have any more burning questions about it, feel free to drop a comment below and we’ll be happy to respond. 


  1. A streaming service could never be on dish?? Then how is there a channel for Netflix that simply redirects you to Netflix? How could it not be as simple as that

  2. Ditto on the post! Dish has Netflix, why not Discovery Plus?

  3. I’m just not happy about being forced to pay more money to watch my favorite programs! It’s BS ! Big brother is getting to big!

    1. You just said it all girl!! My bill for the Dish is already to high.. This is total BS!!! With everything that is going on right now people are losing their job and can’t afford to get groceries and you want to make the people pay for a damn channel!!! Maybe I will look into Direct!!

      1. you will pay more for less…. former DirecTV customer

  4. This seems to be bringing about the beginning of the end of Dish. When I pay to get discovery and HGTV and they move the shows to a streaming service I don’t see the point in paying Dish for all the programming. Their not the only one to do this. So how long till everything I want to watch is moved to a streaming service. If I have to pay the channels to watch the best shows why pay Dish?

  5. Dish should not have there add on there TV if you can’t get it love alot of there shows tried to stream can’t do it own my TV tried even called dish they gave me wrong number…I’m just saying not worth it….

  6. What kind,of tv do I need to purchase to watch discovery plus ?

  7. When we lost HBO because it was too expensive for dish….when my dish bill goes up faster than my cost of living raises on my soc sec check, when I lose channels that I have been paying for for 20 years, maybe it’s time to say goodbye to dish network. I was a loyal customer

  8. Well I would like to make a point. I know we have to pay rent to us the box’s + Tax’s. And the channels we want. But I am so sad and kind of sick that we have to keep watching the same shows. Year after Year. Show that are 20,30, and some 40 years old. If you are going to keep charges us PLEASE give us some thing different to watch. I also wish we had internet that was fast enough to be able to stream. But AT&T is behind times here in Florida. I have been asking for over 13 years to get faster internet. But they keep telling it will come. Thats just a nice way of say NO. I am with Direc TV but I am coming back becasue every thing is going up. BUT our S/S and I have to get less change to watch loosing 6 from. I had playing the game back and forth with Satellite Compainies just to stay in our buget. But I guess this is what they want us to do. My self I would like to say were I want to be. Years ago Tv was fun to watch and have today if your don’t have lot of money your out. Thanks so much for letting me give you my in put. Hope You All Have A Nice Week End. 🙂

  9. I was doing some reading and you have to steam this show to watch. That if you have go internet speed.

  10. I’m paying $123+ each mth with Dish. Now Discovery+ has come out, (which Dish also carries the old regular Discovery channels – which I’m paying for). Discovery+ has taken all of my favorite shows, and moved these shows, (with new seasons/programs), and all I’m stuck with are friggin’ continuous, brain numbing repeats! Bad form Dish and Discovery+! Way to appreciate your existing customers! I can’t afford Dish, the Internet, and all these Streaming channels each month too. The Library’s looking really good, cheap, and I can get in some good reading. At least that doesn’t have incessant commercials! 😡

    1. Absolutely Agree ! If we are already paying for dish, we should be getting discovery plus for free. I miss a lot of what’s going on in my favorite shows but I refuse to pay extra to watch them.

  11. Is The curse of oak Island on the Discovery channel or the national geographic channel?

  12. Discovery Plus is available on Apple TV, no problemo. As are plenty of out streaming channels.

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