What Channel Is Bally Sports on Spectrum?

The recent world events have heavily affected the world of sports. Baseball saw some of the worst negative effects last year when the 2020 season was just reduced to 60 games. Thankfully we are all set to get a 162 game season this year but with the recent changes to sports network, where do you watch your favorite games?

Bally Sports is a new channel emerging to help you watch every baseball game and here’s how you can find it on Spectrum.  

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What is Bally Sports?

Bally Sport is a rebranded sports channel that is a result of the recent changes in the finances of the various sports networks. All Fox sports regional channels have now been rebranded under the Bally brand. The new rebranding will take place across all the 19 Fox Sports regional channels after the recent launch on 31st March 2021. Bally Sports is headed by the Sinclair broadcast group while the naming rights are owned by the casino giants ‘Bally’. Hence the channels have been rebranded under the name of ‘Bally Sports’.

Is Bally Sports on Spectrum?

Yes, like all Fox Sports’ regional channels, Bally Sports will also be available on Spectrum. As long as your subscription avails you Fox Sports networks, you will also be able to view the new and improved Bally Sports channels on your Spectrum subscription. You do not need any additional Sports Channels or any additional channel packs if you already have Fox Sports networks in your current subscription package. 

What channel is Bally Sports on Spectrum?

Yes Bally Sports will be available on Spectrum just like all the regional Fox Sports channels that you are subscribed to. Bally sports channels will replace Fox Sports regional channels seamlessly without even changing the channel number. This means that you can find your specific Bally Sports channel under the same channel number as your Fox Sports channel.

This change is not based on region so you can access Bally Sports instantly if you are subscribed to a Fox Sports channel pack for Spectrum. 

Helpful links to find channel number on Spectrum:


The Fox Sports Go app is a great way to view your sports channels on the go without having to be tied down to your cable network connection. Thankfully many Spectrum plans allow you to view Fox Sports networks on the Fox Sports Go app if you are subscribed to the same through Spectrum.

You can use this as an alternative to catch up on ongoing baseball matches while on the go. Use the link below to download Fox Sports Go to your mobile device and then use your Spectrum credentials to log in to your account.  

► Download Fox Sports Go app: iOS | Android

We hope this guide helped shed some light on the recent rebranding of Fox Sports’ regional networks and how this will affect your baseball watching habits. If you face any issues or have any more questions for us, feel free to reach out using the comments section below.


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  1. Why does your channel station say Atlanta Braves but showing Miami….. Why are the Braves not on your channel when they were when Fox….. Never know if game will be on or not…

  2. I had FS South and now Can Not get my Atlanta Braves on Bally. The guide say’s the Braves are on But They Are Not. It’s showing some random programs. What’s going on Because saying if I had FS Sports I will have Bally is incorrect!
    I live in Eastern North Carolina and have Spectrum Charter.

  3. Why does the sound fade in and out or the picture freezes and there is no sound.
    I would like to watch and hear the Twins baseball game. Please fix!!!

  4. I have spectrum in 43055. What channel number is fox sports midwest? The schedule doesnt say bally yet.

  5. I am in Millbrook, Alabama and want to watch Carolina Hurricanes hockey games. How do I di this?


  7. I’m a Spectrum cable customer in Louisville. I have watched Cinci Reds games earlier this season on channel 930. Today I clicked on to 930 and there is a Hockey game on, with no selection available for the Cinci Reds. Should I go to another channel?

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