Is Bally Sports on YouTube TV?

Youtube TV came out of Google’s stables in 2017, gunning to change the cable industry as we know it. It didn’t necessarily revolutionize the industry, of course, but it does present some lucrative choices for the end-users. Is Bally Sports one of those lucrative choices for YouTube TV users? Read on to find out. 

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What is Bally Sports?

Bally Sports is the latest addition to the world of regional sports networks. The service, which went live on the last day of March, has pretty much the same roster as the Fox regional sports network — the service it’s replacing — but comes with a new logo and attitude.

Following Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox in 2017, Fox’s regional sports network was originally meant to merge with Disney’s ESPN. However, considering the potential monopoly of the sports market, the Justice Department stepped in and forced Disney to divest the Fox regional sports network. 

In 2019, the Sinclair Broadcast group emerged as a potential suitor and got the network for a whopping $10 billion. However, instead of using their own name, Sinclair sold the naming rights to hotshot casino chain Bally. For $88 million — spread over 10 years — Bally sealed the deal and got its very own regional sports network in the form of Bally Sports. 

Is Bally Sports on YouTube TV?

Just like Dish Network, Sling, and Hulu, YouTube TV hasn’t had the best of relationships with the Fox regional sports network, and Sinclair’s involvement hasn’t sweetened the deal. In fact, YouTube TV only dropped the regional sports network after Sinclair took the reins in fall 2020.  

So, if you were hoping to watch live regional sports over the course of 20 Bally Sports channels on YouTube TV, you’ll be left utterly disappointed. Bally Sports isn’t on YouTube TV at this point, and that’s pretty much the end of the story.

Bally Sports on Youtube TV

In October 2020, Google-owned YouTube TV finally decided to drop Sinclair-owned Fox Sports RSNs and NESN. YouTube TV had already bid adieu to YES Network, Fox Sports Prime Ticket — changed to Bally Sports SoCal — and Fox Sports West about six months prior. YouTube and Fox couldn’t agree to a new last fall, which led to YouTube’s drastic decision.

Surprisingly, YouTube isn’t the only one to cut ties with Fox/Bally Sports. Other leading services, such as Dish Network, Sling TV, Hulu have also dropped Bally Sports.

Fox Sports on Youtube TV

As mentioned, Fox’s regional sports network channels were acquired by Disney and then sold off to the Sinclair Broadcast group in 2019. The naming rights were picked up by casino goliaths Bally. So, Fox’s regional sports network and Bally Sports are one and the same. And since they are the same entity, YouTube TV users aren’t getting access to the regional sports channels.

Bally Sports on Youtube TV in South, North, Midwest, Ohio, and More

Bally Sports isn’t available on YouTube TV irrespective of the region you’re from. As discussed earlier, the contract talks went south late last year with Sinclair-led Fox regional sports network and that hasn’t changed with the current facelift.

On the 1st of April 2021, Bally Sports North (previously Fox Sports North) broadcast games of the Twins, Timberwolves, and Wild spread across the three leading sports in the area: baseball, basketball, and ice hockey, respectively. And since the channel wasn’t on YouTube TV, subscribers failed to enjoy Minnesota’s finest sportsmen in action. 

While many are excited to see what Bally has in store, the general consensus is that they need to come back to YouTube TV and quickly. 

Bally Sports streaming: How to watch Bally Sports

If you don’t mind spending a little extra, you can get the Fox Sports Go app — would be renamed to “Bally Sports app” in the spring — and watch all the regional sports channels you love. Simply click on this link to go to the Fox Sports Go app page and learn more. After subscribing, you could even cast the content to your TV and enjoy your favorite teams on the big screen. 

Bally Sports Wisconsin Youtube TV

Similar to the other regional sports channels, Bally Sports Wisconsin isn’t available on YouTube TV. And unless the two parties — YouTube TV and Sinclair’s Bally Sports — can come to an agreement, don’t expect to see Bally Sports Wisconsin as a standalone service on YouTube TV. 


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