YouTube TV and NBC Dispute: Will NBC Leave or Remain on YouTube TV?

Update (October 2, 2021): Both YouTube TV and NBC have reached an agreement, which means the latter’s 14+ channels will stay put at the Google-owned streaming service. Thus, there will be no price drop from $64.99 to 54.99 on YouTube TV, either.

Update (September 30, 2021): NBCUniversal and YouTube TV have agreed to a short extension of their previous contract. What is the duration of this ‘short’ extension is hasn’t been disclosed, but it means that YouTube will continue to host the 14+ NBCU channels that were about to be dropped. For now, YouTube TV’s prices won’t be reduced from $65 to $55 either. This should give both parties some time to mull over their expectations and come to a compromise so that both NBCUniversal and Google get what they want and YouTube subscribers don’t end up shortchanged. 

YouTube TV is set to lose 14+ of its NBC Universal channels over a contract dispute with the media giant. Both parties are looking to get a better deal and, if they don’t strike one before 30th September, the current deal will stand expired. Here’s what’s going between NBC and YouTube TV and if things go southwards then what alternatives do you have.

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Youtube TV vs NBC: What’s the issue?

YouTube TV is Google’s streaming service that provides its subscribers access to NBCUniversal channels. However, the current deal between Google and NBCU is about to expire on 30th September 2021. The two are unable to reach any sort of agreement and, if time runs out, will have to go their separate ways, leaving YouTube TV subscribers high and dry and devoid of all things NBC. But what is the issue about?

Both NBCU and YouTube TV have taken it to the media to let customers know that they are trying to get ‘fair rates’ from the other party, but are unable to do so. Google is “seeking the same rates that services of similar size get from NBCU”. While NBCU told the press they’re looking to get “fair rates” for the contract renewal.  

This stalemate is going to hurt YouTube TV subscribers the most, especially those who subscribed to it mainly to get access to NBC content. 

Is NBC leaving YouTube TV?

NBCU is on the verge of cutting ties with YouTube TV should NBCU and Google fail to reach an agreement about what both of them consider “fair rates” for NBCU channel access. As NBC is one of the more prominent NBCUniversal channels, it is heavily running banner ads on YouTube TV streams to let users know of the channels that they stand to lose. So yes, in all likelihood, NBC is leaving YouTube TV.

Will NBC Remain on YouTube TV?

NBC is one of the main channels of the NBCU catalog and is listed as the first channel that YouTube TV subscribers will lose access to after 30th September. That means no more binging Law and Order SVU, The Tonight Show, The Late Show, or any other shows that have become a staple for NBC channel viewers. 

How do I complain to YouTube TV?

YouTube TV has posted about the contractual disputes with NBCUniversal on their official blog as well. But if you want to get a word in, NBCUniversal has conveniently started a website called where it provides the option to “Send A (readymade) Tweet” disparaging YouTube TV and a link to “Chat With YouTube TV” to complaint about their unwillingness to give NBCU what they want out of the deal.

What are my alternatives?

If a deal isn’t struck soon, YouTube TV customers are about to lose more than a dozen NBCUniversal channels, and that is the most likely thing to happen. One alternative is to use NBCUniversal’s own direct-to-consumer streaming service – Peacock. You can watch your favorite NBC shows here for a mere $4.99 per month.

On, NBCUniversal has also placed an option to look for alternatives providers to switch to, which are basically Hulu and fuboTV. Click on it to find the providers that are streaming NBC content for your area.

Are dropped YouTube TV channels available on Peacock?

A few, but definitely not all. For instance, Peacock TV has all of the NBC content that makes up some of the most popular shows in the NBCUniversal roster, including original TV shows and news channels. But everything else is thrown in disarray for YouTube TV subscribers. 

Sports fans used to catching the latest action on NBC regional sports channels are going to be sorely disappointed with this dispute. This includes NBC Sports Bay Area, NBC Sports Boston, NBC Sports California, NBC Sports Chicago, NBC Sports Philadelphia, SNY, and NBC Sports Washington. To get access to the content on these channels, they’ll have to resort to other streaming services like FuboTV and Hulu. 

What channels are on Peacock?

There is a truckload of premium content from various networks and studios on Peacock, as well as curated channels just for Peacock subscribers. This can vary depending on the Peacock subscription that one gets – Free, Premium, or Premium Plus.

However, you may not find all of the content that is going to disappear from YouTube TV soon. For that, you’ll have to look at the YouTube TV alternatives mentioned above.

Can you watch live TV on Peacock?

Peacock has a separate section called “Channels” that look to serve the function of Live TV, but it isn’t exactly the same as watching cable channels. Peacock itself doesn’t host any live NBCUniversal cable channels. That means you won’t find any ‘channel’ that is always on and displaying content as it is on Comcast.

But if you’re looking to catch up on the news or sports, these channels will have short clips and highlights that you can watch at your own leisure.

What is ‘’ in YouTube TV dispute with NBC? is an NBC-owned website that the latter is directing users to in order to inform them about the possible disruption of their services on YouTube TV. The website is also a way for NBCUniversal to get back at YouTube TV and pressure Google in accepting their terms to renew their contract. 

Should I cancel my YouTube TV subscription?

Canceling your YouTube TV subscription is a decision that depends entirely on your viewing habits. If you’re someone who is a sucker for all things NBC, then definitely go ahead and pull the plug. But if this only makes up a fraction of why you are currently a YouTube TV subscriber, perhaps think again. 

If YouTube TV ends up dropping those 14+ NBCUniversal channels, it will also be lowering its monthly fee by $10. That’s quite a bargain for all the vast array of other channels and shows available on YouTube TV. 



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