Bally Sports South: How to Watch/Stream, Channel Number, Availability, and More

With the new MLB season in full swing, the rebranding of Fox Sports to Bally Sports has left fans a little scattered and confused as to why some of them can’t find the latest Atlanta Braves telecast via their TV providers. Those who are used to switching to Fox Sports to catch their favorite teams grind it out for the World Series title are definitely upset. But things aren’t all that bad for cable TV subscribers, especially when compared to those who have recently switched to streaming services who have much to be sorry about.

So, what is the story behind Fox Sports rebranding, and how you can access Bally Sports South? Here’s all you need to know. 

What is Bally Sports South?

With 19 different regional sports networks under its banner, Bally Sports is basically Fox Sports revamped. And Bally Sports South is one of the regional networks that have received the overhaul. But you will still get live game coverage and in-depth analyses of teams and players as you did before, only this time you will see the Bally Sports logo. 

Bally Sports South - Braves Live! First Telecast Intro

At first glance, it would appear that the change is only on the surface, with new graphics, music, and a whole lot more. But the transition from Fox Sports South to Bally Sports South is more than just cosmetic in nature. In addition to the live coverage of the games, the network will host pre-game and post-game shows as well and have extra features to help punters make bets. 

But what precipitated this rebranding? A couple of years ago, in order to avoid any monopoly issues, Disney had to sell its Fox regional network rights to the Sinclair Broadcast Group for $10 billion. The latter then partnered up with Bally’s Corporation (a gaming company after which the sports networks have been remodeled). The fruits of this process took shape on April 1st – the day the new MLB season started – and Bally Sports regional networks (including Bally Sports South) took over the mantle from Fox Sports.

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What happened to Fox Sports South?

The large-scale rebranding process will only affect U.S. audiences. The main FOX channel will still cover international games and be available for both American and international audiences. But it’s not much of a consolation for domestic viewers who are mainly interested in American league sports. 

Cord cutters are the hardest hit and there are many Americans who belong to this category. Owing to pecuniary issues between third-party streaming services and the Sinclair Broadcast Group, many streaming services have dropped the regional networks from their domain. 

The change to Fox’s 25-year old regional sports networks is now (almost) complete and there’s not much that anyone can do about it.

How to watch Bally Sports South

What the MLB audience, especially the Atlanta Braves fans, want to know is how they can catch their team in action again. Bally Sports South will be available on cable TV providers in Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama. Some of the games will broadcast on national cable sports networks. The rest will be accessible only through Bally Sports networks.

If your cable TV package contained Fox Sports South, then you should have no reason to worry, for you’ll still be able to watch MLB, NBA, and NHL matches and additional coverage involving the teams and players. The major cable TV providers that will air the Bally Sports South network include the likes of which include DirecTV, Comcast Xfinity, and Spectrum.

Which Channel is Bally Sports South on?

If you’re used to switching to a particular channel for Fox Sports South, the good news is that you won’t have to remember any new numbers to watch Bally Sports South. Here are the channel numbers for Bally Sports South on popular traditional cable TV and satellite providers:

  • Comcast Xfinity: 1250
  • Charter Spectrum: 722, 810, or 811
  • DirecTV: 646

The exact channel numbers may differ based on your region, so do refer to the channel listings here for Bally Sports South and Southeast.

Bally Sports Channel Number: Directv | Spectrum | Dish Network

How to Stream Bally Sports South?

Though many popular streaming services have dropped Bally Sports from their roster, there is a lone streaming service that still hosts Bally Sports South – AT&T TV. But that is only for those who’ve subscribed to the AT&T TV Choice Package that goes for $84.99 a month. 

So, if you’re one who has moved away from cable TV and doesn’t want to return anytime soon, getting AT&T TV Choice is your best bet to stream Bally Sports South. 

Bally Sports: Midwest | Ohio | Detroit | Wisconsin

Is Bally Sports South on YouTube TV and Hulu?

Among the many streaming services that dropped the Sinclair Broadcasting Group networks are YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV. This is one of the more disappointing developments that took place last year, not least because both of them have more than 3 million subscribers each. 

Contractual and monetary disagreements between third-party streaming services and the Sinclair Broadcast Group has meant that neither of the two is going to be picking Bally Sports networks anytime soon. Though this will definitely hurt the new network owner, much of that pain will be borne by avid MLB fans as well who will either be forced to get back to cable TV, purchase AT&T TV, or be tuned to the radio. 

Does Bally Sports have an app?

Yes, there is going to be a Bally Sports app as well which will be replacing the Fox Sports Go app. However, it is still in its development stage as of now and will come out a few weeks later. The app will also let you stream live games and even place bets, which is going to bring in a lot of sports gamblers. 

Apart from the limited viewing options, the unavailability of an app at the time of launch would definitely be hurting Bally and the Sinclair Group’s efforts to making a ‘smooth’ transition and attract viewers. The transition to Bally Sports has been anything but seamless, and fans who’re used to Fox Sports haven’t exactly welcomed the change with open arms. But there’s nothing much that can be done about it; we all have to get used to it. 

This is all the information you need to access Bally Sports South and start watching your favorite teams and players today.


  1. This freaking BLOWS! You mean to tell me with 3 MILLION subscribers YouTubeTV can’t negotiate some kind of deal with Sinclair to carry the regional channels like Sports South? What the hell?!?

  2. I have been with Dish for 12 years but in 2019 they and Fox could not make a deal.So since 2019 mid season I have not been able to watch the Atlanta Braves which is our help would be thankful.

  3. The ” spitting” contest between Sinclair and Dish has punished the consumers terribly….to think that we in the South/Southeast cannot watch our regional sports is heinous ‼️‼️😡😡

  4. Bally Sports South never replays Carolina or Nashville hockey games. They hate hockey!!

  5. Does the Silver Package picks up the Bally Sports South station #811 with Charter Spectrum?

  6. Best to just sign up with the MLB app for baseball, still can’t watch the Atlanta Braves because they’re always blacked out because they haven’t sold out a game in many years but that’s ok, I’m a fan of 31 other teams and get more than my share of baseball without any of that Fox and Sinclair communist crap.

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