What Is AMC Plus? Price, Channel Lineup, Shows, Worth, and More

Any TV show-binger worth their salt must be very much aware of the gems that the AMC Network has produced over the years. From genre-defining shows like The Walking Dead and Mad Men to current favorites like Killing Eve and NOS4A2 — there’s much to like about the homegrown network.

Historically, AMC Network has always channeled its shows through the AMC cable TV channel. But now, in this budding age of streaming, the AMC Network, too, has chosen to try their luck with AMC Plus. Today, we’ll take a look at AMC Plus and tell you all you need to know to avail the service.

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What is AMC Plus?

AMC Plus is a new channel/streaming service that will exclusively run all AMC shows — old and new. It launched as a linear channel on Comcast Xfinity but was eventually rolled out to Apple TV and Amazon Prime Channels, allowing subscribers — without a TV subscription plan — to enjoy. AMC Plus, of course, is an ad-free venture and also gives users access to behind the scenes footage of their favorite shows and movies.

Apart from having all AMC classic and new releases, AMC Plus also houses the complete collections of Shudder, IFC Films Unlimited, and Sundance Now. You will also get early, exclusive access to content, and a lot more digital goodies.

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How much does AMC Plus cost?

AMC Plus has a peculiar pricing plan, which can make the service seem either reasonable or pretty expensive.

If you’re on Comcast Xfinity, you can get AMC Plus for $6.99 — a $2 increase from the introductory launch offer of $4.99. However, if you want to add it to your Amazon Prime Channels, binge on The Roku Channel, or watch it through Apple TV, you’ll need to shell out $8.99 for the same. On Sling and Dish, on the other hand, AMC Plus costs $7 and $6.99, respectively. Finally, on DirecTV, you can get this channel for $6.99. The uneven pricing is offputting, but that is AMC’s demand for giving us the best of its world.

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How to watch AMC Plus?

Here are the different ways to subscribe to AMC Plus and watch it in all its glory.

Apple TV and Amazon Prime Channels

Even if you don’t have access to a paid TV subscription plan, you can enjoy the blessings of AMC Plus on Apple TV and Amazon Prime. First, go to the AMC Plus website, and click on ‘Get AMC+ Now.’ This will take you to the page where all the supported service providers are listed. Click on either Apple TV or Amazon Prime Channel, and you’d be taken to the linked website.


You could either go to AMC Plus’ official website to get to the DirecTV additional channels’ page or click on this link. You can then add the channel to the cart for $6.99.


Dish, too, has its page linked on the AMC Plus website. So, feel free to access the same from the main website. Else, go to the My Dish website and add the channel for $6.99.

The Roku Channel

For $8.99, you’d be able to enjoy AMC Plus on The Roku Channel. To subscribe through The Roku Channel itself, visit here.

Sling TV

Sling has been on the block for a while now and was actually one of the first digital cable operators to get hitched to AMC Plus. Click on this link to subscribe to AMC Plus.

Comcast Xfinity

Comcast was the first one to introduce AMC Plus to the world, which is why AMC Plus used to be available for $4.99 on the platform. Currently, in 2021, it will cost you $6.99 per month. Click on this link to go to Xfinity’s website and subscribe.

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Where to watch AMC Plus?

Now that you know how to subscribe to the service, let’s check out where you could watch the channel.

Since Apple TV, The Roku Channel, and Amazon Prime Video Channels are streaming-based and don’t require a cable TV subscription, there isn’t a particular channel number that you must adhere to.

On Comcast Xfinity, you can watch the linear channel on channel number 1406. If you’re on DirecTV, you could watch the live content on channel number 557 and on-demand content on channel number 1557. On Dish, AMC Plus is available on channel number 294.

Service provider Channel number
Comcast Xfinity 1406
DirecTV 557/1557 (Linear/On-demand)
Dish 294

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What can you watch on AMC Plus?

As you already know, AMC Plus gives you access to all the greatest AMC shows ever created, some classic movies; and content from Shudder, Sundance Now, and IFC Films Unlimited.

Here’s a list of the top shows you can watch on AMC Plus:

  • Mad Men
  • Doctor Who
  • Breaking Bad
  • Better Call Saul
  • The Walking Dead
  • Fear the Walking Dead
  • A Discovery of Witches
  •  Gangs of London
  • Killing Eve
  • McMafia

You can find the complete list here.

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Is AMC Plus and AMC Premiere different?

AMC Premiere is another paid ad-free AMC service that has been around for a much longer time. However, confusing as it may be, AMC Plus and Premiere are not the same. AMC Plus is pretty much the best of what AMC has on offer, and some more.

Not only does it bring exclusive shows and movies, but it also gives you access to Shudder, IFC Films Unlimited, and Sundance Now. If you are already an AMC Premiere user, it might not be the greatest idea to get AMC Plus as well. However, if you are only looking to get started and want the best of AMC, BBC America, Sundance TV, and some more, consider subscribing to AMC Plus.

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Is AMC Plus worth it?

You’ve seen the cost of AMC Plus, its availability, and the content it offers. So, by the time you get to this section, you must already have a decent enough idea about its feasibility. If you still have a couple of queries, this section should help you out.

First and foremost, if you should check if your cable TV provider is listed on AMC Plus’ website. If not, you won’t be able to use the service in the first place. Apple TV and Prime Video users are exceptions to this rule, of course, but they are required to shell out the most — $9 a month — get the best of AMC.

AMC Premiere is another ad-free AMC-exclusive service that would give you access to all the greatest AMC shows. However, unlike AMC Plus, it doesn’t offer other goodies such as Shudder, Sundance, and IFC Films Unlimited. So, if you’re only concerned with AMC shows and don’t care much about the others, we’d advise you to stick to AMC Premiere.

Ultimately, it boils down to your preferences and how much you wish to invest to see them fulfilled. Shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, and Doctor Who are timeless classics — shows you can binge over and over again. So, if you haven’t watched any of the classics and want access to the latest shows ahead of everyone else, getting AMC Plus would be an excellent decision.

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  1. I have a question. I added AMC + to my DISH account. I understand that its a bundle that includes AMC Premiere. And through the Dish receivers it seems to be fine. However, shouldnt I also be able to access AMC Premiere programming via the AMC app on streaming devices such as my xbox and roku? Because when I open the AMC app and link it to my DISH account, it only allows me to view AMC + conttent and tells me I have to upgrade to view Premiere content. Even though Premiere is INCLUDED in my AMC + plan through DISH. Spent an hour chatting with DISH and their opinion is that AMC Premiere is only accessible through the receiver or dishanywhere. So getting AMC+ through DISH is not really getting the full AMC + experience if that is correct.

    can anyone weigh in on this pls?

  2. i cancelled my free trial and amc plus subscription but it still shows that my account is active and there is no button to push to cancel it or any button to move forward. please help.

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