YU Yuphoria CM14 gets you first taste of Android Nougat

The YU Yuphoria should be one among definitely receiving the Android 7.0 Nougat update from its manufacturer, but whether that will be the case remains to be seen. And more importantly, when will it happen if it does, is an even bigger question.

As of today, the Yuphoria is yet to see an official stable release of Marshmallow update, even though it’s been available in beta form for long. Coincidentally, it was only today that YU Yureka, company flagship of last year, received the stable Marshmallow update, which in our thinking, should have come out before January end at best, when most OEMs had the Marshmallow available for their top device of 2015.

Though, all is not bad, as you have unofficial Android Nougat update available for the Yuphoria. Let’s see this in details.

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YU Yuphoria Nougat update: Predicament of official one!

YU lags badly when it comes to updates. Not their phones are doing too good, either. The company is late, very late actually, in releasing Marshmallow for its top devices, Yuphoria being one, and it’s so late that it’s hard to think of a bright spot for the future.

Marshmallow is almost 11 months old today since it released as an OTA for Nexus devices, and YU is yet to give its Yuphoria users a stable build.

The company has made available the update as beta, but that doesn’t sounds cool, as, for the record, even custom ROMs get you the update, and they have been doing so for long. Company had to come with official and stable build, which it has failed in doing.

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YU Yuphoria Nougat update: Unofficial updates

Thanks to Google uploading the Android’s source code to web under AOSP, users can download and cook an unofficial firmware themselves. It’s called custom ROMs, and AOSP ROMs are quite well-known and in-demand thing in Android blogosphere.

Why we’re so sure that there will be good Nougat AOSP ROMs available for the YU Yuphoria? Well, these ROMs are available today too, so we expect them to upgrade to Nougat too in due time.

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YU Yuphoria Nougat update: CM14

The most popular of all custom ROMs is CM14, which is based on AOSP too. CM13 is also available for Yuphoria but CyanogenMod 14 is the one that will get Android 7.0.

We expect the Yuphoria CM14 to release by the end of this year. Though, unofficial ports of the CM14 ROM itself could come soon.

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YU Yuphoria Nougat update: Downloads

Yuphoria Nougat update

As we guessed earlier, an Android 7.0 Nougat based ROM is already available for download for Yuphoria users. It’s CM14, but it’s not from the CyanogenMod team, but a user-made build made using CyanogenMod team’s code that is publicly available for such use.

Download the Yuphoria CM14 from the official page here. Don’t forget to create backup using TWRP before flashing, and do flash the Gapps too after installing the ROM. If you need help, let us know via comments below.

Yuphoria Nougat ROM

What are your thoughts on the company YU, its product portfolio, and update releases? You think Yuphoria would get stable Android 7.0 Nougat release?

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