Android Nougat for Nexus 5 released unofficially!

Update [October 05, 2016]: Sprint has come out with an update for its Nexus 5 with new software version M4B30X, that brings the October patch to the device.

Did we tell you that Nexus 5 will so, so definitely, get the Android Nougat update, even though that would be 100% unofficial build. Yes, that time we’re talking about CM14 ROM doing the job, which it will, but we already have an pure AOSP Nougat ROM for Nexus 5 with us, one that when installed, brings Android 7.0 update to the device right now.

Some bugs are part of the update, of course. Some serious bugs, we mean, but we’re sure these are momentarily issues with the ROM, that would go away soon as development continues as fast and furious pace. You can find the ROM here, but once again, know that it’s not a daily driver at all as of today, August 25.

Let’s talk at some more length about the whole Nexus 5 Nougat update situation.

No official Nexus 5 Nougat update from Google

Because Nexus 5 is more than two years old by the time Google released Nougat update — it’s actually almost three years old, you know, even though fondly remembered by all of us — the update river has all but dried up for the device, except for some occasional security oriented ones.

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow was officially the last update for Nexus 5 from Google. Period.

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Unofficial Nougat updates for Nexus 5

Yes, Nexus 5 will live on. Because Android is an open-source project, under which Google shares the code publicly with the world, developers can pull that Android 7.0 code and create a Nougat ROM all by themselves.

Which they have done, and the result is the AOSP Nougat ROM we talked about in the opening paragraphs of this article. And even the Nexus 5 CM14 is under development, along with CAF version.

Nexus 5 CM14

Even though Android Nougat came to Nexus 5 via a simple AOSP ROM first, the ROM carrying the light for long would be CM14, or CyanogenMod 14. As many other ROMs would use CM14 as base, and would bring in extra features and customization options than stock AOSP ROM.

We expect the unofficial build of Nexus 5 CM14 to arrive by the end of August, or in first week of September, and official build by September end, that should be stable enough for daily usage.

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How long will Nexus 5 get updates unofficially?

Well, Nougat for sure in all its upcoming version like Android 7.0.1 or Android 7.1. But we also fully expect from developers to give Nexus 5 a breath life with Android O updates too, via an AOSP ROM like the one that appeared today carrying Nougat update. Speaking of Android O, we think it will have one certain new feature, called the Navbar Tuner, which is also available for testing as beta release.

But with Android O, the ROM stability and fine tuning could become issue, by sheer reason of Nexus 5’s age and its old hardware. Beyond Android O, it’s hard to say how developer love Nexus 5 would get, but even if it does, there won’t be a good stable ROM enough to be used as a daily driver. But anyway, your Nexus 5 will be more of a Hall Of Fame material than your daily usage device, right?

Do let us know if you or anyone among your family members (your grandma?) and friends use Nexus 5? And how glad you will to install Nougat update for their device?

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